A bit of my work…

Thank you for sharing a bit of my quilt work.  I lost some of the work/photos when I moved from Blogger to WordPress so we make do. These are basically in various states of the finish process at the time the photos were taken and are NOT in any particular order.  As you can see, I’m a slow quilter.  It works though. Quilting is so much fun, I’m always off doing new things. It’s always amazing to watch a finish around here!!! ;0  I totally enjoy your visit.  You make me smile!

Cheddar Cheese and Crackers

Alabama Beauty – Finished

Cabin Tracks

Scarlet Begonia

Autobiography of Cheddar

Civil War Tribute


Seven Sisters

Rainbow Quilt

One thought on “A bit of my work…

  1. JoAnne McKee

    You have a red white and blue quilt in the hoop on the right, I LOVE it and would love to know the pattern and where it is available. I love all I have seen here but this one fascinates me!

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