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The Product of Showing Up!


I’ve been waiting for some good picture making time to share progress on my Kaffe crosses quilt but it’s not happening. I lowered my expectations and added the sashing for photographic interest which is fine but the photo is a drag. Sorry.  Anyway, I need 25 blocks. 13 finished – maybe a little less since a couple I’m probably going to exclude. This is from his Quilts in Sweden book.

stuffWhat you see here is the product of “showing up” every day. Not really forcing it but definitely going thru the motions. Fake it ’till you make it? I dunno know. I think I’m just generating my own vibe. The colorful Kaffe fabrics lift the mood (joy) and this is wall, this wall is gifty.

Thanks for the visit.


Winding Ways

Greetings!  Hi there and Happy Holidays! I’m so glad you stopped by. I thought I’d just reach out and say hello. It’s been a while and I miss y’all although I’m blogging as I can.

Today I’m sharing what was a planned Christmas gift but I’m unable to finish it. Still it’s a neat piece. I now have visions of going large and quilting it with big stitch quilting and perle cotton.

I’m unable to finish this one quite yet because my wrist/hand situation continues to be a problem. There will be no stitching for a while longer. I wasn’t going to bother with the doctor again but it’s been 11 weeks. A follow-up isn’t a bad idea. I’ll keep you posted when I have anything newsworthy to share.

For added flavor to my post today I did find this sweet piece of Judie Rothermel fabric in my stash…

Its the kind that gives me inspiration to do something special. I have visions of that… I think it’s a few years old but probably not too many. Someone out there have any idea? I love the little toy soldier but the rocking horse it pretty cute, too!!!

So, that’s really it from here. I don’t know if I do blog what I can come up with that might be of interest. I mean, I’m not sure how interesting it is that I tried Genmaicha Tea (roasted brown rice tea) or that the storage of books is clashing with that of the fabric. Actually, the later could be a post because once I decided to take back a bedroom then stuff had to be cleaned out and organized. And you know it all had to happen dammit now!!! (…and having MS I know this attitude is B.S.) - a bit of cursing this morning. Feeling spicy!

The Sound of Silence

Each day I start off with pretty much the same routine. News because why? Coffee because why not? and most days I exercise. But check this out. I noticed something. When stress is high I drink tea, not coffee. I guess my stomach prefers tea and no television or music. Just the sound of silence. The silence thing is new. I started sewing in silence, too. I think I pretty much like it. I think we have us a new, healthy habit!

So with that good thought, lets go do some silent sneak peaking’ in the sun.

Crosses block Kaffe

These finish at I think 9″ – maybe 12″ and they rock! The fabric and colors are fun to play with.

Winding Ways

These blocks are 6″ finished hand-pieced so you know I’m doing a little bit of that. I enjoy machine piecing and wouldn’t want to do without it. Its just that for me, there is just something about getting back to hand-piecing that settles my spirit.

I wish I could share these Winding Ways blocks on the wall but they’re not ready. Not enough to show the design. …and it’s just a quiet little sneak peak anyway, right?

Since I was able to sew a little bit yesterday, today I’m not sewing. That’s a new habit. I’m fine with it. I have lots of other things to attend to. Like this…

Cat Love

It’s just flat out embarrassing but I’m showing you anyway. This is my bedroom window/sliding door that had a curtain but it was brought down by furry residents of LeeHaven. Names hidden to protect the innocent. That’s a temporary blind and I’ll be like this for about 2-3 weeks.

I guess we’re wrapping it up here. I accidentally hit the Publish button!