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Stunning Star Quilt

“Ancient Stars” by Jean Rock. This won Best In Show in 2007


Source: Quilts from the Village Show 2009 by IamSusie, via Flickr – (click on quilt picture to go to link).

This quilt is a gentle reminder that I just play quilter.  In my imagination I’d like to be a person that could make this though.


Continuing to work towards feeling better. I have an unexpected outing tomorrow… hope I hold up! I’ll be some distance from the house and don’t want to do that whole MS “hit the wall” fatigue thing. If need be I guess I’ll just pull over into a shopping center and nap for everyone’s safety.

Intriguing Hexagons —> got a few votes for the red, top left #1 and I think another one that’s caught my eye. Thanks for casting your vote. If you haven’t yet, there’s still time. I’d love to see what you think…



One day, in a galaxy, far, far away… and not so long ago I was hanging out and chatting with a friend. I don’t even know what we were talking about but the above quilt came up. Specifically the focus was on the wide binding. I was intrigued. “Wide binding” I thought.  “What must that do to the quilt visually?” I had to see it! I asked if she would bring it to Sit-and-Sew.

Gosh what a charming quilt. It’s all snuggly and just the right colorway.  Wide binding really works on the right quilt. It adds the perfect element of interest here. It’s not too much. It’s not bulky. It catches your eye but in an ever so subtle way. It works well here balanced with the inner border. Classic lines. I thought you might appreciate seeing this.  Possibly you haven’t thought of this before or maybe you have? Maybe you’ll think of giving this a try?

The math is a 6″ wide cut for your binding and fold in half. Sew to the quilt with a 1″ seam, apply as usual.  That’s the ticket to make it work. One inch!


While we’re on the subject of binding, I’ve taken up the tip from Debbie (click here) for basting your binding in place.  I can tell already this is going to be easier on my hands which brings me to….

The Good News. I’m really starting to recover the wrist strain. Yeah!!! Cutting is still painful and I’m not up to speed yet but by golly I can do a bit of machine sewing and hand-piecing. So I’m about off restriction and ready to be let loose on y’all. How about you, have any good news to share? I’m gonna random generate a number and grab a gallon ziplock bag of my nicely sized CW backgrounds/shirting scraps for you if you care to share some good news. I don’t know how long until I pull that number but maybe a few days.


Nice to be here with you, sharing and close to all healed up!

The Rack!

Happy New Year! Today I’m sharing my very first quilt rack. It was purchased on an outing with some treasured friends. I’ll really remember that day. Lunch and the outing. The friends. Kind of a special group of ladies to tell you the truth.

Kanga got this really neat aged bin/bucket [not shown] but as I haven’t done the slightest thing to make it snuggly for her she thinks its useless and I should talk to the paw! Such attitude this one.

Later in the month when my birthday arrived a group of my friends and I spent the day together sewing.  What a delight that was. Lunch and stitching and balloons and omg cake!  It was just the best. A great way to wrap up the year.

And starting this New Year I’ll be with Lori and the gals working on the quilt-along in addition to one other little thing I hope to share soon but as a hint… Rose Marie and Janet and Miriam will all be so pleased I’m applying some determination!

*karendianne. who sometimes has to end messages in code for undisclosed reasons.

QuiltFest Quilt Show

You’ll never guess what I did?  A friend of  mine took me to the Jacksonville QuiltFest Quilt Show! She helped me load up my wheelchair and everything. What fun. I wasn’t quite up for the entire show but I have a bit to share. Enjoy! I did.

I sure enjoy diamonds (thank you Inklingo ) so this would have struck me regardless but the movement of color is lovely and skillful. This is a good photo so check out the quilting.  It’s fantastic.

Awww, Karen!

Probably my favorite.  The love the use of tone in the blocks and the choice of a thin strip in this strippy quilt. The movement in the border is what I think is one of the better choices for this quilt.

There were at least two big, dark colored Cathedral Windows in this grand size. Let your imagination run wild.

This one was special. Lovely to see a stack -n- whack method in this setting. The fabric was just lovely. My mom probably would have liked this quilt.

I’m not a house person but I kept getting taken in by some of the cute houses.  This one though, this wasn’t about the houses.  It was about the number of different elements.  I didn’t notice that, my friend did. “Look at all those elements.”  Then I got it.  After that I was just amazed.

Honorable mention with this one.  105 different fabric in this courthouse steps. Real respect for the attention to detail here. You’d really have to pay attention to what you’re doing for sure! No spacing out. Not that anyone spaces out. Right?

Any here that you like? I’d be interested – do share!!!  With a warm feeling that Life is Good! after a day surround by quilts and the kindness of friends, *karendianne.

Three of my “go to blocks”

3.5" Nine Patches

I love me some little 3.5″ nine patches most any day of the week.  These are strip pieced and so cuteamous.  Strip-pieced works just fine but not my preferred method.  I think it’s way more fun to make little nines one square at a time as seen in the top below.

Indian Paintbrush

Then there’s the good old four patch.   These are strip-pieced eventually to become stacks. They can become anything!  These I’m working on for I don’t know what.  I kinda like to just make ’em and not have a plan.  It’s relaxing.  (*fun here – took new fabrics and paired up with old stash stuff)

Super Scrappy 4 Patches

Okay then there’s the super versatile and pretty LeMoyne Star. That diamond is awesome to work with.  I can’t decide if this is going to become a little quilt or a stack of star blocks.  That would be a great quilt.  It’s a thought.  Anyway, I really dig the backgrounds here.  Oh, and as an FYI – each one of these is a reject.  They’re center stars for a Carpenters Wheel that didn’t work.  So I turned them into blocks and figured I’d work something out.  Eventually.

6" LeMoyne Stars (scrappy backgrounds)

It’s interesting to think what you’re “go to” blocks are. I’d love to hear what yours are! Do share if you have a moment.  I think what fits the bill here might change from time to time.  Maybe you have “go to projects” – that would be cool to hear about, too.

Anyway, have a great day.  In case anyone is wondering, Florida isn’t tropical anymore.  We’re fast becoming a desert wasteland with Oceanic waters nearby and that’s where we get the sand for our desert.  It’s all sketchy if you ask me.

The Color of Green

I popped my recently finished Alabama Beauty block on the Wall and the green color lesson hit me between the eyes.  I see how it all comes together with the Belle Meade blocks and I see how I’ve been avoiding it.

I like green, too.  I’m not averse to it but I reckon no one could tell, ha?  

Alabama Beauty
First Green Block!


I’m glad Lynn gave me a couple pieces of Repro greens to add into the mix for my AB project.  I’m silly happy I popped this block up with the others since the greens played together just fine and I was way off base with that last post/commentary on the color itself.

There is so much to learn about color and fabrics which is a good thing because when I feel like I have some money, which definitely isn’t right now, but when I get that feeling, I’ll need to purchase some fabric in various colors to assist with my learning/quilting degree.

Education is really expensive these days.  I’m just sayin’…

Be Well, *karendianne.

The Discipline of Quilting?

Look what the Mistress of LeeHaven found.  Nothing like a little water damage.  Little though.   I have four posts – this is one.  Still, it didn’t hit the high note of my weekend and it will have to be replaced post haste.

This did though.  Today was an outing, a 2 Martini lunch (yes, I remember why I don’t drink), a great steak which was a real treat.  I’m not much of a meat eater, muchless Steak!  Oh it was yummy.  Then a very very thoughtful gift. 

I write thoughts and things down all the time.  She knows.  My friend.  She comes over and see’s my fridge covered with note pads that say things like “Be your own Cheerleader” or the latest one programming my head “Tolerate the Discipline.”

That phrase had everything to do with effort involved in something important.   So I ask myself if I can tolerate the discipline in one area or another. 

What do you think the “discipline” is when it comes to Quilting?  Is it merely the hours you put in or is it finishing all the tops we have?

Or is it more about things such as:

  • Studying/Reading books and magazines.
  • Honing your technical skills.  
  • Networking & absorbing information.  
  • Trying new things. 

I don’t really know and I’m really interested to know what you might think.  Ask around, spread the question, link back.  Any input would be great. 

Kanga gets out of everything by flopping over and being cute…
…and Kingston, well, he’s not interested in anything I say as you can see!