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Various Talents of Friends

Yesterday was a sew day and friends, I brought my camera.

Ruth is working on this wool project. I love the variety of threads she using. As you probably know, often you’ll see this work with all black thread but here she’s matching and/or highlighting. To my eye, this is nothing but pretty.

Here we have a classic finish by Klasina. This pattern is contagious and shared between many of the quilters. I’m enjoying watching that. The sharing of inspiration. Its just like what we bloggers do. We catch lots of stuff, don’t we?

I have to share this with you for a couple of reasons. It’s just pretty. Very pretty. Classic. My heart loves cross stitch but…nope. The other reason to share is Carol. She’s the gal working on this. I tell ya, she has the most wonderful energy. I just love her. She is just one of those people. She’s a retired school teacher. I’ll bet she was an awesome teacher – you just get that feeling. You know, I’ve known her sister-in-law since I started quilting and she’s always been good to me. I reckon that whole family is just good people.

As a quick aside, I woke up yesterday and the pain I’ve been having was cut by like 75%. That’s a huge, sudden decline/remission. 108 x 108 huge!!! It’s cool to experience the truth that with God “all things are possible.”


Fun, Happy People

Those outings I’ve been talking about, remember that? Well here are a couple little things I made a point to photograph and share. This first beauty is a personal favorite and came from the UFO club I’m am fortunate to attend.

Elena's Star

When I saw this I thought to myself “So this is what you can do with paper piecing?” Holy gee wiz! I think I wanna learn that. I added it to long, luxurious, laborious list. Elena is a happy quilter and a fun person.

Gale Wrigley

Another finish from the UFO club. I totally dig the even use of tone in this quilt. Not to mention the great piecing. Stunner. This is a happy quilter for sure.

Jackie quilting Elena's Quilt

The minkee on the back of this quilt is fantastic with that great quilting. I hope this photo really picks up the cat pattern. The front is… well shucks y’all it’s perfect for this back and I missed it. I missed the neat info on what’s used for batting, too. What I didn’t miss is how Jackie’s quilting and Elena’s work go well together. Great team! Happy quilters.

Friday night I went to what’s referred to as a “Sew-cial” for the first time. They run from daytime into the very late nightime. It’s like the sit&sew during the week only with a potluxurious feast. It was such a nice group of ladies and fun to see everyone get down and sew. Don’t get me wrong. The visiting – it happened – but still, real progress was made. It was maybe just a bit too much for me but perhaps if I asked for a little more help & just kept my self sitting as much as possible, conserving energy, I might not find it so difficult. We’ll see what the future brings. Next up more BOM blocks. ;)

Be Well and have a lovely day.  Thanks for visiting with me.  In friendship, *karendianne.

Repro some Wild Geese

Happened to glance down at this spot in my stash. I like how it just naturally works there, all kinda organized with a little something that makes it spicey.

Flying Geese blocks are courtesy of Bloomin’ Workshop.  Give credit where credit is due.  Now here you might notice  a couple make-do blocks and that’s because I wasn’t reading the cutting directions properly.  Actually, I didn’t read the directions at all.  I do that sometimes, or that is – I don’t.  Read directions.  Anyway, the make-do blocks will stay as part of the story.

I started this project with one brown and no plan.  Just a test block.  Then I thought maybe I’d go blue and brown and that was nice until I remembered something.  I love Brown and Chrome Yellow together.  So I made a Chrome Yellow block.  After that I needed to make a double pink block.  I just felt very pink.  I get that way.  So this is all slapdash with no plan.  No plan works but in the end it turns out the double pink has to go because the fabric is shoddy and the piecing is even worse.  It’ll maybe go on the back or something.  Cheddar is next up I think – or maybe Red.

Anyway the blocks are fun to make and they just take one Fat Quarter.  They’re 16.5″ unfinished and that’s aged muslin you see there that I’m using.  This is a nice side project.

In other news I was invited on a lovely outing to another quilt shop & lunch with friends recently.  We trotted around into Georgia.  Naturally I forgot my camera but we did have a nice time.

This is the first time in my life I’ve heard the term HEAT DOME.  I think I need more information about this phenomenon.  Unsettling.

I hope this day finds you well and my friend, I thank you for the visit.  Be Well, *karendianne.

Another New "Skill"

As the year progresses I continue to learn new things.  Tuesday I learned a new way to make a quilt.  It’s kinda cool.  When you make the block, it’s finished – pieced and quilted and there you go.

You use a circle template, a 7 ¾ background square, 8″ square of Thermore, and 8″ four patches made out of scraps.  The class was taught at my LQS and by the way, don’t you just appreciate the effort folks put into the classes?  I had a great time and I sure feel grateful.

Class Learning Block – Front

Anyway, back to the block.  It’s 12″ finished with basting stitches left in until quilt completed.

Learning Block – Back

Sorry I don’t have any pictures from class.  I do have the handy dandy link to the snappy pattern called Less Than Traditional Starter Kit Medium starting with 8″ squares.  

I seriously enjoyed the class and time with friends.  Good fun.  Unfortunately I didn’t “wear well” and wouldn’t you know but I’ve been feeling poorly.  Not dramatic.  Just ragged out.  MS and heat – oil and water.  

Still, the class was great and I have a new way to create.  I’m going to keep on with this so I don’t forget.  New methods take some time to get burned onto the memory disc, don’t they?

With that bit of sharing, I’ll leave you.  Thank you for visiting, have a great day and try to get a bit of sew time in!  

The First Quilt Retreat

Alabama Beauty Blocks
Olde Green Cupboard Quilt Retreat

I was almost going to drop in without a photo to grace the page but thanks to Nancy and Lynn I have one handy.  We worked on setting these at the retreat.  Nothing is final except “green is lacking” and “where’s cheddar?”  I was given some really pretty green to use so I’m looking forward to adding that.

The retreat was everything I could have imagined and then some.  I had time with my friends and made some new ones.  While walking the hall to get coffee I was able to see some lovely and flat-out fun things in the making.  Oh the magic people can create with fabric.  I’m always amazed.

I learned from watching others at work.  I noted the skill people have to turn out blocks, to just go!  Things work out and look lovely.  I’m a slow quilter myself so this ability to Go! intrigued me.

There were a lot of happy ladies there, getting away from it all and doing there thing.  It’s a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by that sort of energy.  My own energy held up pretty darn good I’d have to say.  I even worked on my Klosjes and I’m happy about that.  I’d like to pick up where I left off on those.

Perhaps today I can try for some sewing.  This big outing did it’s number though with the MS business and while I am recovering rather well, my legs and hips are shot.  I’m considering placing them up for Sale!  I’ve been sleeping and hanging out but I think we’re done with that.  I’m done with that at least.  It’s been 4 days now.  I think the fatigue can go away thank you very much.

I have plans, a life to lead dagnabit!!!  And part of that life includes sharing with you which hasn’t been happening but of course priorities are shifting in the sand lately and we’ve touched on that.  I just wanted to drop in and let you know what a good thing that just happened. 

So thanks for listening and sharing my first retreat with me.  And before I leave I don’t want to miss this chance to say how grateful I am to my friends.  They toted me around, carried my things and did the general full-support duty so I could attend.  Very kind.

Be Well, *karendianne.

(ps:  The food was fabulous, the accomodations were great, the Hall that contained us was perfectly huge and it was all top rate!  Thanks to the Olde Green Cupboard for that.)

Design Walls

It looks like June 12 was the last time I posted updated Klosjes.  I don’t see any duplicates here from that June 12th post so this might be a fresh batch.  I like the new upper left purples in this batch.  I have more purple in my stash but I remember day.  Ahhh.  There were 1/2 yds that needed to be cut down.  I didn’t have the endurance that day and put them all up! 

Then I switched to black since I needed to built up that color.  Enjoyed that.  All fats.  I must have been feeling poor when I was purchasing black for my stash.

Can’t go by without my latest project inspired by Wanda.  I’m getting ready to take down this set and start another batch of these blocks with the killer scraps from Julie.   There’s someone that already wants this.  I’m not in the giving mood here quite yet.  I need some space!!!  It’s a story not worth your time which makes me wonder why is it worth mine?

There often isn’t much worth discussing going on around here but I did grab my keys and head on over to a friends house on Tuesday for some lunch and some stitching time.  I had a delightful time, truly delightful.  It was so nice to get out and share some time with like-minded folks.  Lunch was great, too!  A yummy spinach salad with killer dressing and the best dessert.  It was a sort of cobbler type treat with fresh, fresh peaches. 

Got me thinking.  We so often stop to say “thank you” to our Local Quilt Shops for being in business & we work to support them but I wonder if we thank the kind souls that open up there homes to us?  Do we thank them for giving of themselves in this way to help make our craft a continual part of our life in an enjoyable, peaceful setting?  I’m surely thankful and appreciative.  Makes me wonder if I had a lovely home, would I open it up to friends like this?  I’m kind of a hermit by nature so it might be hard!

Oh, and one last thing.  I did come home with the absolute perfect backing for my Cheddar quilt and you’re going to ask me “where’s the picture?”  darn.  Sorry about that.  Next post.  …or when I get it quilted with the cute Baptist Fan because I’m such a BF junkie!

Thanks for taking the time to sit and share with me for a couple minutes.  Now that I’m sitting here I could share so much more because I guess a few things do come to mind.  Oh well, maybe next post.  I better make a note so I don’t forget!

Warmly and with a big huge smile, *karendianne.

Stacks and Strips

The progress on my latest quilt. I love seeing stacks, don’t you? Stacks of cut fabric, stacks to sew, stacks to square-up. Stacks to me are immediate gratification. They show organization and progress. I dig it!

I hope to have a block made for the Design Wall in the next couple of days. I’m wondering about getting it pressed flat. My friend Susan always gets her’s nice and flat but how she does it – I don’t know! What about you, when you make this block how do get you get nice and flat? I’d appreciate some tips.

In between things, I whipped together two more strip borders. One more to go. Again, thanks to Mom for the help. Assuming all goes well next week, I should be doing the miters.

I continued to look for these embroidered samples to share but couldn’t find them. Drove me batty. I finally located them right where they’d be safe. On my design wall. The top character means “Joy.” Neat, ha?

Yesterday I went to the quilt shop to pick up my copy of Quilt Sampler. Not many left. Hot ticket item! The visit turned out to be a real treat (it always is!). It was “Friday Night Light’s!” A fantastic spread of food, a great bunch of quilters and sewing until the midnight oil burns out. Many of my friendlies were there. It was delightful.

…and umm, no I didn’t stay to burn the midnight oil. Those days are long gone!

Not because I’m old, or have a chronic illness but I have quilting to attend to. That requires chores to be completed, pets to be loved on, rest to be taken and adhering to the daily routine. Yep, I admit it, I’m one of those people. Routine. Planned. Early to bed, Early to rise… What about you, do you stick to a fairly rigid daily routine or are you a “wing it” kinda person?

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