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Nature’s Miracle

I have this quilt that was left unbound and unattended in the back bedroom. At some point one of my cats who shall remain nameless tinkled on it. I was blissfully unaware until I picked it up to finish the binding. Yee Gads!!! I didn’t take a picture of the urine stain but it was there – red bleed and all. The location of the bleed was at the seam where the red star fabric meets the red shirting  (but this pic is only for reference – again, its not the stain).


I gotta tell ya, I was so bummed. I wasn’t planning on sharing this because I figured the quilt was ruined. I try to keep my blog upbeat and that post wasn’t going to fit the bill. So fine, no sharing but still, I was going to have to wash it. What to do? I started thinking and something miraculous happened. Worth sharing.

Since I don’t wash my fabrics ahead of time I wasn’t sure how to deal with the addition of Retayne while simultaneously trying to get out the urine.  I mean, I didn’t want the chemicals in Retayne to set the urine stain. Not that it would but who knows?

When I have a fabric question I usually contact Sio [Scraps and Threadtales] to get some feedback. After we talked I had some ideas how to work with this so I finished the binding and if you’re ever in this situation (which I’m sure you won’t be but just in case) here’s how I chose to handle cat urine on my unwashed quilt:

  • Place the urinated area in the sink with cold water and rinse out all urine. Then repeat x 7643 more times. Fortunately the stain was near the edge of the quilt so the multiple cold water rinse in the sink wasn’t a big deal.
  • Spray the location with Nature’s Miracle. At this point I was irritated so I said screw it only with a little more trash to my talk if you get my drift. Seriously though, I did hope the fabric wouldn’t bleed more with the use of Nature’s Miracle (it didn’t). I let the NM sit for 5 minutes as per directions, then rinsed. Looked good but who can tell when its wet?
  • Washed in machine with Retayne as per my usual routine.  I was nervous but said screw it again.
  • Pulled out of the machine and ahh, looks good. Now I’m starting to care again.
  • Washed once more in cold water because it made me feel better.
  • It still looked good so I just went for it and tossed it in the dryer and here, because the heat was going to set whatever I couldn’t see, I went back to that bad attitude and said screw it, I’m over it.


Keep in mind one of those shirtings is red so that’s not the bleed. The bleed was at the seam of the star and the red shirting. The urine was a big circle. You be the judge. Do you think Nature’s Miracle worked or what?  Click for a close up. I’m thinking it did.


Nature’s Miracle really is a miracle.

First Annual Bloggers Quilt Festival ~ Spring 2009

Favorite Quilt. Hard to choose so I went with the one that I enjoyed creating, the one that was fun and the one quilt I can see making again simply because it was fun. Indian Paintbrush, a pattern by Patchalot.


A click on the photo and you can see how I worked to mix and blend the center of almost every star.

Arrowhead border work challenged me.

Hanging around waiting to have the final black border so she can be quilted.

The Timer

If you’re asked to work with time, manage it for the benefit of your overall health you might ignore that and act as if you have all the time in the world. I do that at first. Then I watch and realize how for me personally, that approach lacks a certain grace and its so unattractive in the extreme. Better to be lost in the midst of time, to take your time and carve out bits of time ensuring you stand the test of time.

The Mistress of LeeHaven began yesterday setting the timer while quilting to give the eye some rest. Very challenging (Antsy) but 30 minutes at a time feels like a reasonable amount of time. How much rest in between? Well, shucks, don’t ask me to tell. You want to know, ha? Ahhh gee, I was thinking 5-10 minutes. Nothing dramatic. Just a brief little rest.

I didn’t know I was going to have this lingering pain crap but I do think with the timer plan we’ll be able to manage it no problemo. And the other bonus is I feel well so I can go to the Quilt Shop if I wanted to. I’d kinda rather get Indian Paintbrush borders done but we’ll see…

Hard at Work

Yep, same image. I’m working on the left side now. No reason to take another shot. Just keeping the painting fresh in your mind so you know what I’m facing. A border that requires effort because my overall piecing was a little bit off. It adds up. In the end, you’ve got to work it out. No way I’m going to have 24 arrowheads on one side and 23 on the other. Nuts. That would absolutely drive me nuts, insane, batty, completely mad as a hatter! Sounds like a potential entry for!

Then of course to add to the madness – eye pain. Same eye that was “damaged in the fire.” That’s been going on for a couple days. Nice timing isn’t it? I know. Its not so bad that I can’t do anything so I’m moving ahead but I’ll reduce the glare of electronics.

As I read over this post it doesn’t have the “feel” of the splendidly jovial quilter. It sounds like someone heading off to work. That’s certainly not my intention. I’m thankful actually. Thankful to be heading off into my Art this morning – even with that pain. I’ll manage it, stop when need be, even go back to bed as necessary *(yes! I will) but I wont let the day go by without reaching. Quilting is worth the reach. Fortunately the toilets were bleached out last week so I can get away with this…

Even If…

I admit it. I like things to fit into place, align correctly and rest flat on the first go around. It’s just how I work, how I enjoy the process. Even if I spent my entire afternoon working on carefully ensuring the arrowhead border fit properly. Even if I spent the entire afternoon with my glasses and my seam ripper. Even if I was shaving 1/8″ off a handful of triangles in the border to allow it to fit into place, align and rest flat.

But I have my limits Even if I have a tendency to be rigid. Its not flat. Dangit. But its cuteamous and it’ll have to do because this is as good as this side gets. I still have 3 more borders to go. I just hope it all works out okay. I’ll be heartbroken if my borders on this quilt don’t look nice. I love this quilt. I just love it.

Duke, smiling and happy!

The pinwheels are flat! Can’t complain there. They called for 2 3/8″ squares which left me no room for error so I just said “bag that idea” and made my squares 2.5″ and squared up the half square triangles. A little more work but its worth it if you want them flat. Where they meet in the center {with that bulk} I pressed open with the use of my handy-dandy seam ripper as needed.
As I display my lovely batik and black Stars I’ve been squaring up and contemplating what sort of sashing they call for. I have something working in my mind. My friend Susie (neighbor) comes over and points out her favorites in the batch I have on display at any given time. That’s fun for us both. She’s not a quilter and I really dig seeing what catches her eye. She’s good like that!

Old Blocks Turning New

Living Life at LeeHaven

The new fabric from Paula Barnes of Bonnie Blue Quilts has a nice feel to it. That’s what this luscious red is I used in the sashing. She’s teamed up with Marcus Fabrics. My two cents: purchase at will.

So, what’s going on here? Well, I took these old blocks up to the Quilt Shop on Friday & got some help setting the blocks and picking fabrics for the sashing and border. I was so happy to be there, too. Its been at least 6-8 weeks since I’ve been.

I noticed “Sunne in Splendor” hanging on the wall and that made me happy. It has a nice little spot. I should have brought my camera. Oh…and I also brought along “Ladies in Waiting” to share the progress I’ve made so far. It was a big huge hit. It looks like they’ll be displaying in the shop when I’m done so I’m sure Patchalot will be hearing from my favorite Quilt Shop at some point. That makes me smile! Its nice to share quilts. I totally dig it!

But back to this little number! I’m hoping to finish in the next day or two. I have a hard time with “finishes” because I’m completely math challenged. If I don’t have a pattern I can’t work it out in my head. (this is kinda funny because my mom is a math wiz! ~ I didn’t get that gene.) So yesterday I got a quick tutorial from Lisa and I’m learning more.

LeeHaven Infrastructure

The other night I was thinking about things around here and decided my little, humble abode needed some attention. Lots needed really but I don’t want to get housekeeping stress. That’s just ridiculous. Its a step up and to the left of leisure stress. Brought on by a lack of prioritization and no sense of direction.

I had an unexpected bill of just under 900.00 recently. That was unpleasant and painful. I checked the Money Tree in the backyard. Looks like it’ll be months before it starts to bloom out again.

A part of my Cuisinart broke. The blade. Wouldn’t be such a big deal except I really do use mine about every 3rd day so now I need to make a parts purchase. I’ll add that to the priority list.

I’ve decided I don’t like working on Infrastructure. Is that the “American” in me? I mean, as a country we barely bother with our infrastructure so maybe that’s my problem? Oh lordy bee, don’t answer that!

I’d Rather Bee Quilting Love,

[ps: Watched Daniel Day Lewis in “There Will Be Blood” and I was blown away. He’s awesome. Ending left me wanting for closure so that was a letdown but boy his acting was outstanding!!!]