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The Trend at LeeHaven

Belle Meade by Bonnie Blue
Robyn Pandolph fabric

At this rate I should be finished with this one sometime in the timeless future.  This UFO has called me for days.  Yesterday I pulled the original blocks (not seen here) and boy are they shabby.  I think they’ll work but I am considering placing them in the pile of un-sewing.  I have a whole pile of blocks from another project that must be unsewn due to my ability to flake out entirely during the quilting process.  I’m saving this pile for some evening soon. 

Looking at it up on my wall makes me think it just might turn out pretty.  I know that when I started this one I wanted pretty.  I can see it.  I love fabric.  It’s so, so pretty!  And this project has pretty floral buds in it.  Oh so pretty. 

I think the green makes it a little trendy and I don’t like that but I guess I let myself “go.”  One of the reasons I like Reproductions so much is they’re meant to be old, Antique and not current or trendy.    Of course I can get caught up in trendiness. 


Check out my Klosjes from the Quilt Retreat on the right of  Design Wall #2.  The Klosjes are a trend that started oversee’s and I’m thrilled I joined in.  I’m continuing on…

I learned when at retreat piecing is shabby, sorry and messy!  I did my cutting before I left but there’s no help for it.  My spools are a wreck when I’m out having fun.  I’m using them anyway but I’ll quarantine them so I know what I’m piecing when I pull that quilt together. 

Progress continues on the Rob Peter to Pay Paul blocks.  They can be easily hand or machine pieced.  Mostly I machine.  Goes quicker and it’s a good skill builder.

A Brief Guide to Life
And as always, these rules are meant to be broken. Life wouldn’t be any fun if they weren’t.
the brief guide
less TV, more reading
less shopping, more outdoors
less clutter, more space
less rush, more slowness
less consuming, more creating
less junk, more real food
less busywork, more impact
less driving, more walking
less noise, more solitude
less focus on the future, more on the present
less work, more play
less worry, more smiles
Be Well, *karendianne.

Can’t Contain Myself Blocks

Low and behold I have things to show for myself…

One more round on these babies, not yet but one more, and that’ll be the completion of all 48 Cabin Tracks blocks. Why not wait until they were completely finished? Well gosh, I can’t stand it that’s why!!! I’m not sure where my excitement will take me once I make this last lap on these blocks. Of course I have the sashing to do so it’s not like I’m ready to assemble but gosh I’m close. I just can’t contain myself. That’s all!

Belle Meade is in the above picture, too. All those Half-square triangles need to be ironed so I’m taking ’em in 10 at a time but once I get these blocks done you know I’ll look to myself to get a little more than 10 at a time done!!! I just will. I have border work I’d like to do. It’s been on my mind for quite some time. But gosh, sometimes I look at Belle Meade “the pattern” and get pretty darn excited that I’m creating my own version.

There’s always something lovely to work on and create. I am surprised sometimes we get things done. So many pretty delights to make but they don’t all call and say “make me” do they? No, they don’t. That’s the thing. It isn’t just the pretty Quilt. It has to call out and say “make me.” For some people a Quilt has to come from within and say “I need to be created” – that is to say – designed. Whew, not me. You design it and I’ll just do the making part.

Testing Blocks by my Calculations

I’m down to the final layout of fabrics. As you can imagine it took some card shuffling to get things to match up. There’s a whole stack of completed HST’s back there but it’s a never mind at this point. Since I had the bundle of fabric I was forced into combo’s I wouldn’t have otherwise used but whatever on that. It’s just a quilt, right? And plus, there’s a lot of “She sits and sews” time here.

I used my brain so much there was smoke coming out of my ears! I’m hoping it enhances the pathways in my brain and helps like juggling does. Seriously though I needed to map this one out. I set up the pattern in EQ, printed it out and planned which direction the HST’s would be pressed while watching Pride and Prejudice last night. I’ll go back and check my cartography a couple times before I’m finished I’m sure but I tested my pattern pressing map with my test blocks [below] and it worked. (I had to set up the pattern in EQ because I didn’t want to write all over my pretty clean pattern diagram that came with the whole entire pattern booklet thingy.)

If you’re familiar with the structure of this block you’re aware the half square triangles have a 2 short sides and 2 long sides attached last. With the tests I pressed the “long sides” of the blocks but I’ll leave that until the end from here on out so I can get the snap into place. Anyway, I think we’re asking a little too much of my brain to map out the directional pressing for the 2 long sides – later.

Bad enough with all this I caught myself doing math in my head which I never do. I’m not a calculator. But I’m not a fool and I’m darn thankful my self was up for a little mental gymnastics. Sometimes I get intimidated by the prep work, the thinking. I just want to dive in. I’m not a diver. Well, actually we have this all backwards because a calculator would have some real facts on her side and diver would be risky.

I’m definitely not a risk taker. And now you’re wondering… “How did we end up here?”

Couch Quilters

Aside from binding and quilting, what sorts of things do you work on for your quilt on the couch (in your chair…)? If I’m working on a Quilt with tons of pieces that need to be trimmed or worked/cleaned in any way, sometimes I’ll just pile things up and wait until the evening. It’s a treat for me because making a bazillion HST’s is a lot of work but breaking it down is kinda fun.

I was watching Wuthering Heights working on this last night and got everything prepped for today. “It’s to the hot iron fer ya mateys!”

I want to thank Carol Whitchurch for awakening me to this approach. I took one of my first classes at the Olde Green Cupboard from her a few years back. She shared how worked on her own quilts and I was listening. “Listen Up!” I try to because you learn little things like THIS!

Oh gosh, it’s back to bed this morning. Dagnabit! Guess I’ll be takin’ those pieces to the hot iron a bit later. They’ve just got a reprieve.

Morning Motivation

Good Morning and thank you for spending a bit of your time at LeeHaven. I only have one project in focus to share this morning. I love this quilt and thank you to everyone that offered their take on how to get it nice and flat.

You have to have a dream so you can get up in the morning.

~Billy Wilder

My dream. Lots of those dreams in the quilter’s realm, eh? Wish I had more progress to show but I guess I really only sew 3 hours a day max (I’ll have to maybe track that because I feel so slow). Maybe more on a really good day but that’s about it. And I’m not a fast sewer either. I’ll bet there’s lots of fast sewers around. You one of those – a fast sewer? I’m slower. Even with paper I’m slow. If I speed up I miss the lines; what’s the point then?

I wonder if I was a slow kid with the crayons, too? I mean, did I need to be slow to stay in the lines? Just a rambly thought.

Over at The Squash House, Candace shares something really cool that I think might help me to speed up though. Stitching Lines. I’ve never seen them and if you haven’t her post is here.

If I remember correctly Kanga had a very busy day and was all tuckered out. I can’t exactly recall what the day was about but surely she was busy – doesn’t the picture say it all? Surely she isn’t taking advantage of me. Surely not…

There’s new info over the wire. The drug Tysabri continues to prove it’s benefit to MS patients overall health and well being. If you’re interested in reading about this update in its entirety check it out here. Also, not in this particular update but of interest – they’re learning more about how it triggers PML, which if you missed that update it’s just a seriously bad side effect.

I have some side effects. One of them is a kickin’ joint pain. Especially in my left hip. Ouchie mamma! Enough to put those pain management techniques into gear. Plus Aleve. Working through it. Keep moving always helps but still, joint pain is not fun. I’m understanding how that feels now.

sunrise photo credit here.

Stacks and Strips

The progress on my latest quilt. I love seeing stacks, don’t you? Stacks of cut fabric, stacks to sew, stacks to square-up. Stacks to me are immediate gratification. They show organization and progress. I dig it!

I hope to have a block made for the Design Wall in the next couple of days. I’m wondering about getting it pressed flat. My friend Susan always gets her’s nice and flat but how she does it – I don’t know! What about you, when you make this block how do get you get nice and flat? I’d appreciate some tips.

In between things, I whipped together two more strip borders. One more to go. Again, thanks to Mom for the help. Assuming all goes well next week, I should be doing the miters.

I continued to look for these embroidered samples to share but couldn’t find them. Drove me batty. I finally located them right where they’d be safe. On my design wall. The top character means “Joy.” Neat, ha?

Yesterday I went to the quilt shop to pick up my copy of Quilt Sampler. Not many left. Hot ticket item! The visit turned out to be a real treat (it always is!). It was “Friday Night Light’s!” A fantastic spread of food, a great bunch of quilters and sewing until the midnight oil burns out. Many of my friendlies were there. It was delightful.

…and umm, no I didn’t stay to burn the midnight oil. Those days are long gone!

Not because I’m old, or have a chronic illness but I have quilting to attend to. That requires chores to be completed, pets to be loved on, rest to be taken and adhering to the daily routine. Yep, I admit it, I’m one of those people. Routine. Planned. Early to bed, Early to rise… What about you, do you stick to a fairly rigid daily routine or are you a “wing it” kinda person?

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I’m a Cutter!

This is the latest pattern I’m working on with the Robyn Pandolph fabric. It’s from my Banner Day!!!

As you continue on, you’ll note my attempt to enter the Orphanage was thwarted yet again. Below you can see how the Roaring Lion that’s taken up residence where the little orphans live. If one were so inclined to click the photo one might see the meanie look on her face. *Warnings* and *Dangers* written all over it!

I’m not a cutter. It’s nothing against cutting, I just usually don’t have the vigor. But today I did so I cut into what was a load of FQ’s.

Incredible but now I have stacks of cuts to prep with my “spinning stars” triangle paper. I can choose my lights and darks at will and go to town!!! A party, if you will. A good session of “she sits and sews” I should think. Perfect timing, too. Medication Infusion day is Thursday. I’ll be ready.

I am really savoring this incredible time of feeling well. It’s magical. For real. I thought what a gift it is this morning, a special time to be savored, so that’s why I thought “ahh, heck, just go for it…” Any reason to start a new project.

Here’s to an abundance of health and gratitude for it!!! *karendianne.

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