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Being Creative

Hey fabric lovers and makers of many wonderful things, how are you? All kinds of things going on around here and I’m sure you would report the same. Summer is just moving right along. Pretty soon the weather will change (eventually, not soon) and it’ll be time for my bundled cable contract to end. Changes will be made.


I am still quilting when I can, I still have the desire so from time to time I work on stuff. The design wall continues to grow. Missing from this photo is one more red and toile Ocean Waves unit and close to finished additional Winding Ways block. It’s an extra good sign when I work on an Ocean Waves block.

spoolsCute Alert! I found these three-inch cuties cleaning house. I counted how many and apparently didn’t write it down.   I do recall thinking I have enough for setting a smaller size lap. I’m not sure where I’m going with this except to remember it would be a fun one to finish up. It might be a while though. I’m a little distracted. If you look below you’ll see why…


This summer I took a Watercolor Workshop from my cousin Guy.  I’ve been thinking about doing this for well over a year.  I felt so certain this would be the perfect creative outlet for me to explore. Based on the look in this photo I think I was right on that. There is so much to learn, practice and play with – a perfect journey really.


Here you can see all our paintings. Gosh y’all, it was so much fun. I need Watercolor Supplies now – of course I do. There will be a fabric sale, friends. Watch this space!!! :)

In the reading department I’m currently enjoying The Witching Hour by Anne Rice. Not my genre but I thought an easy, quick read. Wrong. Interesting, lengthy and in places a slog to get through and yet, it’s good.


Earlier this summer I really took a leap out of my genre. I don’t read mystery/thrillers. I’ll do Sci-Fiction and Fantasy before I’ll do a Mystery/Thriller but this was recommended to me. My Aunt has good taste so I trusted her judgement and read The Yard by Alex Grecian. 5 Stars!!  The story was great, the history of forensics was kind of cool and the writing was just perfect, so well crafted. This is one I would recommend. 13056152

I’d  also like to recommend you have a continued good day and until we meet again…


A Book Finish

Depending on which version you pick up this one will run you anywhere between 700-1000 pages. I’ve been wanting to read this book ever since I saw the 1967 BBC mini-series. You can read more about that —-> here.

When I purchased the book my Mom noticed it and said my grandmother had shared it with her many years ago. Now I really had to read it. I wanted to see what my grandmother, the voracious reader, was passing along to her youngest daughter.

The writing is beautiful. The way he pulls his adjectives and places them perfectly into the setting to bring you in and make you think is worth studying. I enjoy that. The period detail is interesting. That said – what does ‘saga’ bring to mind? Pages and pages of on-going happenings and a lot of reflective thoughts. A ton. Its great in the beginning, interesting still halfway through but gosh, that last push to the end I thought I’d crack.

I didn’t crack. It’s finished.

Until next update, *karendianne.


The Product of Showing Up!


I’ve been waiting for some good picture making time to share progress on my Kaffe crosses quilt but it’s not happening. I lowered my expectations and added the sashing for photographic interest which is fine but the photo is a drag. Sorry.  Anyway, I need 25 blocks. 13 finished – maybe a little less since a couple I’m probably going to exclude. This is from his Quilts in Sweden book.

stuffWhat you see here is the product of “showing up” every day. Not really forcing it but definitely going thru the motions. Fake it ’till you make it? I dunno know. I think I’m just generating my own vibe. The colorful Kaffe fabrics lift the mood (joy) and this is wall, this wall is gifty.

Thanks for the visit.


Oak Leaf and Reel, HST’s and more

test block.

Click all pics for close-up

I finished my Oak Leaf and Reel block. This was pretty cool to make and I learned a lot.  If you’re interested in some of the process there was a post here. Inspiration from Antique Quilts, Volume One, 2010. I’m working on my next Oak Leaf and Reel.  Its similar, same size but the leaves are different.

Last month I took a quick trip home to be with my Dad & Stepmom and had a great trip. It took me quite a bit of time to recover but when I did, I got hooked on HST’s. Look what happened…

Cotton Club Doll Quilt

Red Crinoline Quilts (formerly known as Bonnie Blue Quilts) does the best patterns, I tell ya. There are 72 HST’s in there and the whole piece finishes at 24 x 24. This was so much fun to make that I had to do another one because of Christmas and all.  You can see some of the other Christmas Through the Year participants if you click this post although the Mr. Linky isn’t up so you’ll need to peruse comments to find the links this month.

I busted open the bundle from a previous post [click here]. They’re old and I never could use that bundle because it was so pretty. Well I got over that.  I saved the yellows though. They’re really unique repro yellows and I thought I better save those for something special.  Of course, I think everything’s special so that’s not useful to say.  Anyway, I was having such fun I moved onto some red.

I changed up the 5″ center block here. That’s when you know you’re having fun!!! I dig it. I couldn’t figure out what to do with the border though. I took this to stitching and the gals voted for using the green (in the block) for the border. I’ve got to knock that out. I forgot that’s on the list.

The only one in this series that’s missing was cheddar. I mean how could I do that? I couldn’t. So here it is being prepped with Inklingo.

Speaking of missing, are you wondering where I’ve been?  Aww, no where.  After recovering from my quick trip, which took an inordinate amount of time, I got back to my life chores.  Then I started sewing again and, well, I just never could manage getting back into blogging. I’m getting a lot more accomplished I guess.  You know the deal. You know my situation. Enough said?

I finished reading this

and now I’m rereading this

I’m absolutely enjoying my visit with Tolstoy again. This is the only one of his novels I’ve read. Have you read anything by Tolstoy? It’s every bit as wonderful as I recall and really nothing like the movie because, well, it can’t be. He has so much to say about the culture and the people. His writing is wonderful.


I want to say a lot of things. About where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing and where I’m at today. I want to share a whole lot of things that have nothing to do with quilting. The thing is, quilting is the thing. Hopefully I’ll have a cheddar doll quilt and a baby quilt to share with you so until next time around…


Wild Goose Chase – an update

How about lets go back in time? Its been 5 months since I last worked on this quilt. (to see where we left off click here) The only thing that’s changed is the pink block. This pink one I’m sharing today (it’s pink, it only looks salmon) replaced the one in the older post. That block died due to a cutting error. shock! I’ve added 2, almost 3 blocks to my Wild Goose Chase quilt. #3 is ready to piece together but I’m too tired after my outing today to add it to this post and I planned to chat so we’ll go with what’s here. Imagine 3 though, k?

The blocks are 16.5″ which I think is a lovely size. I like it. Now, as for the development of the quilt I’m on the fence. To look at the original quilt see here and scroll down. You can see the geese surrounding all the blocks. That’s what drew me to the quilt. I loved it and now I’m on the fence. Here’s what I’m thinking.

Since I’m using stripes the quilt is busier than it would be if I used solids. I feel the eye needs a place to rest and more geese (in the sashing) might make me crazy. It sounds reasonable but again, when I look at the original quilt, which I really like, I think YES, GEESE FOR SASHING.

Bottom line, we’re in creative mode. I have to make more blocks and let the quilt rest with me. I’m not going to give-up. If I get to the end and look at the blocks and they really say “surrounded us with geese” to be the best quilt then I’ll do it. As a matter of fact, just in case I’m going to put in time to make way more extra geese. If the blocks end up needing a place for the eye to rest – then I’ll make simple sashing and I’ll use the extra geese to for a little quilt or something. …and folks, that’s really the “no waste” method of making flying geese!  😊

I finished One Thousand White Women so I’m in that in-between stage. I can’t decide what to read next. I pulled up Jonathan Strange an Mr. Norrell on my Kindle because I remember enjoying it so much the first time but seriously, do I want to re-read something? Do I want to spend my time doing that? There are so many books to read, so many quilts to make – do we really want to re-do what we’ve already done? Maybe sometimes? Actually, I really want to read The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes because his last book was fantastic. What a writer! The thing is – I want it in hardback and not on my Kindle which is completely irrational and until I get control of myself I’m not spending any money on this one.

Okay. I love reading on my Kindle but when I finish the book I want the hardback or paperback right here to see it done. In my house, on my bookshelf. …and folks, that’s really the “hoarding” side of my personality aside from fabric and most of y’all are the wrong crowd for that discussion *wink*  *wink*

Carpenters been at the Wheel

Latest carpenters wheel blocks are here to share. I need 6 for the next row but I’ve yet to select.

click for close up

I have the worse case of writers block. I’ve written this post something like 6 times so I’m going to be quick and just leave you with these pretty blocks. Do you see a favorite in the pile? I’d love to know.

Oh, I finally finished this one. It was a great read with a fantastic finish.

Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting!  *karendianne. who has much to say but can’t get it down.