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A Loss at Leehaven





She loved to snuggle on a quilt and read.


Kipling would often put her in her place. She was the sort of cat that needed some whoop ass from time to time.


And this cracked me up. It’s as if she’s saying “Whew, last night the partying was outrageous!”


And here she’s just the queen.

Kricket was a cool little cat. She could break into anything and she did. I had to cat-proof all sorts of areas. She opened cabinets and doors. Oh man. She was a handful. Then of course she and Kanga didn’t get along. That was difficult at times but I sure loved her. She was extremely smart, totally hilarious and had me wrapped around her finger. I mean to the point where I would carry her around with me from room to room. She loved that and I did, too.  Heck, it was an opportunity to embrace my inner crazy cat lady.

Then Friday morning she was significantly weak, couldn’t lift herself into the litter box or jump up on anything but showed no signs of pain or injury. So off to the Vet we went and came home with an initial diagnosis of a blood disorder. The weekend was a sad slog with details to skip over here but by Monday she was much worse. We returned to the Vet and nothing good came of it. I had to let her go. I brought her home and she’s buried in the back yard right outside the kitchen window.

Fabric Storage for Felines

I know I’m not alone when it comes to making the house work out for the pets. I’d love to hear some of the things you do to integrate your home and your furry critters. So while you scan this, consider what to share and leave a comment!


This part of my fabric stash is for the benefit of Kipling because of course the convenience & comfort of his life is paramount!  He is the oldest and therefore gets prime everything which means he’s horribly spoiled. Awfully spoiled. He likes to nap on top of the hutch but he’s a larger cat and not as nimble as the little cats like 8 lb Kricket. He needs help getting up into the higher places so this was designed. A stash ladder!

I thought this series of photos was cute. I really like the first one where he’s looking up, doing a quick analysis of the set up then smelling the handle/edge at each level.


I love this blur shot. From here he goes to the top of the hutch where he’ll be left alone by the girls (for the most part) and very happy with practically the highest place in the house. Prime real estate for a cat!IMG_0158

Hope you have a great weekend. *kd.

Nature’s Miracle

I have this quilt that was left unbound and unattended in the back bedroom. At some point one of my cats who shall remain nameless tinkled on it. I was blissfully unaware until I picked it up to finish the binding. Yee Gads!!! I didn’t take a picture of the urine stain but it was there – red bleed and all. The location of the bleed was at the seam where the red star fabric meets the red shirting  (but this pic is only for reference – again, its not the stain).


I gotta tell ya, I was so bummed. I wasn’t planning on sharing this because I figured the quilt was ruined. I try to keep my blog upbeat and that post wasn’t going to fit the bill. So fine, no sharing but still, I was going to have to wash it. What to do? I started thinking and something miraculous happened. Worth sharing.

Since I don’t wash my fabrics ahead of time I wasn’t sure how to deal with the addition of Retayne while simultaneously trying to get out the urine.  I mean, I didn’t want the chemicals in Retayne to set the urine stain. Not that it would but who knows?

When I have a fabric question I usually contact Sio [Scraps and Threadtales] to get some feedback. After we talked I had some ideas how to work with this so I finished the binding and if you’re ever in this situation (which I’m sure you won’t be but just in case) here’s how I chose to handle cat urine on my unwashed quilt:

  • Place the urinated area in the sink with cold water and rinse out all urine. Then repeat x 7643 more times. Fortunately the stain was near the edge of the quilt so the multiple cold water rinse in the sink wasn’t a big deal.
  • Spray the location with Nature’s Miracle. At this point I was irritated so I said screw it only with a little more trash to my talk if you get my drift. Seriously though, I did hope the fabric wouldn’t bleed more with the use of Nature’s Miracle (it didn’t). I let the NM sit for 5 minutes as per directions, then rinsed. Looked good but who can tell when its wet?
  • Washed in machine with Retayne as per my usual routine.  I was nervous but said screw it again.
  • Pulled out of the machine and ahh, looks good. Now I’m starting to care again.
  • Washed once more in cold water because it made me feel better.
  • It still looked good so I just went for it and tossed it in the dryer and here, because the heat was going to set whatever I couldn’t see, I went back to that bad attitude and said screw it, I’m over it.


Keep in mind one of those shirtings is red so that’s not the bleed. The bleed was at the seam of the star and the red shirting. The urine was a big circle. You be the judge. Do you think Nature’s Miracle worked or what?  Click for a close up. I’m thinking it did.


Nature’s Miracle really is a miracle.

Cats & Quilting

My table was like this one day back when I was sewing. Kricket’s expression said it all…
“If this is how her mind works, I’m running before they put the microchip in.”




*Thank you for the outpouring of support with the passing of Tailor. I passed it on to Brenda. She was touched.

Flat Out Busted!

I don’t ever allow this and under normal circumstances I would have put an end to it!


But gosh, I can’t bust her now can I? She’s so snuggly and sweet lying there getting her hair all over my stash.

Happy weekend y’all.  Spoil your cats!  *karendianne. – the woman who caved in to cuteness.

The Rack!

Happy New Year! Today I’m sharing my very first quilt rack. It was purchased on an outing with some treasured friends. I’ll really remember that day. Lunch and the outing. The friends. Kind of a special group of ladies to tell you the truth.

Kanga got this really neat aged bin/bucket [not shown] but as I haven’t done the slightest thing to make it snuggly for her she thinks its useless and I should talk to the paw! Such attitude this one.

Later in the month when my birthday arrived a group of my friends and I spent the day together sewing.  What a delight that was. Lunch and stitching and balloons and omg cake!  It was just the best. A great way to wrap up the year.

And starting this New Year I’ll be with Lori and the gals working on the quilt-along in addition to one other little thing I hope to share soon but as a hint… Rose Marie and Janet and Miriam will all be so pleased I’m applying some determination!

*karendianne. who sometimes has to end messages in code for undisclosed reasons.