Various Talents of Friends

Yesterday was a sew day and friends, I brought my camera.

Ruth is working on this wool project. I love the variety of threads she using. As you probably know, often you’ll see this work with all black thread but here she’s matching and/or highlighting. To my eye, this is nothing but pretty.

Here we have a classic finish by Klasina. This pattern is contagious and shared between many of the quilters. I’m enjoying watching that. The sharing of inspiration. Its just like what we bloggers do. We catch lots of stuff, don’t we?

I have to share this with you for a couple of reasons. It’s just pretty. Very pretty. Classic. My heart loves cross stitch but…nope. The other reason to share is Carol. She’s the gal working on this. I tell ya, she has the most wonderful energy. I just love her. She is just one of those people. She’s a retired school teacher. I’ll bet she was an awesome teacher – you just get that feeling. You know, I’ve known her sister-in-law since I started quilting and she’s always been good to me. I reckon that whole family is just good people.

As a quick aside, I woke up yesterday and the pain I’ve been having was cut by like 75%. That’s a huge, sudden decline/remission. 108 x 108 huge!!! It’s cool to experience the truth that with God “all things are possible.”


Appliqued Inspiration

Have you ever seen the amazing Art of Applique at LeeHaven? I haven’t either. The words “I think I’d like to learn to how to Applique” never have been uttered. This almost changed the other day. Almost.
I received this magazine from Candace. The focus was on a couple lovely inspirations on the inside. Did she know the cover would do me in? Do you think she knew these blocks would talk to me, call to me, incessantly talk at me, asking & wanting desperately to be created?
If you walk outside just look for the smoke rising. That’s my brain daydreaming of optional setting blocks because you wont hear Applique at LeeHaven. It’s nothing personal against the Art. It’s me. I’m just not ready. I am only now contemplating circle and arcs. Little did you know the whole Slow Quilting could be expanded in such a way!
Own Sweet Time in Love, *karendianne.