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With my Stash of HST’s

A friend wrote today “I hope this little note finds you sewing.” It did. I didn’t stop to reply and I haven’t caught up on my replies from yesterday. I’ve been doing what I can to stitch. Sewing or email?  Right, ha?!

I’m cracking myself up here with my complete joy over this.

The HST’s were in my stash so I could dive in. The sewing is dot-to-dot as if you were doing a set-in seam.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI haven’t shared the back of a block since the Carpenter Wheel days.


This is one section of an Ocean Waves block. I paced myself starting at mid-morning and finishing just before dinner.

What a great day!


Little Quilts – Four Finishes

Hi again. First, thank you for all the support re: my wrist and for understanding that replying to comments is sketchy on my part. I appreciate your notes but just know its difficult, not impossible, but difficult to reply.  Second, I had a pick-me-up the other day before I injured my wrist. This post was written last week.


Remember these?! You can find the pattern at Red Crinoline here. So much fun to make. The center block with frame is 6″ (so you have a point of reference). To get creative with the center element I copied blocks from the Cotton Club BOM to piece. Just so you don’t go thinking that center in the one below on was my idea. 


I disliked this red and green one until I picked it up. Quilting makes the Quilt! Check out how nicely that finishes at the bottom there. Incredible. The color thread tones down that stark contrast of the red and white.

Cheddar, I love you.

These are all 3″ Baptist Fans with 1/2″ spacing between each line. Incredible.


I have a pink and green thing. This might be my favorite.

PaulaBarnes4Save the best for last? This one was a crowd favorite.


I have a spot planned for these but everything is on hold. I’m getting an MRI and back to see the Orthopedic Surgeon next week. Maybe we’ll know something by then.


(PS: as an aside, I think its obvious I’m a Bonnie Blue/Red Crinoline fan. If you haven’t read their latest blog post – don’t miss it —-> here.


Intriguing Hexagons

Hi. I hope the weekend was enjoyable for you. I’m writing this feeling like I have a bit of a cold which fits since it’s been chilly here. As a matter of fact many of us Floridian’s are frozen people. I even covered up my rose-bush. It has new baby growth and I wanted to care for it. A friend gave it to me so I think it has special powers!!!


Diamonds 60′ – 1.5″

Inside, under the hot lights, there’s always quilting. Linda Franz / Inklingo came out with new 60′ Diamonds for download.


Hexagons 60′ – 1.5″

She combined shapes in the new diamond shape collection with the shapes in the hexagon shape collection. I have to say this is pretty fun! I love how she comes up with these designs and shares them. Check out the Inklingo blog –>>> All About Inklingo to read more.

I was also thinking what a killer sampler this would make and I’m not even into samplers. I am into test blocks though. What do you think? Have a favorite? Pick one and I’ll piece it for fun. Leave a comment with your vote!