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Pink, Cheddar Status and Paint

photo-6I’m doing some last minute fixing on my Carpenter Wheel quilt then I think I’m about ready to finish applying the borders. Maybe this next week we can move my machine into the other room so I can start sewing?! In the meantime I’m working on keeping other stuff moving (it’s so great to be doing stuff) and then suddenly I got hit upside my spirit and pink 30’s HST’s had to be made. Don’t know why. Just did. So here they are and by gosh they’re happy. Probably I’ll make more. HST’s make me high.

Also in the news, Inklingo has a new star. called the Inklingo Star 9 inch and it uses the Kite shape plus it makes an additional 18″ block that’s really cool. Just thought you should know.

Watercolor Life

I’m going to share just a little bit here. Watercolor painting is fast becoming a fixture in my life but not so much that I don’t have a life. It’s so many things I can’t begin to tell you but I can share. I considered making a second blog but (1) I don’t have much to share of interest yet and (2) it’s too much work. I’ll just slide the watercolors in after the other stuff.


Paintings from Workshop. The image detail comes to life if you click for close up but you get the idea. No one was finished here and we’re all working on filling out our palm trees.

I’ve been painting, learning, playing and practicing.

As a matter of fact I feel I’ve practiced enough I can go back to finishing my palm trees and make the final touches on my own Workshop painting.

This was what I brought home:


and this is what I added just to my trees recently:


Here I’m filling in the trees a bit.

I know it’s hard to see but if you click or if you step back you can see a little bit of glow added to the trunk of the first palm tree and a few thin, wispy fronds. Also, …work with me here a bit…my trees make a sort of V shape in height. Just at the bottom of the V can you see where I made one of my tree’s look like a sort of tarantula. Not everyone can see it but I can. Honestly I saw that and I totally cracked up. I love it. “It’s a painting, not a picture” and maybe some palm trees are tarantulaish!

Until later,  *kdlee.

Ocean Waves and Other News

My 2nd Ocean Waves block is finished. They both took 90 days. This time I fussy cut the center with a bird. I’m not sure where I’m going with the birds. I haven’t looked over the print to see how many variations there are. Not worried about it. Based on my process, I have time. I need 3 more blocks so this whole thing is going to take a while. I have an update on my hand/wrist but it’s not huge news and really, not much has changed. We’ll just see how things go is the best way to explain it I think.


In other news…

I’m having a round of IV steroids for a minor MS flare-up. I haven’t had a flare that required treatment since August of 2008. The medication I was on, Tysabri, was incredible. I’m off that as of the 9/5/13. I’ve done well off the drug, no sudden Rebound Effect or anything, just this minor episode. They wanted to give my body 90 days for the drug to wash out of my system but we actually got 5 months so that’s a win in my book.

I don’t feel like doing anything. No food tastes good and all I want to do is lay around. I’ve tried reading and I can go for a couple pages then that’s it. The treatment of IV Solu Medrol is a gift because it’s something that can slow down what’s happening in the moment BUT it’s a rough go. However, it can’t be that bad if I’m sitting up and writing you now can it? True!

Talk to you soon I hope!  …and thanks for still being here y’all. *kd.




Ocean Waves Block

I finished one block for my table runner. The block is 12.5″ and let me just say this one is really rewarding to make. I can totally see how an Ocean Waves Quilt suddenly happens, practically makes itself.

Just not here.


I know myself with this. I’ll finish the table runner and that’ll be it for the block. It’ll be closed off in my mind, severed from the list of options. The newness will wear off in the making and because it’s fiddly, I can totally see how my appetite for ocean waves will be no more.

Part of what I enjoy are making those HST’s. I love making big batches, turning tons of them into stacks of HST’s. I just like stacks. Stacks of fabric, stacks of shapes for stacks of blocks. My favorite stack is stacks of quilts with the binding facing the camera. That’s a particular angle I like. The one where the binding of a quilt faces the camera. Anyway, before I make more HST’s and take my HST’s stacks photo, I need to supplement my reds. Last time I made the count it was 140 left to make which means pull more red from my stash.

When I took this photo I realized busy red’s had to be removed so something like the FQ on the top left was pulled out. Ultimately about half the fabrics you see didn’t make the cut. So yeah, back to the stash. When I was there the first time, I checked out the stacks of red bundles and folded reds (that color is organized) but not much worked. I found it difficult to find just those pieces I’m looking for. I’ll give it some time. I have time. Totally slow stitching over here with the wrist/hand pain but I’m enjoying the pace and pleased with the outcomes so far.

In closing, because I think it’s red day, allow me to share what I thought to be a charming, rustic image. I found it at Burlap and Hay .


Thank you so much for visiting! *karendianne. 

Ocean Waves Block

Well, whatcha think? The plan is to have 5 of these for a table runner/wall-hanging layout.


The last time I worked on this was about a month ago. I shared the first section —> here  

Similar to what Julie describes in the ps: section of her post titled Comfort Quilts are Important I’m finding the bits of time add up and it feels (pretty much) just as good as it ever did. Julie’s post was also inspiring because the quilts themselves are beautiful, artistic (because she is) and it isn’t all highly pieced. Something to think about, ya know? I mean, everything doesn’t have to be all intricate patterns.

Make peace with where you’re at.

I’m fortunate to have the help of friends when it comes to the heavier chores so the house doesn’t fall apart. This also puts me in the position to heal. I think it’s working. Oh, I still use the paraffin wax heat, I still use my cast, typing still drags but the days when I’m really hurting are… well I track it so let me see… August 16th. Looks like that was right around the time I made the first section of this block so probably I did too much.

Know yourself, know your limitations.

Haven’t you noticed sometimes it’s a challenge to keep blogging when life adds a plot twist? I sure have but it’s wonderful to know you’re here. So, as always, thank you for visiting and being so supportive, *karendianne.


With my Stash of HST’s

A friend wrote today “I hope this little note finds you sewing.” It did. I didn’t stop to reply and I haven’t caught up on my replies from yesterday. I’ve been doing what I can to stitch. Sewing or email?  Right, ha?!

I’m cracking myself up here with my complete joy over this.

The HST’s were in my stash so I could dive in. The sewing is dot-to-dot as if you were doing a set-in seam.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI haven’t shared the back of a block since the Carpenter Wheel days.


This is one section of an Ocean Waves block. I paced myself starting at mid-morning and finishing just before dinner.

What a great day!


Little Quilts – Four Finishes

Hi again. First, thank you for all the support re: my wrist and for understanding that replying to comments is sketchy on my part. I appreciate your notes but just know its difficult, not impossible, but difficult to reply.  Second, I had a pick-me-up the other day before I injured my wrist. This post was written last week.


Remember these?! You can find the pattern at Red Crinoline here. So much fun to make. The center block with frame is 6″ (so you have a point of reference). To get creative with the center element I copied blocks from the Cotton Club BOM to piece. Just so you don’t go thinking that center in the one below on was my idea. 


I disliked this red and green one until I picked it up. Quilting makes the Quilt! Check out how nicely that finishes at the bottom there. Incredible. The color thread tones down that stark contrast of the red and white.

Cheddar, I love you.

These are all 3″ Baptist Fans with 1/2″ spacing between each line. Incredible.


I have a pink and green thing. This might be my favorite.

PaulaBarnes4Save the best for last? This one was a crowd favorite.


I have a spot planned for these but everything is on hold. I’m getting an MRI and back to see the Orthopedic Surgeon next week. Maybe we’ll know something by then.


(PS: as an aside, I think its obvious I’m a Bonnie Blue/Red Crinoline fan. If you haven’t read their latest blog post – don’t miss it —-> here.


A Bundle and a Stack

This bundle has been safely resting in my hutch ever since it was passed on to me. I love this color combination so much I couldn’t open it. I was loving it to death poor fabric. I shared this murderous behavior of mine with another quilter and she did her job. I don’t know what it was she said but whatever it was, I busted it open with every intention of cutting into it.

Then I couldn’t decide what to make because I didn’t want to waste it without plan and I couldn’t settle on four colors or whether or not to add a background? I’m still not sure.  …and lord knows we certainly can’t cut an itty bitty piece off the corner of each FQ and just lay those out – well we couldn’t. I just thought of that writing. Talking helps. Look how you infused my creativity! I’ve got to put it up for now but I’ll remember this.

Happily found some time to start a little project that’s been in my heart. I won’t get this finished before the end of the week but I did whip out these 72 scrappy 2″ finished HST’s today. I don’t think I’ve ever made 72 HSTs in one day. I was focused!!!

I did want to share the link to the Inklingo Blog with you. Lately the posts have been so dramatic and creative. If you get some time, take a look thru – don’t just stop at one. I thought the idea of using different size arcs in the Double Wedding Ring was awesome not to mention the variety of layouts. I hope you’ll stop in there and take a look. I just like sharing how neat it is. That’s all.

Oh Wait! One last thing. For the first time I came close to doing serious damage to my left index finger with my 65mm Olfa. Yep. I walked away from that with a slit like a paper cut. Whew…