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Randomly Generated Winner and A Carpenter’s Wheel

This was the best giveaway ever. Lots of good news y’all shared. Totally fun!!! Thank you all for participating.

True Random Number Generator

Min: 1

Max: 39



Kathy Boehm you win the gallon ziplock bag of my nicely sized CW backgrounds/shirting scraps!!  Your good news – you had a wedding in the family this past weekend.  Congratulations! Send me your mailing address and I’ll get these out to as soon as possible.

This came in the mail a few days ago from Siobhan of Scraps and Threadtales. Its an old block (oh… i forgot to ask the dating) she picked up while away at the American Quilt Study Seminar. Fun part of the story…

Sio posted about the block here and of course I commented on how neat it was. Then it shows up in my mailbox. It must have been on its way when she did that blog post.

So that happened and today we all wish the best for our friends and family in the path of Sandy!


One day, in a galaxy, far, far away… and not so long ago I was hanging out and chatting with a friend. I don’t even know what we were talking about but the above quilt came up. Specifically the focus was on the wide binding. I was intrigued. “Wide binding” I thought.  ”What must that do to the quilt visually?” I had to see it! I asked if she would bring it to Sit-and-Sew.

Gosh what a charming quilt. It’s all snuggly and just the right colorway.  Wide binding really works on the right quilt. It adds the perfect element of interest here. It’s not too much. It’s not bulky. It catches your eye but in an ever so subtle way. It works well here balanced with the inner border. Classic lines. I thought you might appreciate seeing this.  Possibly you haven’t thought of this before or maybe you have? Maybe you’ll think of giving this a try?

The math is a 6″ wide cut for your binding and fold in half. Sew to the quilt with a 1″ seam, apply as usual.  That’s the ticket to make it work. One inch!


While we’re on the subject of binding, I’ve taken up the tip from Debbie (click here) for basting your binding in place.  I can tell already this is going to be easier on my hands which brings me to….

The Good News. I’m really starting to recover the wrist strain. Yeah!!! Cutting is still painful and I’m not up to speed yet but by golly I can do a bit of machine sewing and hand-piecing. So I’m about off restriction and ready to be let loose on y’all. How about you, have any good news to share? I’m gonna random generate a number and grab a gallon ziplock bag of my nicely sized CW backgrounds/shirting scraps for you if you care to share some good news. I don’t know how long until I pull that number but maybe a few days.


Nice to be here with you, sharing and close to all healed up!

Mostly Yellow Roses

Miriam at Yellow Roses had a giveaway and I won. Not only did I win these great fabrics but I had to share the lovely pocketsize notebook. I use these all the time. Its like a little journal with all sorts of things I have to keep and remember when I’m away from the house or need to keep a thought in a sure-to-find place. This prettiness is so wonderful.

A word about these fabrics. They’re Liberty Marylebone collection from Liberty Art Fabric for Rowan. I’ve never felt these fabrics only really Kaffe. Well let me tell you these particular fabrics are VERY NICE. They have a lovely hand and just feel perfect to work with. They have some weight and body to them. Again, VERY NICE. I’m making a mental note here for the future so I know! I much prefer these to Kaffe. Well, so far. I mean, I don’t actually know. I have to learn.

If you haven’t visited Miriam’s blog, please do. Her work is enchanting. Peruse, leave a note or a smile.

In other news, during my rest times (a new daily practice), I read this

which I found to be the perfect for the downtime. Light and not to much brain power required. I tried to go for another light read after that but I couldn’t do it. I much prefer something with some meat on the bones, a tome even. So I chose this

and so far I’m really enjoying it. It’s one of those books that starts of with action and definitely qualifies as a tome although with an e-reader you kinda miss that part, which is fine by me because holding a heavy book… well I don’t miss that.  I just miss SEEING the big fat book on my table.

This transition from a real paper book to an e-reader is a sort of thing with me but I’m going with it.

And today I’m an Elf working on presents. This one in particular I’m hand quilting. I could machine it but I’m more confident in my hand quilting. It’s just that it needs to get out early next week so… well I’ll do the best I can!

Keeping the needle moving, right?

Enjoying you! In friendship, *karendianne.