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Hearing from Me

Oh I’m around. I’ve appreciated hearing from you and right now I wanted you to hear from me. I wanted you to know I’ve been playing with fabric, a rare event, and when I dove in started thinking of you. That’s all really. I’m thinking of you.


I did a little slicing and dicing while listening to some good-for-me music on Amazon. If you have an Amazon Prime membership have you checked out the music? I really enjoy the selections so far.  If you did check it out, I hope you liked it.



I’ve always enjoyed stacks and piles. This particular pile made me happy. I have this project out so the white with pink polka dot is near. I used a bit and it reminded me of how Liz  (Scrap Basket) made such the effort to get that for me. There’s a Bonnie H. finish on her blog that’s pretty cool – check it out.


Back over here my time ended with these little diamonds and the start of an idea I ultimately bagged. I’m moving onto something the same just different colorway and scale. Possibly or maybe I was just playing today only and that was still cool.

I really just wanted to jump in and say hello because I thought of you today. My health is good,  my life has been the usual ups and downs. You know, unicorns and rainbows in one area and “where’s the wine?” in other areas.

But again, I just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you.

Be Well, *karendianne.


Inspiration in the Mailbox!

Hi friends. Hope everyone is doing great. I’m alive, upright and doing a few things. Haven’t had much success blogging. Totally blocked, no inspiration but I think that’s fixed! I mean, I’ve got something to share.

Look at what a Treasured friend sent to my mailbox…


This is my new favorite pincushion! Love the button, too. The card is uplifting and happy and the fabric is a nice piece that reads texture. Thanks a million times over Terry for your kind heart! What a great gal and a happy quilter you are.

Friends Rock! Friends like every one of you that reached out to me over the past months to check and see if I was alive or the friends like you that are here today cruzin’ by. I’m smiling back atcha. *karendianne.


Various Talents of Friends

Yesterday was a sew day and friends, I brought my camera.

Ruth is working on this wool project. I love the variety of threads she using. As you probably know, often you’ll see this work with all black thread but here she’s matching and/or highlighting. To my eye, this is nothing but pretty.

Here we have a classic finish by Klasina. This pattern is contagious and shared between many of the quilters. I’m enjoying watching that. The sharing of inspiration. Its just like what we bloggers do. We catch lots of stuff, don’t we?

I have to share this with you for a couple of reasons. It’s just pretty. Very pretty. Classic. My heart loves cross stitch but…nope. The other reason to share is Carol. She’s the gal working on this. I tell ya, she has the most wonderful energy. I just love her. She is just one of those people. She’s a retired school teacher. I’ll bet she was an awesome teacher – you just get that feeling. You know, I’ve known her sister-in-law since I started quilting and she’s always been good to me. I reckon that whole family is just good people.

As a quick aside, I woke up yesterday and the pain I’ve been having was cut by like 75%. That’s a huge, sudden decline/remission. 108 x 108 huge!!! It’s cool to experience the truth that with God “all things are possible.”


The Rack!

Happy New Year! Today I’m sharing my very first quilt rack. It was purchased on an outing with some treasured friends. I’ll really remember that day. Lunch and the outing. The friends. Kind of a special group of ladies to tell you the truth.

Kanga got this really neat aged bin/bucket [not shown] but as I haven’t done the slightest thing to make it snuggly for her she thinks its useless and I should talk to the paw! Such attitude this one.

Later in the month when my birthday arrived a group of my friends and I spent the day together sewing.  What a delight that was. Lunch and stitching and balloons and omg cake!  It was just the best. A great way to wrap up the year.

And starting this New Year I’ll be with Lori and the gals working on the quilt-along in addition to one other little thing I hope to share soon but as a hint… Rose Marie and Janet and Miriam will all be so pleased I’m applying some determination!

*karendianne. who sometimes has to end messages in code for undisclosed reasons.

Mostly Yellow Roses

Miriam at Yellow Roses had a giveaway and I won. Not only did I win these great fabrics but I had to share the lovely pocketsize notebook. I use these all the time. Its like a little journal with all sorts of things I have to keep and remember when I’m away from the house or need to keep a thought in a sure-to-find place. This prettiness is so wonderful.

A word about these fabrics. They’re Liberty Marylebone collection from Liberty Art Fabric for Rowan. I’ve never felt these fabrics only really Kaffe. Well let me tell you these particular fabrics are VERY NICE. They have a lovely hand and just feel perfect to work with. They have some weight and body to them. Again, VERY NICE. I’m making a mental note here for the future so I know! I much prefer these to Kaffe. Well, so far. I mean, I don’t actually know. I have to learn.

If you haven’t visited Miriam’s blog, please do. Her work is enchanting. Peruse, leave a note or a smile.

In other news, during my rest times (a new daily practice), I read this

which I found to be the perfect for the downtime. Light and not to much brain power required. I tried to go for another light read after that but I couldn’t do it. I much prefer something with some meat on the bones, a tome even. So I chose this

and so far I’m really enjoying it. It’s one of those books that starts of with action and definitely qualifies as a tome although with an e-reader you kinda miss that part, which is fine by me because holding a heavy book… well I don’t miss that.  I just miss SEEING the big fat book on my table.

This transition from a real paper book to an e-reader is a sort of thing with me but I’m going with it.

And today I’m an Elf working on presents. This one in particular I’m hand quilting. I could machine it but I’m more confident in my hand quilting. It’s just that it needs to get out early next week so… well I’ll do the best I can!

Keeping the needle moving, right?

Enjoying you! In friendship, *karendianne.

First Things First

This would be it.  My creativity expressed. 
A favorite block in a favorite section of the Alabama Beauty quilt.

Then my mirror.  Not my design wall but my mirror.  A reflection of me.

The 16-patches are my current favorite.  They represent what’s on the inside.  That’s what I’m learning about the creative process.  You can really see where the you comes out if you invite it. 

Creative Quilty Mirror
I still need time to begin listening and watching for the first and best thought when I begin my day.  
I hope you’ll consider looking for the “first thought, best thought” whenever you can and if you do, that it might work as it’s worked for me. 
I hope this continues to work for me as I take a blog break.  That is to say, I hope this is the right decision.  I think it is.  So many things require attention I think it’s time I took a step back.  All of these things I’m doing are so wonderful but more than anything my health needs the most attention.
So with that said, I’m simplifying my life for the time being and hoping you’ll have a wonderful holiday season as I myself pay a little closer attention to my health and a little less attention to things that aren’t first on the list.
With much kindness and gratitude, *karendianne.
(ps:  if I get the Alabama Beauty quilt finished, I’ll post it)

Stars over LeeHaven! (do you remember those?)

Can you see yourself in these blocks, do you remember?  Your blocks have been pieced into a top!!! 


The photos (click to enlarge)

Stars over LeeHaven – Julie’s pieced top:  I think most of us know how talented Julie is with her creativity but this blew my mind.  I feel so fortunate to have a piece of work by Julie.  Click the link to see how she pulled together the signature pieces.

I asked for Wool Batting.  It’s cold at the hospital and I decided that was the purpose for this quilt, to come to Mayo on my IV days and keep me warm, so Debbie dived right in.  She shares her experience with wool thru the link below. 

Stars over LeeHaven – Debbie’s quilting:

If you’re new to my blog, back in 2008 Nancy started something for me where friends contributed stars.  I think that could have been around the time I was having problems with my vision.  Extreme emotional trauma/drama.  Ack.  Anyway, that’s how it all started.  Nancy did it and it was fit that she should apply the binding.  The final finishing.

Nancy and Blackberry binding it all together:

The quilt arrived last week.  Here it is in use.

Headed to Mayo for a quick infusion with my friends support.  Note the great bag (by Debbie) for my quilt.  (that got due attention at the Clinic) Also seen in this photo is a purple humbag Anett  made for me a few years back.  And my orange and pink batik bag by Liz.  It carries my change of clothes, apples and a diet coke.  All my friends supporting me. 

In use.  Karen warm and crashed.  It was very warm, very snuggly.  Wool is the thing, ladies.  Wool batting is really perfect.  The medical staff really loved the quilt, too. 

When I finished my treatment and was getting dressed my nurse took the quilt up front to show off all the detail.  I met them at the nurses station when I was leaving.  Debra, the head nurse, tilted her head to the side and something like “Somebody sure likes you.”  It wasn’t that exactly but it was sweet and kind and made me bashful and hide my face that felt red and blushing.


What to say to something so loving, so special?  A thought acted upon generates so much loving-kindness.  I receive this gift with overflowing gratitude. I deeply appreciate what will forever be with me, representing all that is good here, together, with y’all.  
In friendship and in healing,covered and wrapped in love, *karendianne