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Kaffe Quilt in Progress

I like to check my seams when I’m done with the center of a quilt. Especially one that was done with a pained wrist over the course of 8 mos.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe picture above I’ll probably just reinforce but the one below I’ll do something a little more than that. What shoddy sewing. Can I blame that on my injury?


Then it’s time to put the setting triangles on and look…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand the other side is short as well so when you lay the setting triangle down you get this below and I’m going to have to do some unsewing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA little difficult in this condition but I as long as I was mindful and didn’t grip too tight it was uneventful. And look… now we have a setting triangle.


There’s one more setting triangle then the borders but I’m stopping here. This is enough and I’m happy. I really am learning to be content with so much less although I am having a hard time in one area. Fabric.

I’m not done spending money on my water damage and I’m not really quilting but oh my goodness look what is out…


I can’t believe it. Now. When I can’t justify spending the money. You see, oh, you see this is one of my favored collections. Back when the Olde Green Cupboard was open, we used to talk about being back in the 1800’s. Back then on the prairie they might only be able to wear one dress. It’s so hard to choose. If you had to pick, which fabric would be your “one” dress?


Sewing Machine Cover!

A week from now I hope to greet you in a different tone with a different voice. That’s because the aspiration/drain of the cyst happens. Basically – demented pain. Actually its ‘diminished’ pain but spell check gave me that and I cracked up so I’m leaving it. Silly.

Some of you already know I re-injured my wrist around late Feb/early March. I recovered from that and since then I’ve been able to sew in bits (within limits). Straight lines, short stints. Cutting and hand work are not my friend so there’s not much positive reinforcement but I’m often, not always an “eyes wide open” kind of person in situations like this. You know, looking for things I might do.

Inspiration can strike when you’re looking around and by golly it did.


View One

Can you imagine my delight early Saturday while I’m sipping coffee, crusin’ Pinterest and Carol ( Brown Quilts ) Pins this Quilted Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial ?  I couldn’t believe my luck when I read the instructions and found it calls for a charm pack, barely any cutting and straight lines. 


View Two

I went looking to see what I had in the way of charm packs and what luck! I have Charleston IV in a charm pack. Who knew? Yummy. I love this fabric. (wish I had a couple of these browns.)


1st chance to practice grid quilting with edge guide

I used to say I don’t sew stuff like this – like bags or crafty type things but you know what? This was pretty much a lot of fun. The timing was cosmic, too. I just picked up my freshly serviced machine and she’s all clean and purring. A new cover is just the thing!!!


(ps: I messed up on the lining but I figure that’s okay since I can’t really do the binding right now anyway. It’s in there though. I pinned it in place for now. Gosh this is the pinning-ist post…)



More with 30’s

The little red Texas Stars are multiplying.

P1016563 2

This block is 5.5″ unfinished, tip-to-tip. It’s made with 6 star point units —> size .75″ sewn together on the machine into a “snake” and one hexagon .75″ – attached at the end to pull it all together.

The Western Star test block (above on left) is something I started before the thing with my wrist. I thought I’d finish up. Those are 60′ – 1″ Diamonds that I chose to machine piece. hmm… should have the back of the block, too. Let me get that.


There we go. Machine pieced view from the back. Measures 9.5″ unfinished straight across yellow to yellow just as you see it, tip pointing up. Oh, the hexagons to set it would be 3″ if I’m not mathematically mistaken.

Couple thoughts on this one. (1) It’s a fiddly thing so I’m not sure I’ll work it. If I’m going to use some of my fiddly energy I have another idea with Inklingo and (2) its at the machine so if I’m going to spend time at the machine I might want to work on one of a million UFO’s or something new. Who knows… This is all just playing.

The real “in progress” quilt, my Kaffe Crosses quilt, is coming along but I’m holding off on pics for now and the other “in progress” quilt is the Winding Ways but that’s no pressure and I totally dig that!!!


Thanks for stopping by and sharing an update on what little quilty things I have going on. Enjoy your weekend!!!

Tavern Green, A little review

Green is my good friend. Green is soft and strong. Green is Earth Day and green is Christmas. Green is tropical tree tops and mossy forest floors. There are Little Green Men and The Green Lantern.  Then there’s Green-eyed lady by Sugarloaf which is a little distracting but its a cool tune…

Well, at any rate, green is the pretty Tavern Green Collection from Paula Barnes.

There are some real stunners in this line. I took this photo so you could get a better view of the pieces. Paula has a great talent with fabric. Going thru this its struck me how classic a few of these pieces really are. They’d work nicely with other lines. Also, I thought the quality of the fabric was nice. Lately I’ve noticed some of the Marcus Fabrics are less than what a girl likes. These are pretty good. Quality ladies, quality.

Here are a couple pieces that grabbed my attention…

This one (above) has a real brightness to it that the computer just doesn’t do justice to.  It’s almost a chrome yellow IMHO. You’ve got to see it to appreciate it.

…and because you’ve gotta see this one opened up, right?

Here’s the entire collection for you to see. It just feels like it wants to be happy in a Carpenters Wheel block or two and definitely a little gift at Christmas. First though, I’m going to take a much needed break. My blogging has been bland and I’ve got nothing to give. I need to walk away from quilting for a little bit and just open myself up to something different. I’m truly fried. I can keep on keeping on like I have but there’s no fire in my veins. So excuse me while I step back for a brief bit and see you soon. Be Repro!!  *karendianne.

A Bundle and a Stack

This bundle has been safely resting in my hutch ever since it was passed on to me. I love this color combination so much I couldn’t open it. I was loving it to death poor fabric. I shared this murderous behavior of mine with another quilter and she did her job. I don’t know what it was she said but whatever it was, I busted it open with every intention of cutting into it.

Then I couldn’t decide what to make because I didn’t want to waste it without plan and I couldn’t settle on four colors or whether or not to add a background? I’m still not sure.  …and lord knows we certainly can’t cut an itty bitty piece off the corner of each FQ and just lay those out – well we couldn’t. I just thought of that writing. Talking helps. Look how you infused my creativity! I’ve got to put it up for now but I’ll remember this.

Happily found some time to start a little project that’s been in my heart. I won’t get this finished before the end of the week but I did whip out these 72 scrappy 2″ finished HST’s today. I don’t think I’ve ever made 72 HSTs in one day. I was focused!!!

I did want to share the link to the Inklingo Blog with you. Lately the posts have been so dramatic and creative. If you get some time, take a look thru – don’t just stop at one. I thought the idea of using different size arcs in the Double Wedding Ring was awesome not to mention the variety of layouts. I hope you’ll stop in there and take a look. I just like sharing how neat it is. That’s all.

Oh Wait! One last thing. For the first time I came close to doing serious damage to my left index finger with my 65mm Olfa. Yep. I walked away from that with a slit like a paper cut. Whew…


Suddenly, Here’s a First

By chance, have you been reading my blog for any length of time? If so, you’ll know this photo has probably only happened once.

I don’t generally share what’s arrived or what’s in my stash but today is a little different. Today a package came from UPS, from Daphanie. UPS still had her name under the address so the box came with her name on it. Tom, her DH, didn’t remove/update her name. Wasn’t that thoughtful?

So tonight I’m sharing some of what arrived because it wasn’t just the fabric that came but so did Daphanie. Suddenly she’s here. Suddenly I’m overtaken by the thought of her and all she means to me now; it’s not the loss of her but the gift.

Suddenly I’m hooked back up with her and I can hear her and… you think maybe I’m freakin’ nuts but someone knows. Someone knows this feeling, this experience.  I can’t be alone because really, I’m not nuts.  Quirky, but not nuts! Grief is maybe a sneaky bugger and maybe this isn’t grief either. I don’t know what it is but gosh, Suddenly the day is different.

South African Fabrics!

All Pics are Clickable

I love this color combo with these neat prints – who would have thought, eh? Probably a white or black to break it up. We talked about piecing options for this but I forget. Shucks almost anything will be neat with these fabrics I think.

Our shop owner brought ’em back from Market. The fabrics are from South Africa so they had to be pre-washed — something I don’t go in for. And trust me, I wont be moving my opinion on that after running these thru the washer. I don’t prewash and I use Inklingo and that alone is a huge rule breaking thing to do! But I break rules. I choose to be quiet about it but I am definitely rebellious. I never can tell if my parents are proud of this character trait but I am. If only because it makes me giggle.

On another topic, my previous post, I wanted to thank you all for the great feedback and support re: this blog and the process of blogging in and of itself. I think I have something to share and add for that all to make sense but really I just wanted to share while I can and do the best I can in the moment.

Enjoy the share of fabric and have a great weekend. Don’t forget the clock thing and if you have any ideas for a block to play with these fabric colors – SHARE!!!