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Design Walls

It looks like June 12 was the last time I posted updated Klosjes.  I don’t see any duplicates here from that June 12th post so this might be a fresh batch.  I like the new upper left purples in this batch.  I have more purple in my stash but I remember day.  Ahhh.  There were 1/2 yds that needed to be cut down.  I didn’t have the endurance that day and put them all up! 

Then I switched to black since I needed to built up that color.  Enjoyed that.  All fats.  I must have been feeling poor when I was purchasing black for my stash.

Can’t go by without my latest project inspired by Wanda.  I’m getting ready to take down this set and start another batch of these blocks with the killer scraps from Julie.   There’s someone that already wants this.  I’m not in the giving mood here quite yet.  I need some space!!!  It’s a story not worth your time which makes me wonder why is it worth mine?

There often isn’t much worth discussing going on around here but I did grab my keys and head on over to a friends house on Tuesday for some lunch and some stitching time.  I had a delightful time, truly delightful.  It was so nice to get out and share some time with like-minded folks.  Lunch was great, too!  A yummy spinach salad with killer dressing and the best dessert.  It was a sort of cobbler type treat with fresh, fresh peaches. 

Got me thinking.  We so often stop to say “thank you” to our Local Quilt Shops for being in business & we work to support them but I wonder if we thank the kind souls that open up there homes to us?  Do we thank them for giving of themselves in this way to help make our craft a continual part of our life in an enjoyable, peaceful setting?  I’m surely thankful and appreciative.  Makes me wonder if I had a lovely home, would I open it up to friends like this?  I’m kind of a hermit by nature so it might be hard!

Oh, and one last thing.  I did come home with the absolute perfect backing for my Cheddar quilt and you’re going to ask me “where’s the picture?”  darn.  Sorry about that.  Next post.  …or when I get it quilted with the cute Baptist Fan because I’m such a BF junkie!

Thanks for taking the time to sit and share with me for a couple minutes.  Now that I’m sitting here I could share so much more because I guess a few things do come to mind.  Oh well, maybe next post.  I better make a note so I don’t forget!

Warmly and with a big huge smile, *karendianne.

Scallops, Cheddar and Spools

The repro fabric I was looking for, the President’s line by Nancy Gere, was magically located by Nancy in WI.  This border fabric for “Death by Cheddar” should arrive by next week at the latest.  What is it with that name, ha?  Ever seen those chocolate desserts when you got out to dinner called “Death by Chocolate?”  Oh I have.  Yummy.  So that’s what “Death by Cheddar” is rooted in.    Really just a play on words. 

Up Against the Walls
[Click to Enlarge]
  • Red Cheddar people.  I think those blocks finish at 7.5″ but I can’t recall.  Matilda brought the additional fabric from Australia. 
  • Clamshells.  No clue what I’m going to do here.  No direction.  No plan and I’m about to run out of the primary red print.  Not displeased but not exhilarated either.  Ambivalent and addicted.  What a mess of mind to be in. 
[Click to Enlarge]
  • I finished up the last bit of sewing Tuesday from last weeks Klosjes.  My stash needed pinks and greens.  Made some progress on the pinks but not so much on the greens.  Additional cutting is required for the greens so it’ll be a bit.

That’s not all I have going on but all that’s worth sharing at the moment. 

I hope you have a lovely Thursday and enjoy whatever time you may have being creative.   Thank you for your time and visit whether or not you have time to leave a comment – it’s appreciated.  Somehow it all works out, doesn’t it?  *karendianne.

On my Design Wall

Chicken Pox. One location already looks to my eye like it has chicken pox. Going to have to move a couple blocks. Thankful for the digital camera. Helps. That plus I’ll be leaving these up for a while, live with them and see what else I can spot. How does this setting look to your eye? I’m interested in your input. I made an effort to keep some balance with the brown, blue and added pink.

The blocks are actually separted so I can pull a pink when I need it. I don’t have a ton of those and I’d like to be sure they float around the entire quilt. It should be 11 blocks across and 13 down.


Another photo from morning time with Sagan. He’s doing his growly before his big bark. He’s all excited and about to tell me he’s not posing for me!

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Not a Peep Out of Me

Duke snuggly with Sagan

Movie Night

I’m really pleased by all the feedback I’ve been getting on these blocks. Thanks so much! I’ve had some great tips and some really good perspective that I didn’t think of. This is better than being at a rusty old quilt guild any day. Only because rust keeps folks from sharing and usually the somewhat safe anonimity of the virtual world will encourage people to speak up who might not have otherwise. I know I have a serious problem speaking up so it helps me a lot.


I have a Doctor’s appointment today which I’m absolutely not looking forward to but I have to go. Maybe I’ll ask her about my serious problem speaking up. Yeah, we’ll ask her that. See what she says. The time before last I blasted her about all the meds they dole out and said something like You people are…” I thought it was nice she took me back after that. Quiet as a mouse Love,

Another Block in the Wall

Test Block du jour {below}. Fun. I can only make so many flying geese in one day though. These come in at 2 x 3.5″ so they’re not painfully small but I get tired with all that piecing and occasional unsewing. I’m not sure how sucked into this I’ll get. We’ll see but I doubt it’ll take over work on the current “House Divided” quilt we have going. {I’m going to be doing a re-name on that shortly! Perfect for the Civil War pattern it is, but I need a different vibe.}

Design Wall Day {below}. I have no idea what this is or what I’m doing. A stash is starting to build up so I was just playing with a couple. The unit on the side? Well its something I was considering for a round. Not sure. By the way, its nice to have an improved DW. The little business I’ve got going in the kitchen is fine but this is wayyyy better!

Even If…

I admit it. I like things to fit into place, align correctly and rest flat on the first go around. It’s just how I work, how I enjoy the process. Even if I spent my entire afternoon working on carefully ensuring the arrowhead border fit properly. Even if I spent the entire afternoon with my glasses and my seam ripper. Even if I was shaving 1/8″ off a handful of triangles in the border to allow it to fit into place, align and rest flat.

But I have my limits Even if I have a tendency to be rigid. Its not flat. Dangit. But its cuteamous and it’ll have to do because this is as good as this side gets. I still have 3 more borders to go. I just hope it all works out okay. I’ll be heartbroken if my borders on this quilt don’t look nice. I love this quilt. I just love it.

Duke, smiling and happy!

The pinwheels are flat! Can’t complain there. They called for 2 3/8″ squares which left me no room for error so I just said “bag that idea” and made my squares 2.5″ and squared up the half square triangles. A little more work but its worth it if you want them flat. Where they meet in the center {with that bulk} I pressed open with the use of my handy-dandy seam ripper as needed.
As I display my lovely batik and black Stars I’ve been squaring up and contemplating what sort of sashing they call for. I have something working in my mind. My friend Susie (neighbor) comes over and points out her favorites in the batch I have on display at any given time. That’s fun for us both. She’s not a quilter and I really dig seeing what catches her eye. She’s good like that!

Old Blocks Turning New

Living Life at LeeHaven

The new fabric from Paula Barnes of Bonnie Blue Quilts has a nice feel to it. That’s what this luscious red is I used in the sashing. She’s teamed up with Marcus Fabrics. My two cents: purchase at will.

So, what’s going on here? Well, I took these old blocks up to the Quilt Shop on Friday & got some help setting the blocks and picking fabrics for the sashing and border. I was so happy to be there, too. Its been at least 6-8 weeks since I’ve been.

I noticed “Sunne in Splendor” hanging on the wall and that made me happy. It has a nice little spot. I should have brought my camera. Oh…and I also brought along “Ladies in Waiting” to share the progress I’ve made so far. It was a big huge hit. It looks like they’ll be displaying in the shop when I’m done so I’m sure Patchalot will be hearing from my favorite Quilt Shop at some point. That makes me smile! Its nice to share quilts. I totally dig it!

But back to this little number! I’m hoping to finish in the next day or two. I have a hard time with “finishes” because I’m completely math challenged. If I don’t have a pattern I can’t work it out in my head. (this is kinda funny because my mom is a math wiz! ~ I didn’t get that gene.) So yesterday I got a quick tutorial from Lisa and I’m learning more.

LeeHaven Infrastructure

The other night I was thinking about things around here and decided my little, humble abode needed some attention. Lots needed really but I don’t want to get housekeeping stress. That’s just ridiculous. Its a step up and to the left of leisure stress. Brought on by a lack of prioritization and no sense of direction.

I had an unexpected bill of just under 900.00 recently. That was unpleasant and painful. I checked the Money Tree in the backyard. Looks like it’ll be months before it starts to bloom out again.

A part of my Cuisinart broke. The blade. Wouldn’t be such a big deal except I really do use mine about every 3rd day so now I need to make a parts purchase. I’ll add that to the priority list.

I’ve decided I don’t like working on Infrastructure. Is that the “American” in me? I mean, as a country we barely bother with our infrastructure so maybe that’s my problem? Oh lordy bee, don’t answer that!

I’d Rather Bee Quilting Love,

[ps: Watched Daniel Day Lewis in “There Will Be Blood” and I was blown away. He’s awesome. Ending left me wanting for closure so that was a letdown but boy his acting was outstanding!!!]