Sometimes I…

Sometimes I crochet.  I use what’s on hand because I’ve already made the trip to the yarn store on a day when I didn’t need to.  I crochet to rest, like hand piecing.  It’s a good practice in present-moment living. 

This photo is neat because Duke’s being excellent.  The xcrappy neighbors have xcrappy dogs that aren’t managed and allowed to bark, bark, bark across the lake at my dogs.  I obviously don’t allow that.  Duke is on his “down stay” but kinda ready to run along the lakes edge like a fence run, which I also do not allow.  He knows it.  The folks across the lake know it as well.  I imagine if they knew how to train their dogs they’d probably like to have the control.  I’m sure they’re not all that xcrappy.  It’s not easy to train a dog.  And lets get real, you’ll notice SAGAN is NOT in the photo. 

When the weather is nice I take to the outdoors with the dogs every morning and afternoon to get some sun.  Lately I’ve noticed this fella eat bugs on my Red Rocket.  This takes me away into the present-moment as well.  I can sit here and just trip out watching him for lord only knows how long.  It’s cool.

Sometimes I sew.  I know, ha?  hee.  Those dishes you’ve already seen and you know they’re there to hide what you know is underneath.  The strip of HST’s though… doesn’t that feel good?  So nice and clean and pretty in their stacks.  I love INKLINGO HST’S. 

So much so that I thought I might make this one with my stash of killer shirtings.  Wouldn’t that be fun?  Oh it would just be an assembly line.

And sometimes I get way the hell ahead of myself because I can’t really start this.  It’s just that I have always despised triangle paper and having Inklingo for the HST’s has lifted a burden off my back.  I have so many new ideas/options. 
Reckon I could start a list, ha?
Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your stitching time.  :)   Be Well, *karendianne.

Rob Peter to Pay Paul

So it was to happen at last.  Inspiration!  Quilt Index got me all fired up.  I just love me some antique quilts!  There will never be enough time.  Sometimes I think I’ll just make a bunch of little quilts but I’ve had non-quilter friends mention that those aren’t really nice for handing down when I croak.  They’re saying “whose going to use ‘em and what are they going to do with them?”  It’s a thought. 
Quilt Index can move me into inspiration though.  They post various quilts on Facebook which keeps the site in mind and the imagination fresh.  Then, sitting here just zoning out, dying from the heat, I think hey, Quilt Index and next thing you know I’m checking out the Rob Peter to Pay Paul quilts.  Of course they’re all two color quilts.  
I get so bored with two colors so my version is going to be two color but scrappy on the blues.  I pulled quite a few fabrics for this but this block takes a lot of fabric and I hope I don’t run out of just the right shade of blues. 
These are made with Inklingo Orange Peel Deluxe and mostly machine pieced.    
Setting 1
Setting 2
Blocks Setting 1
Blocks Setting 2
I like these settings quite a bit. 
A nice way to show off your favorite fabrics!
I haven’t actually been feeling all that well with the heat and MS so there hasn’t been much time for Lydia.  She hasn’t been able to get out much so I let her set the Hexagons for the photo and sit with them, too.  She’s a happy girl!!!  Inspiration for this African Flower Hexagon is from Julia, of course.  Pattern is here at Ravelry.
I’m not thrilled with these colors but they’re all I have at the moment so we make do.  I guess.  Julia’s hexagons aren’t as scrappy with the colors so I’m going to try that – less color in the hexagon.  That’ll help I think. 
I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit and that you have a most wonderful weekend.  Be Well, *karendianne.

Serape Stripes and Onion

Well Blog, what do think?
I think you’re kinda spacey!
Aww, don’t say that.  I really did think I made this Afghan already.  I just did a modified not so pretty version and since I gave away the book – I never really knew I went off the reservation in the first place.
Where’s the picture of that “modified” version?
Well I can’t find it!
Exactly!  You’re kinda spacey.  But you see now what it’s supposed to look like and you have the gift certificate and you CAN get going on this, right?
Well… have you seen the yarn to choose from?
Oh for cryin’ out loud, of course I’ve seen the Yarn.  I’m the one with the Vision WOMAN!  Just wake me up when you need Security features for the Checkout because I’m going to check-out of this.  It’s hard being the Blog of the Mistress of LeeHaven.  I can’t imagine being a reader.  Y’all deserve some floating packets of Grace! 
Holy Gee Wiz what the heck with that!  That’s not very nice.  I certainly hope my Blog doesn’t start talking like that on a regular basis.  I’m not sure that’s a very funny feature.
If you ask me, a little freezer paper and your printer and scissors and the whole inklingo thing ROCKS!  Of course it’s different if you’re my girlfriend Cathi (Quilt Obsession) because she gets flash posts from me.  One elicited this response (just an excerpt) “Oh, Karen!!  Yikes!  There’s a much faster way to navigate around in the collections.” 

Well, hee!  I just wanted to jump right in without reading the directions.  hee!  I was advised to use my wooden cutting board for the freezer paper.  I didn’t buy a new one at first so all my fabric pieces smell like onion.  The heat of the iron really brought that aroma out and I didn’t realize what was happening at first so there was an odd moment.   
Having cats and dogs and parrots my nose is trained to be twitchy and I didn’t think “onion” could be wafting from the board.  That was only a couple seconds mind you but it was kinda funny. 

I worked it out though.  And I bought a flat, new cutting board this morning but sheesh, I bought one that was a bit too small.  Oh well.  It’ll have to do.

I’ve been working on these without any fabric placement plans and this is not a block a girl makes without some sort of a plan.  Cathi and I talked and I think I’ll switch the Dark and Lights.  But I have to finish these first.  They actually go pretty fast but today I have to think about other things so I’m taking a break for a bit.

That whole business about the iron bringing out the smell of onion… I bet you’ve had that happen.  Pretty rookie move, ha?

(ps: Check out Lynda over at View Too – she’s officially retiring!)