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Borders and a Sale

So you know now I’m getting into Watercolors. Oh y’all I have OMG so much to learn and dontcha know it, just like Quilting you need a few start up items. Pricey but I do have fabric.  Loads of it actually. So I thought I might start selling a bit of what I’m not ever going to use. Please see the Sale Items Tab at the top of my Blog, alongside Home – A Bit of My Work if you’re interested.

I actually have been doing some sewing.  What you’re seeing is my Carpenter’s Wheel quilt on my bed being analyzed. You know, where you look at our quilt and decide to stop or add. I’m realizing this quilt doesn’t need a border. It’s a fine size.

That’s nice but you know I want a border so I ended up going with the same fabric as the setting triangles.

It troubles me at first, all that cheddar.



So I thought a black stop border, just a tiny one. I unsewed and mocked it up.


And I visualized how that might look (you have to use your imagination here)


Once I looked at that 6.5″ border I realized this would be just fine w/o that black stop border. Perfect really. Then something came up and this is as far as I got but the borders are cut thanks to the kindness of a friend.


An Alabama Beauty Block (or two)

Hi there. Little bit of progress over here. Lots of happenings. I’ll skip the happenings and share the fabric.

I’ve got one of the Alabama Beauty blocks (a favorite) in cheddar and navy blue whipped up. This was NOT hand pieced. I tell ya, I make an effort with hand piecing but it’s just not happening. I can do a little bit but it’s not enjoyable. Either it’s uncomfortable or I just don’t enjoy it. Go figure? I was so passionate about it but maybe I’ve just accepted the current state.

Good thing I’m able to machine piece because then I wouldn’t even be here – at all and while I can’t decide what to do about my blog or blogging or even with my life – at least I can machine piece an Alabama Beauty block. I can share that.

What really struck me here was how incredibly cool that navy and cheddar print looks. I hope it views nicely for you. It’s really pretty neat.


Sadly, I can’t find where I put that cheddar toile. I did some fussy printing with it if you look close but actually it’s hard to see so I don’t know why I mention it except I’d like to do more. Thing is, I can’t find the fabric.  It’s in one of those places that’s very special and you know you won’t forget…but you do!

Thanks for taking the time to drop in. I really appreciate the visit.




I started the morning taking care of household business computer/paper items. I thought it might be a bitter pill beginning but turns out I’m on the right side of sweet. I wasn’t going to share that, thinking lightning might strike but why not enjoy the moment.

As a matter of fact, let me extend the moment and share the current progress on my Cheddar Cheese and Crackers quilt. The details/history are here.
P1016888This is the work of probably 9-10 months.


I like the diagonal view and actually think it would make a cool quilt, strippy style. This view also shows where I’m at with the size. I think 48 x 56 which isn’t quite where I want to be so I’ll just continue on as I can. I’ll finish it whenever. It’s all about the process. Well, and the fabric. It’s about that, right?!

Since I discussed MS in my last post I thought I’d let you know I got through the treatment, I’m feeling well and now I’m just waiting on the new drug company to GET IT TOGETHER. It’s taken a long time to get things moving because “surprise!” I wasn’t in the Specialty Pharmacy database Network that Mayo uses for these sorts of drugs.


Sheesh, I didn’t even know we had an additional Speciality Pharmacy outside of Mayo and within that, there is actually another “Network” for these pharmacies that are contracted to fill and distribute the drug I’ll be taking. Everyone is in bed with everyone and it makes me crazy.

I’m not in bed with anyone…except the cats which makes me a caricature of middle-aged women I’m certain of it.

Cheddar Cheese and Crackers – Revisited

I was going to save this until I was finished. I’ve been working on it, making those 4 patches I was telling you about for quite some time. Lately, since Lisa has been here helping me to keep the house up, I’ve had more opportunities be creative with this.

I chose this quilt because, well, I love it. I always wanted to make this doll quilt into (see sidebar) full size, even those years ago when we finished it in Lori’s Quilt-along. I never forgot the dream to make it for my bed and then the wrist happened. Yep, the wrist happened and it’s been challenging and a growing experience. I’ve had time to realize now is the time to move those “always wanted to make” quilts from the back of my mind to the forefront. Don’t wait. So I started.  …even if it has been only a little four patch here and there it’s coming along.

It’s working but there have been technical difficulties!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was disturbed. This photo was take a while back but this is the stage when something was wrong with it, something wasn’t working. After days and days of struggle trying to work out what was wrong, I had some help over (Lisa and her husband – yes, you are seeing a pattern here) doing other things. So doing other things with friends, on that day, getting space from this,  it struck me the cheddar was all wrong. It had too much going on and the type of cheddar was a bit too light, not quite right. The change in cheddar is slight and mostly due to the print I think but in person the first cheddar is lighter than the second one for sure. 

I changed the fabric, right? This is what I was using:


Paula Barnes Companions

and now I’m using this:


Paula Barnes Companions

Where possible I unsewed the blocks and swapped out the cheddar. Where the block was too deep, too sewn into the quilt, I left it alone.

This photo shows the tone of the cheddar a little bit better. You can see it’s a bit darker and I think it improves the quilt.


The block colors were troubling me as well but after I took a couple of photographs of it, walked away then came back with a beer, I decided it’s coming along just fine. Yeah, looking at this photo and I feel like my creativity is possibly working.


A bit of technical info:

  • The little quilt is 1″ finished squares and this one is 2″ finished squares. I’m going to be interested to see how that effects the charm of the quilt.
  • 8″ blocks
  • Directions for the little quilt are in the Summer 2012 issue of Primitive Quilts.

PS: the doll size version of this quilt was made on the design wall so I’m doing that here but at this size, it’s difficult to lay everything out and transition from one section to the next. I don’t think I can explain it but making this bigger isn’t quite easy – that’s all.


Little Quilts – Four Finishes

Hi again. First, thank you for all the support re: my wrist and for understanding that replying to comments is sketchy on my part. I appreciate your notes but just know its difficult, not impossible, but difficult to reply.  Second, I had a pick-me-up the other day before I injured my wrist. This post was written last week.


Remember these?! You can find the pattern at Red Crinoline here. So much fun to make. The center block with frame is 6″ (so you have a point of reference). To get creative with the center element I copied blocks from the Cotton Club BOM to piece. Just so you don’t go thinking that center in the one below on was my idea. 


I disliked this red and green one until I picked it up. Quilting makes the Quilt! Check out how nicely that finishes at the bottom there. Incredible. The color thread tones down that stark contrast of the red and white.

Cheddar, I love you.

These are all 3″ Baptist Fans with 1/2″ spacing between each line. Incredible.


I have a pink and green thing. This might be my favorite.

PaulaBarnes4Save the best for last? This one was a crowd favorite.


I have a spot planned for these but everything is on hold. I’m getting an MRI and back to see the Orthopedic Surgeon next week. Maybe we’ll know something by then.


(PS: as an aside, I think its obvious I’m a Bonnie Blue/Red Crinoline fan. If you haven’t read their latest blog post – don’t miss it —-> here.


Carpenters Wheel/Star Flimsy Finish

We have a top! (click pic) You may recall, we tried all sorts of settings and I lived with a couple on my design wall but this is the one I ultimately went with.

It feels great to have these blocks set. I absolutely loved making them. I would take them with me for handwork on sew days and I’d stitch them in the evenings on the couch watching classic movies like I do. I’d spend some days just pulling fabrics, making up new block combos.

Those half blocks were a thing. I considered making a half block but my brain got all twisted up. Ultimately I just went for the slice and dice method. I’ll share that sacrilegious experience in follow-up post. I took photos while I was doing it.

Due to the new financial constraints I’m sorta hung up on the quilting phase. I have an idea though. I am thinking straight lines top-to-bottom in the cheddar, maybe three or four and then something simple in the blocks. We shall see.

I hope you enjoy my quilt even if you aren’t a cheddar lover.

Some Stats:

  1. The blocks are hybrid pieced. Partially machine and mostly hand-pieced using Inklingo.
  2. The cheddar is a Paula Barnes Companions 1038-0128
  3. Blocks are 12″ finished.
  4. The quilt is approx 68 x 75

Have a great day and I appreciate you stopping by to share!  *karendianne.

(ps: if you haven’t tried Inklingo yet, I’m just going to use this opportunity to say – if I can do it, you can, too!)