Lotta Cheddar

3.5" Cheddar Bowties

Those little bowties are inspired by the quilt that Bonnie shared with us from the Sisters Quilt Show. They’re cute and fun to make and I am looking forward to getting some fabric variety into this one.  I started these with the scraps on my cutting table so now I can dive into my messy scrap bags.

#6, Row 1

I am pleased with this block and not just because the center is cheddar.  I need to point out the dark diamonds are dark brown and not black. The red is a from a french line but it totally works! Next up? Pink center with some really neat fabrics I found in Daphanie stash. She had the bestest taste.


Isn’t this just the cutest picture?  I love it.  Cuteamous Duke!


I would have posted sooner but lordy I’ve been sick since last Thursday and not with the MS thing. I’m going to spare you the details because, well, trust me – it’s best. I do want to thank you for the visit and hope you had a great weekend. Here’s to a good Monday, a good Start!