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Alabama Beauty Blocks in Cheddar

Okay yes it’s cheddar, you knew it would be. What would you do if someone sent you some yummy toile and very neat navy background (thank you Kathie Holland) that completely worked? You’d just have to dive in or maybe you’d plan. I didn’t plan. All I did was took one of my favorite blocks and paired it with one of my favorite fabric combinations. It had to work, right?  Sorta…


In this setting, the toile blocks should be the same. Navy and Toile set diagonal from each other and the more flat cheddars opposing diagonals but I didn’t think about that at all. I got what I got which is out of balance unless I’m making placemats.


So I messed around with a different setting to see if I can get away with it like it is
P1016951and probably I can but really, it’s not workin’ for me quite yet. I can probably fix it if I made a couple more blocks but the navy is about gone and I’m pretty sure that cheddar toile is all used up. This is asking me to really stretch my creativity. I dunno…

Maybe they’ll be just 2 placemats or 4 with one block centered.  Bummer. You got any ideas?


An Alabama Beauty Block (or two)

Hi there. Little bit of progress over here. Lots of happenings. I’ll skip the happenings and share the fabric.

I’ve got one of the Alabama Beauty blocks (a favorite) in cheddar and navy blue whipped up. This was NOT hand pieced. I tell ya, I make an effort with hand piecing but it’s just not happening. I can do a little bit but it’s not enjoyable. Either it’s uncomfortable or I just don’t enjoy it. Go figure? I was so passionate about it but maybe I’ve just accepted the current state.

Good thing I’m able to machine piece because then I wouldn’t even be here – at all and while I can’t decide what to do about my blog or blogging or even with my life – at least I can machine piece an Alabama Beauty block. I can share that.

What really struck me here was how incredibly cool that navy and cheddar print looks. I hope it views nicely for you. It’s really pretty neat.


Sadly, I can’t find where I put that cheddar toile. I did some fussy printing with it if you look close but actually it’s hard to see so I don’t know why I mention it except I’d like to do more. Thing is, I can’t find the fabric.  It’s in one of those places that’s very special and you know you won’t forget…but you do!

Thanks for taking the time to drop in. I really appreciate the visit.



The Product of Showing Up!


I’ve been waiting for some good picture making time to share progress on my Kaffe crosses quilt but it’s not happening. I lowered my expectations and added the sashing for photographic interest which is fine but the photo is a drag. Sorry.  Anyway, I need 25 blocks. 13 finished – maybe a little less since a couple I’m probably going to exclude. This is from his Quilts in Sweden book.

stuffWhat you see here is the product of “showing up” every day. Not really forcing it but definitely going thru the motions. Fake it ’till you make it? I dunno know. I think I’m just generating my own vibe. The colorful Kaffe fabrics lift the mood (joy) and this is wall, this wall is gifty.

Thanks for the visit.


At No Charge

At no charge?  Really.  At no charge as in a give-away.   You betcha.  Read on.


Did you see this?

Chintz Circles by Cathi at Quilt Obsession

or do you remember this?

Alabama Beauty by me.

I always thought there should be a pattern for this quilt and now there is.  Cathi, author of a blog that can be found here  is now a pattern company and that pattern company — Quilt-Obsession — is up and open and ready for creativity!!!

I could have used this pattern – Alabama Beauty – when I was making my quilt.  It gives instructions on how to construct the block, clearly labels each piece throughout the pattern not to mention a great diagram for the stitching sequence.  The pattern is written in a way that you can really learn something.  I think seeing how the block is put together and stitched is invaluable.  Practically a skill to take away with you.

For the record  – this block was mostly hand-pieced but if you’re really good with curves you can do it on the machine.  I did one block on the machine.  It’s definitely do-able depending upon your skill level there.

Some work from Quilt Obsession with Inklingo!

This is Cathi’s first pattern in what is going to be a great group of patterns to come.  And yes this is all done with the neat shapes offered by Inklingo.

→New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Quick Start (Always FREE.) There are triangles, diamonds, and squares  in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

Apprehensive about printing with freezer paper?  Using the Quick Start Free Collection start out playing with the Combo page printing first thing.  Need help?  Join the Inklingo group for all the help you need at:

So leave a comment if you’re ready to try something new with this pattern.  It can be viewed here and please note that you’ll need to have the Inklingo Orange Peel Deluxe collection in order to make the Alabama Beauty so be sure to look that over here but you don’t have the own that in order to win the pattern.  One step at a time, eh?  Sign up, join the giveaway, give it a shot, learn something new.  It’s fun!

Happy Monday and congratulations to Cathi for stepping out and making a dream come true!  *karendianne.

Alabama Beauty Quilted, Bound & Finished

Welcome to LeeHaven!  Today I’m sharing my most recent finish.  I hope you enjoy viewing as much as I enjoy sharing.  Do let me know you stopped by & feel free to share any thoughts.

Detail block

with Backing fabric

  • Size:  54.5 x 65
  • Fabrics:  Civil War Reproductions
  • Pattern:  Evolved naturally
  • Block:  Alabama Beauty with Inklingo Orange Peel Deluxe collection.
  • Secondary Pattern:  Butterfly, Circles, Tip of Trumpet
  • Piecing:  Hand pieced blocks.  Machined rows together.
  • Quilting:  Custom by Deb Geyer.
  • Binding:  Scrappy
  • Start to finish:  10-12 months

Kay, a friend of mine, has this way of sharing reflective thoughts on the creative process when a piece is complete.  I’d like to attempt to do a little of that (with her in mind) and see what you think.
The learning curve for hand piecing this particular block w/ a new tool – Inklingo – wasn’t really hard (not easy) but it took some determination and it took Cathi.  

What surprised me the most wasn’t that I tried something new although, at the time, that was a big deal.  No, the attempt wasn’t the big deal.  What surprised me the most was that I had a tool that allowed me to create this amazing block.  All of a sudden I could make that?!  Hand piecing/inklingo is a whole new world for me.

Now, color placement was the most difficult thing I came up against.  I’m glad I chose the off-white backgrounds but I think this could have been so much more dramatic had I chosen just a handful of colors.   I think I might have gone with red and apple green!  ;)

Yet, oddly enough, what I found the most difficult is somehow what I like.  The variety.  Creativity isn’t always so clear cut.  It’s “I love it, I like it and yet…”  At least for me.  I guess I like the variety and the effort.  I can see where I truly made the effort to balance out the blocks.  You may not see it but I can tell.  

And Green.  This was the first quilt where I became aware Green needed to be in my quilts.  I have a good stash of green but I don’t use it a lot.   Lynn did that for me.  Brought the green blocks into the quilt.  

Finally I’d have to say one of the most treasured things I experienced from this long term quiltmaking is how much you make a difference.  I’ve had so much fun sharing each new block and you’ve been so wonderful supporting me.  I feel like we did this together.  Gosh, and I realized we made this quilt together in the middle of the AB quilt.  How did we do that?  Well, hand piecing is one of those after 6pm activities.

So there we have it, final thoughts.  With much gratitude for all your on-going support and kindness, *karendianne.

(ps:  if you would like to see what Inklingo looks like w/ HST’s you can click here )

Sneak Peak

Hi my friends.  Nice to finally have a few moments to sit and chat with you.  Are you up for a little sneak peak of the custom quilting Deb Geyer did on the Alabama Beauty quilt?

The quilt arrived on Thursday.  Yesterday I made the scrappy binding and sewed it down.  I MUST share this is fastest I’ve ever completed that step.  We’re working in record time.  I am ready for my Gold Star now!

Click and double click if needed to see close up

For me, there’s something about a hand pieced quilt – probably the same with appliqué – that makes this quilt so personal in a way that other quilts aren’t.  This is just my experience but it feels very different.  

My previous Carpenter’s Wheel hit the trash.  I like the idea of hand piecing this block so here I am with more and diamonds.  When this is complete it’ll be a 12″ block.

Will I make more?  I love this block so it’s possible but hard to tell. So much available to create.

Like how about some Pies & Tarts?  I’ve been chomping at the bit to make these even if they previously were only available with EPP.  Until Now!  Now we can get them with Inklingo.  Click here to read more.
I was getting groceries this morning and a color placement idea for these popped into my head.  I might have to move ahead an see what happens.  
And gee wiz it was only yesterday I was thinking about a Feathered Star because my pals are doing some lovely work and I’m getting inspired.  


Kanga-roni-bucket-O’-cute thought it was extremely unfair that Kipling got center stage on the Blog this past week.  It’s very hard being a cat and she wants everyone to know that.

Wait until next week when Hugo arrives from Julie’s.  Ha!  Then it’s really going to be hard to be a cat.


Thank you so much for spending a bit of time with me and I hope you’ll forgive me for not visiting this past week.  I’ve been busy learning how to use my Mac and taking a couple sew days with one of my friends.

“Buy the ticket, Take the ride.”

– Hunter S. Thompson