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Pink, Cheddar Status and Paint

photo-6I’m doing some last minute fixing on my Carpenter Wheel quilt then I think I’m about ready to finish applying the borders. Maybe this next week we can move my machine into the other room so I can start sewing?! In the meantime I’m working on keeping other stuff moving (it’s so great to be doing stuff) and then suddenly I got hit upside my spirit and pink 30’s HST’s had to be made. Don’t know why. Just did. So here they are and by gosh they’re happy. Probably I’ll make more. HST’s make me high.

Also in the news, Inklingo has a new star. called the Inklingo Star 9 inch and it uses the Kite shape plus it makes an additional 18″ block that’s really cool. Just thought you should know.

Watercolor Life

I’m going to share just a little bit here. Watercolor painting is fast becoming a fixture in my life but not so much that I don’t have a life. It’s so many things I can’t begin to tell you but I can share. I considered making a second blog but (1) I don’t have much to share of interest yet and (2) it’s too much work. I’ll just slide the watercolors in after the other stuff.


Paintings from Workshop. The image detail comes to life if you click for close up but you get the idea. No one was finished here and we’re all working on filling out our palm trees.

I’ve been painting, learning, playing and practicing.

As a matter of fact I feel I’ve practiced enough I can go back to finishing my palm trees and make the final touches on my own Workshop painting.

This was what I brought home:


and this is what I added just to my trees recently:


Here I’m filling in the trees a bit.

I know it’s hard to see but if you click or if you step back you can see a little bit of glow added to the trunk of the first palm tree and a few thin, wispy fronds. Also, …work with me here a bit…my trees make a sort of V shape in height. Just at the bottom of the V can you see where I made one of my tree’s look like a sort of tarantula. Not everyone can see it but I can. Honestly I saw that and I totally cracked up. I love it. “It’s a painting, not a picture” and maybe some palm trees are tarantulaish!

Until later,  *kdlee.

More with 30’s

The little red Texas Stars are multiplying.

P1016563 2

This block is 5.5″ unfinished, tip-to-tip. It’s made with 6 star point units —> size .75″ sewn together on the machine into a “snake” and one hexagon .75″ – attached at the end to pull it all together.

The Western Star test block (above on left) is something I started before the thing with my wrist. I thought I’d finish up. Those are 60′ – 1″ Diamonds that I chose to machine piece. hmm… should have the back of the block, too. Let me get that.


There we go. Machine pieced view from the back. Measures 9.5″ unfinished straight across yellow to yellow just as you see it, tip pointing up. Oh, the hexagons to set it would be 3″ if I’m not mathematically mistaken.

Couple thoughts on this one. (1) It’s a fiddly thing so I’m not sure I’ll work it. If I’m going to use some of my fiddly energy I have another idea with Inklingo and (2) its at the machine so if I’m going to spend time at the machine I might want to work on one of a million UFO’s or something new. Who knows… This is all just playing.

The real “in progress” quilt, my Kaffe Crosses quilt, is coming along but I’m holding off on pics for now and the other “in progress” quilt is the Winding Ways but that’s no pressure and I totally dig that!!!


Thanks for stopping by and sharing an update on what little quilty things I have going on. Enjoy your weekend!!!