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Hearing from Me

Oh I’m around. I’ve appreciated hearing from you and right now I wanted you to hear from me. I wanted you to know I’ve been playing with fabric, a rare event, and when I dove in started thinking of you. That’s all really. I’m thinking of you.


I did a little slicing and dicing while listening to some good-for-me music on Amazon. If you have an Amazon Prime membership have you checked out the music? I really enjoy the selections so far.  If you did check it out, I hope you liked it.



I’ve always enjoyed stacks and piles. This particular pile made me happy. I have this project out so the white with pink polka dot is near. I used a bit and it reminded me of how Liz  (Scrap Basket) made such the effort to get that for me. There’s a Bonnie H. finish on her blog that’s pretty cool – check it out.


Back over here my time ended with these little diamonds and the start of an idea I ultimately bagged. I’m moving onto something the same just different colorway and scale. Possibly or maybe I was just playing today only and that was still cool.

I really just wanted to jump in and say hello because I thought of you today. My health is good,  my life has been the usual ups and downs. You know, unicorns and rainbows in one area and “where’s the wine?” in other areas.

But again, I just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you.

Be Well, *karendianne.


A Loss at Leehaven





She loved to snuggle on a quilt and read.


Kipling would often put her in her place. She was the sort of cat that needed some whoop ass from time to time.


And this cracked me up. It’s as if she’s saying “Whew, last night the partying was outrageous!”


And here she’s just the queen.

Kricket was a cool little cat. She could break into anything and she did. I had to cat-proof all sorts of areas. She opened cabinets and doors. Oh man. She was a handful. Then of course she and Kanga didn’t get along. That was difficult at times but I sure loved her. She was extremely smart, totally hilarious and had me wrapped around her finger. I mean to the point where I would carry her around with me from room to room. She loved that and I did, too.  Heck, it was an opportunity to embrace my inner crazy cat lady.

Then Friday morning she was significantly weak, couldn’t lift herself into the litter box or jump up on anything but showed no signs of pain or injury. So off to the Vet we went and came home with an initial diagnosis of a blood disorder. The weekend was a sad slog with details to skip over here but by Monday she was much worse. We returned to the Vet and nothing good came of it. I had to let her go. I brought her home and she’s buried in the back yard right outside the kitchen window.

Alabama Beauty Blocks in Cheddar

Okay yes it’s cheddar, you knew it would be. What would you do if someone sent you some yummy toile and very neat navy background (thank you Kathie Holland) that completely worked? You’d just have to dive in or maybe you’d plan. I didn’t plan. All I did was took one of my favorite blocks and paired it with one of my favorite fabric combinations. It had to work, right?  Sorta…


In this setting, the toile blocks should be the same. Navy and Toile set diagonal from each other and the more flat cheddars opposing diagonals but I didn’t think about that at all. I got what I got which is out of balance unless I’m making placemats.


So I messed around with a different setting to see if I can get away with it like it is
P1016951and probably I can but really, it’s not workin’ for me quite yet. I can probably fix it if I made a couple more blocks but the navy is about gone and I’m pretty sure that cheddar toile is all used up. This is asking me to really stretch my creativity. I dunno…

Maybe they’ll be just 2 placemats or 4 with one block centered.  Bummer. You got any ideas?


Pink, Cheddar Status and Paint

photo-6I’m doing some last minute fixing on my Carpenter Wheel quilt then I think I’m about ready to finish applying the borders. Maybe this next week we can move my machine into the other room so I can start sewing?! In the meantime I’m working on keeping other stuff moving (it’s so great to be doing stuff) and then suddenly I got hit upside my spirit and pink 30’s HST’s had to be made. Don’t know why. Just did. So here they are and by gosh they’re happy. Probably I’ll make more. HST’s make me high.

Also in the news, Inklingo has a new star. called the Inklingo Star 9 inch and it uses the Kite shape plus it makes an additional 18″ block that’s really cool. Just thought you should know.

Watercolor Life

I’m going to share just a little bit here. Watercolor painting is fast becoming a fixture in my life but not so much that I don’t have a life. It’s so many things I can’t begin to tell you but I can share. I considered making a second blog but (1) I don’t have much to share of interest yet and (2) it’s too much work. I’ll just slide the watercolors in after the other stuff.


Paintings from Workshop. The image detail comes to life if you click for close up but you get the idea. No one was finished here and we’re all working on filling out our palm trees.

I’ve been painting, learning, playing and practicing.

As a matter of fact I feel I’ve practiced enough I can go back to finishing my palm trees and make the final touches on my own Workshop painting.

This was what I brought home:


and this is what I added just to my trees recently:


Here I’m filling in the trees a bit.

I know it’s hard to see but if you click or if you step back you can see a little bit of glow added to the trunk of the first palm tree and a few thin, wispy fronds. Also, …work with me here a bit…my trees make a sort of V shape in height. Just at the bottom of the V can you see where I made one of my tree’s look like a sort of tarantula. Not everyone can see it but I can. Honestly I saw that and I totally cracked up. I love it. “It’s a painting, not a picture” and maybe some palm trees are tarantulaish!

Until later,  *kdlee.

Borders and a Sale

So you know now I’m getting into Watercolors. Oh y’all I have OMG so much to learn and dontcha know it, just like Quilting you need a few start up items. Pricey but I do have fabric.  Loads of it actually. So I thought I might start selling a bit of what I’m not ever going to use. Please see the Sale Items Tab at the top of my Blog, alongside Home – A Bit of My Work if you’re interested.

I actually have been doing some sewing.  What you’re seeing is my Carpenter’s Wheel quilt on my bed being analyzed. You know, where you look at our quilt and decide to stop or add. I’m realizing this quilt doesn’t need a border. It’s a fine size.

That’s nice but you know I want a border so I ended up going with the same fabric as the setting triangles.

It troubles me at first, all that cheddar.



So I thought a black stop border, just a tiny one. I unsewed and mocked it up.


And I visualized how that might look (you have to use your imagination here)


Once I looked at that 6.5″ border I realized this would be just fine w/o that black stop border. Perfect really. Then something came up and this is as far as I got but the borders are cut thanks to the kindness of a friend.


It’s All New

We’re having one of those Florida afternoon rainstorms. I love this rain with the wind going sideways just a little bit. Kind of like me. Sideways just a little bit. :)

I was thinking after my last post how great it was to hear from all of you. Even if you didn’t leave a note I sense you’re here and I appreciate it.

So I wanted to mention that, to let you know how great that was and to say thank you.

Anyway, back to the rain. Do you notice that makes you want to curl up and read? I do and since it rains here a lot lately I could go right there. But I’m doing new things and distracted and falling behind.

As you might imagine after my last post, I spend time working with watercolors. It’s all new so you know the setup is funky, you don’t know what you need, you don’t know how you like it, and you learn as you go. It takes time. But when you’re putting in that effort and overcoming the “rookie moves” check-in. Look at your work and see if you’re happy with it? I can honestly say today I had fun (I also had a plan so that probably helped) and I was happy with the way things were going. I’m in the right place with it.

And that’s all great but y’all, would you look at this:



and this


So it’s nice the painting and all but it looks like I have been hiding from something! Try to find a photo in there!


Being Creative

Hey fabric lovers and makers of many wonderful things, how are you? All kinds of things going on around here and I’m sure you would report the same. Summer is just moving right along. Pretty soon the weather will change (eventually, not soon) and it’ll be time for my bundled cable contract to end. Changes will be made.


I am still quilting when I can, I still have the desire so from time to time I work on stuff. The design wall continues to grow. Missing from this photo is one more red and toile Ocean Waves unit and close to finished additional Winding Ways block. It’s an extra good sign when I work on an Ocean Waves block.

spoolsCute Alert! I found these three-inch cuties cleaning house. I counted how many and apparently didn’t write it down.   I do recall thinking I have enough for setting a smaller size lap. I’m not sure where I’m going with this except to remember it would be a fun one to finish up. It might be a while though. I’m a little distracted. If you look below you’ll see why…


This summer I took a Watercolor Workshop from my cousin Guy.  I’ve been thinking about doing this for well over a year.  I felt so certain this would be the perfect creative outlet for me to explore. Based on the look in this photo I think I was right on that. There is so much to learn, practice and play with – a perfect journey really.


Here you can see all our paintings. Gosh y’all, it was so much fun. I need Watercolor Supplies now – of course I do. There will be a fabric sale, friends. Watch this space!!! :)

In the reading department I’m currently enjoying The Witching Hour by Anne Rice. Not my genre but I thought an easy, quick read. Wrong. Interesting, lengthy and in places a slog to get through and yet, it’s good.


Earlier this summer I really took a leap out of my genre. I don’t read mystery/thrillers. I’ll do Sci-Fiction and Fantasy before I’ll do a Mystery/Thriller but this was recommended to me. My Aunt has good taste so I trusted her judgement and read The Yard by Alex Grecian. 5 Stars!!  The story was great, the history of forensics was kind of cool and the writing was just perfect, so well crafted. This is one I would recommend. 13056152

I’d  also like to recommend you have a continued good day and until we meet again…