Monthly Archives: March 2015

Hearing from Me

Oh I’m around. I’ve appreciated hearing from you and right now I wanted you to hear from me. I wanted you to know I’ve been playing with fabric, a rare event, and when I dove in started thinking of you. That’s all really. I’m thinking of you.


I did a little slicing and dicing while listening to some good-for-me music on Amazon. If you have an Amazon Prime membership have you checked out the music? I really enjoy the selections so far.  If you did check it out, I hope you liked it.



I’ve always enjoyed stacks and piles. This particular pile made me happy. I have this project out so the white with pink polka dot is near. I used a bit and it reminded me of how Liz  (Scrap Basket) made such the effort to get that for me. There’s a Bonnie H. finish on her blog that’s pretty cool – check it out.


Back over here my time ended with these little diamonds and the start of an idea I ultimately bagged. I’m moving onto something the same just different colorway and scale. Possibly or maybe I was just playing today only and that was still cool.

I really just wanted to jump in and say hello because I thought of you today. My health is good,  my life has been the usual ups and downs. You know, unicorns and rainbows in one area and “where’s the wine?” in other areas.

But again, I just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you.

Be Well, *karendianne.