Pink, Cheddar Status and Paint

photo-6I’m doing some last minute fixing on my Carpenter Wheel quilt then I think I’m about ready to finish applying the borders. Maybe this next week we can move my machine into the other room so I can start sewing?! In the meantime I’m working on keeping other stuff moving (it’s so great to be doing stuff) and then suddenly I got hit upside my spirit and pink 30’s HST’s had to be made. Don’t know why. Just did. So here they are and by gosh they’re happy. Probably I’ll make more. HST’s make me high.

Also in the news, Inklingo has a new star. called the Inklingo Star 9 inch and it uses the Kite shape plus it makes an additional 18″ block that’s really cool. Just thought you should know.

Watercolor Life

I’m going to share just a little bit here. Watercolor painting is fast becoming a fixture in my life but not so much that I don’t have a life. It’s so many things I can’t begin to tell you but I can share. I considered making a second blog but (1) I don’t have much to share of interest yet and (2) it’s too much work. I’ll just slide the watercolors in after the other stuff.


Paintings from Workshop. The image detail comes to life if you click for close up but you get the idea. No one was finished here and we’re all working on filling out our palm trees.

I’ve been painting, learning, playing and practicing.

As a matter of fact I feel I’ve practiced enough I can go back to finishing my palm trees and make the final touches on my own Workshop painting.

This was what I brought home:


and this is what I added just to my trees recently:


Here I’m filling in the trees a bit.

I know it’s hard to see but if you click or if you step back you can see a little bit of glow added to the trunk of the first palm tree and a few thin, wispy fronds. Also, …work with me here a bit…my trees make a sort of V shape in height. Just at the bottom of the V can you see where I made one of my tree’s look like a sort of tarantula. Not everyone can see it but I can. Honestly I saw that and I totally cracked up. I love it. “It’s a painting, not a picture” and maybe some palm trees are tarantulaish!

Until later,  *kdlee.

10 thoughts on “Pink, Cheddar Status and Paint

  1. Elaine/MuddlingThrough

    Oh, MS KD, you are ON it! Your watercolor is gorgeous! And you know your piecework is the best. I still have a certain little curved four patch on my bulletin board just to remind me that I have a long way to go. ;) So good to see you being your amazing self.

  2. LoriD

    What terrific things on your design wall. The pink HST will make a great quilt! So will those cheddar pieces. :)
    The water color painting looks like fun!

  3. LizA.

    Funny how fabric will just call to you to make certain things…, love, love your new hobby. wow! it appears you have a talent for watercolor, keep it up but don’t forget your fabric or it will really start screaming at you…..

  4. pokeydot

    Great to see all the creating going on, in quilting and painting! Your pinks are swe-eet. Hope you have many more good days ~

  5. Jo

    I’m glad the HSTs make you so happy – they make me itch and twitch and hide under the bed. Or run screaming down the street, tearing my hair out. Can you guess what rarely goes into my qullts? hee hee. I love the look of them – and that is the end of that story.

    Love the palm trees – tarantula and all. <3 I've had trouble getting my clouds to all look "similar" in my paintings and then started looking seriously at clouds in the sky and realize that there can be so many different looks about clouds – within a few feet of each other – so I quit trying to be so uniform – much more comfort in my painting when I let things naturally happen. Sometimes I will paint something and think that I don't care for it – put it away for a while and when I look at it again later I will find that I really like it a lot – distance in time really helps me.

  6. Ru

    Thanks for the smile – what a way to start my day. Can’t wait to see the carpenter’s wheel and absolutley love your little pink HST! The painting is coming along very well. I like your attitude concerning everything especially that it is a painting, not a picture. In my opinion, it’s a painting that will be a beautiful picture when you feel it’s done. I did see the tarantula.

  7. Jennifer

    Love your sunset painting – it’s great! Sometimes mindless sewing is just the ticket to happiness, isn’t it?

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