Borders and a Sale

So you know now I’m getting into Watercolors. Oh y’all I have OMG so much to learn and dontcha know it, just like Quilting you need a few start up items. Pricey but I do have fabric.  Loads of it actually. So I thought I might start selling a bit of what I’m not ever going to use. Please see the Sale Items Tab at the top of my Blog, alongside Home – A Bit of My Work if you’re interested.

I actually have been doing some sewing.  What you’re seeing is my Carpenter’s Wheel quilt on my bed being analyzed. You know, where you look at our quilt and decide to stop or add. I’m realizing this quilt doesn’t need a border. It’s a fine size.

That’s nice but you know I want a border so I ended up going with the same fabric as the setting triangles.

It troubles me at first, all that cheddar.



So I thought a black stop border, just a tiny one. I unsewed and mocked it up.


And I visualized how that might look (you have to use your imagination here)


Once I looked at that 6.5″ border I realized this would be just fine w/o that black stop border. Perfect really. Then something came up and this is as far as I got but the borders are cut thanks to the kindness of a friend.


13 thoughts on “Borders and a Sale

  1. Joj

    Ohhhh I love love love it with just the cheddar border – makes the blocks float and I love that look. Now I want a chunk of cheese.

  2. quiltsalott

    You’re so right, it didn’t need the black, it’s going to be so beautiful when the quilting is added. Fun With watercolours, how exciting and such a great creative outlet.

  3. Terry

    I think it looks great with the cheddar border, even though you know I’m not a fan of cheddar at all! LOL But it does pull the whole quilt together! :0)

  4. Jennifer

    Oh, that is gorgeous! What will you go with for binding? Perhaps black might be a bit harsh……how about a deep chocolate (yum) brown?

  5. Cathi

    Your Carpenter’s Wheel blocks look fabulous floating on that sea of cheddar! It is so nice to see them again and to see how close you are to having them finished!

  6. Jackie

    Love your carpenters quilt. Your instincts are always spot on when it comes to color selections. You really have a natural aptitude for color.

  7. Gretchen (@stellabellaqlts)

    Love this quilt! It is the perfect Autumn quilt. All it needs is a LBK to sleep on it :)

  8. LoriD

    I like that we can fall back on our stash (or quilts) for a little extra cash.
    Love the bed quilt!! Mine are never that large:)

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