Being Creative

Hey fabric lovers and makers of many wonderful things, how are you? All kinds of things going on around here and I’m sure you would report the same. Summer is just moving right along. Pretty soon the weather will change (eventually, not soon) and it’ll be time for my bundled cable contract to end. Changes will be made.


I am still quilting when I can, I still have the desire so from time to time I work on stuff. The design wall continues to grow. Missing from this photo is one more red and toile Ocean Waves unit and close to finished additional Winding Ways block. It’s an extra good sign when I work on an Ocean Waves block.

spoolsCute Alert! I found these three-inch cuties cleaning house. I counted how many and apparently didn’t write it down.   I do recall thinking I have enough for setting a smaller size lap. I’m not sure where I’m going with this except to remember it would be a fun one to finish up. It might be a while though. I’m a little distracted. If you look below you’ll see why…


This summer I took a Watercolor Workshop from my cousin Guy.  I’ve been thinking about doing this for well over a year.  I felt so certain this would be the perfect creative outlet for me to explore. Based on the look in this photo I think I was right on that. There is so much to learn, practice and play with – a perfect journey really.


Here you can see all our paintings. Gosh y’all, it was so much fun. I need Watercolor Supplies now – of course I do. There will be a fabric sale, friends. Watch this space!!! :)

In the reading department I’m currently enjoying The Witching Hour by Anne Rice. Not my genre but I thought an easy, quick read. Wrong. Interesting, lengthy and in places a slog to get through and yet, it’s good.


Earlier this summer I really took a leap out of my genre. I don’t read mystery/thrillers. I’ll do Sci-Fiction and Fantasy before I’ll do a Mystery/Thriller but this was recommended to me. My Aunt has good taste so I trusted her judgement and read The Yard by Alex Grecian. 5 Stars!!  The story was great, the history of forensics was kind of cool and the writing was just perfect, so well crafted. This is one I would recommend. 13056152

I’d  also like to recommend you have a continued good day and until we meet again…


21 thoughts on “Being Creative

  1. Ru

    You certainly have gained some energy and enthusiasm from painting with Guy. I remember the little spools and can’t wait to see what you do with them. Maybe some plain blocks in between them or just outline each one in a thin black border. Love the smile! Ru

  2. LoriD

    What a perfectly fun creative class! So glad you enjoyed it.
    Love what’s on your wall and it is nice to see a photo of YOU!

  3. njquilter24

    HI I was thinking about you the other day and wondering if you were quilting , glad you found another outlet to be creative, love the painting and the big smile on your face!!!! oh those blocks are adorable. a fabric sale, let me know :)
    I know we have the same taste in a lot of fabrics!

  4. Linda

    You are positively glowing in the photo with your watercolor! Obviously this is something that will enrich your life. I’m so glad you followed your instincts and took that class.

  5. *karendianne. Post author

    So good to receive your comment, Em. I hope you’re doing fantastic!!! I am finally doing well. I started a new medication and dear god I had a dickens of a time when I started it. Drama! ER! Not totally serious just nerve-wrecking. …or is it nerve-wracking? I dunno. Either way, it’s over and I’m good. :)

    All my gratitude and appreciation for your presence, *kdlee.

  6. JoAnn Bayne

    Love the blogs – so glad you are still working on them from time to time. Oh – the watercolors – you are going to have such fun. This summer I want to practice my sketching – our weather is perfect for it too. I can sketch on the deck.

  7. libbyQ

    isn’t it great when you run across cute blocks that call out to be finished into something~!?
    your design wall is packed with creative goodness too~! good for you.
    and even better, you’ve been able to experiment with painting and yes, clearly having a great time~!
    it’s always good to see a post from you.

  8. AnnieO

    I was just thinking about you! Your design wall looks great. Love those bow ties too :)
    Fun painting expression and how great to take the class from your cousin. Love your big smile!

  9. quiltdivajulie

    You have been in my thoughts for a couple of days now – how wonderful to find your post! Lovely watercolor and even better smile!

  10. Em

    All the watercolors are gorgeous! Thanks for the recommendation on the book it is now on my list.

  11. Kathie L

    glad you’ve found another creative outlet. I appreciate your book recommendations. my husband will too. He’s already read more than 60 books this year.

  12. Julie - Me & My Stitches

    I wondered what you’ve been up to – you’ve been so quiet! Glad you had fun with watercolors! I loved painting in art class in school but am not good at it! Your design wall is always so fun – so many fun projects! Hope you are doing well!

  13. imperamagna

    …love your water color! I’ve always wanted to learn how to do that. So good to see your smiling face this morning…

  14. Swooze

    Good to see you posting. Hope to see more on your painting adventures. That is on my bucket list.

  15. mrsgoodneedle

    So happy to see your smiling face, Kiddo! Enjoy every step of your creative process whatever medium you choose, and keep on sharing! Stay cool. ;)

  16. Lynda

    Hi Karen! So good to see a post from you. Blogland has been quiet lately, methinks more people are using Facebook these days. That is a great pic of you at the watercolour class – looking good! xx

  17. Jackie

    Really interesting to see your watercolor in progress. I’m not surprised you enjoyed it as you really have a creative spirit!

  18. Jennifer

    Your smile says it all, Karen – what a great time you are having! I love your cute little cuties too. I’m off to check if my local library has “The Yard”, I like a good mystery book, so thank you!

  19. Cathi

    You’re right – taking that watercolour class clearly was inspiring and wonderful. Look at that smile!
    Love seeing your little klosjes blocks. I count blocks and forget to write the number down all the time or, if I do write it down, promptly lose the paper it’s written on.

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