Fabric Storage for Felines

I know I’m not alone when it comes to making the house work out for the pets. I’d love to hear some of the things you do to integrate your home and your furry critters. So while you scan this, consider what to share and leave a comment!


This part of my fabric stash is for the benefit of Kipling because of course the convenience & comfort of his life is paramount!  He is the oldest and therefore gets prime everything which means he’s horribly spoiled. Awfully spoiled. He likes to nap on top of the hutch but he’s a larger cat and not as nimble as the little cats like 8 lb Kricket. He needs help getting up into the higher places so this was designed. A stash ladder!

I thought this series of photos was cute. I really like the first one where he’s looking up, doing a quick analysis of the set up then smelling the handle/edge at each level.


I love this blur shot. From here he goes to the top of the hutch where he’ll be left alone by the girls (for the most part) and very happy with practically the highest place in the house. Prime real estate for a cat!IMG_0158

Hope you have a great weekend. *kd.

18 thoughts on “Fabric Storage for Felines

  1. Mare

    I love this! and hte pictures are perfectly perfect, what a cooperative cat you have Lady Lee! I do the usual things for the cats, they tend to take over anything they want anyway, but for the pup, who is not such a pup anymore… well I made her a cozy double bed under my cutting table so she can come in to my Sewing Room Of Happiness, and visit or nap as she pleases without getting stepped on. When we were renovating the bedroom my closet ended up all over my Sewing Room Of Happiness for a few weeks and I thought it would be handy to hang my clothes off the edge of the cutting table. It worked for me, but poor Kona didn’t care for it so down they came. Who’s in charge here? oh, yes, we all KNOW who’s in charge!

  2. Michele Bilyeu

    Absolutely wonderful in all ways! I am currently raising three tiny baby chickens in my dining room. My main goal right now is to keep chick and their bedding material dander off of the dining table and all other food and eating surfaces. It somehow goes up into the air and settles like a fine dust on everything, everywhere..dining to both kitchen and living areas! Luckily, my cat and other animals are all outside in the lovely summer weather, can’t wait to be an empty nester with the chicks!!! But I do so love this and I know every cat I have ever had would have super loved this idea, too!!!

  3. Dawn

    Very cute! I went from adapting for an elderly dog, to now making the house safe for a kitten. Slowly putting more out as we all adjust!

  4. Rose Marie

    Oh …. too funny!! I have done the same for Ashes to help her get to the top of my stash shelf. In fact, there are a few places that she can go with aid from well placed boxes, tables and step stools. Kipling is a gorgeous kitty!

  5. LoriD

    The ladder is perfect. My daughter had wooden steps made for her feline to get to her favorite place.:) The things we will do for our pets.

  6. libbyQ

    Kipling is beautiful and of course the house must be arranged appropriately for the care and convenience of our furry friends~!
    at my house it’s about nap time. My 10 year old black cat, Emmitt needs a nap with his human every single afternoon. if this said human is not adhering to the schedule he comes to find her and begins to pester, pester pester until she settles down for a shared nap with him. honestly i’m not sure just who is taking care of who here . . .

    oh yeah, there is also the morning coffee time/waking up ritual done each morning . . .

    life would not be as sweet without my beautiful and caring pets/family. i feel a deeper gratitude with each nap taken; his little nose nudges as he gets comfortable, his warm weight, his purrs. he reminds me that life is good. very good indeed.

  7. Siobhan

    great stash ladder though in my house I’m afraid Watson would try and climb it…he seems to think he can go anywhere a cat can! duh! Dobby is teaching him bad habits….(btw…love the paint color on your walls!)

  8. Gretchen (@stellabellaqlts)

    As you know, the cats have us well trained. Our whole daily life revolves around the cats–from letting Gomez sleep on the pillow above my head at night, to a stack of quilts on top of the dryer for Gomez or Remy to sleep on, to opening the bedroom blinds as soon as it’s daylight for Edgar and Stella to look outside (while I go back to sleep)–it’s all about the spoiled cats. Sigh.

  9. AnnieO

    Very cute! A stash ladder is a very kind accessory for a sewing room :)
    Covered boxes are definitely necessary in a pet-filled abode!

  10. imperamagna

    … too funny! Kitties do love to climb and explore and your stash ladder is perfect… thanks for sharing these photos and making me smile this morning!

  11. Lynda

    We all need a little help from our friends to get where we want to be! Kipling is a beautiful cat, such elegantly marked fur!

  12. Jo

    When we had cats in California they used to crawl under the sewing table and make a nest in the basket of fabrics in the corner – at least I always knew where to find them.

  13. Jackie

    I love your stash ladder too! Sammy likes to be up off the ground but not as HIGH as Kipling. I have to say I’d probably do the same! It seems like the kind thing to do and the right thing to do. After all, our pets are really not pets – they’re family!

  14. Julie - Me & My Stitches

    Love your stash ladder! And so kind of you to make the fluffys’ lives easier for them! Such a good mommy. My cats pretty much own the house, especially Callie – she doesn’t need any help at this point, she does whatever she pleases!

  15. Terry

    I don’t have pets in the house…unless you count my hubby! LOL Cute pics! :0)

  16. Lisa

    We buy only slipcovered furniture! I mean you wash your sheets regularly, they need the same!

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