Fruit Loops

Happy Easter, everyone.  Hope you’re having a lovely weekend. I happen to be resting and I’m thankful for it. I also happen to have a story to share…


Strange things happen when you have to use an electric cart at the grocery store and you’re looking not injured and like you don’t belong sitting in it.  People assume – well I don’t know what but things happen.

Yesterday at 7:15 am I was at the grocery store on an unplanned, and at that hour practically unmanned trip. I say that because I had no coffee and actually didn’t eat either. I was sort of zoned out but with my list to depend on and with an empty store I had every expectation of a good, quick trip.

I started in fruits and vegetables where I was apparently perfect prey for a rather large woman that has issues with electric carts. She had to tell me how she hated the electric cart (her words not mine) and how awful it was when she had to use it for over a year. She was really angry and aggressive about it.

I’m thinking “Holy Cow! Really? Okay. OMG!.”

I half listened and half smiled and did a sort of shrug and eventually, when l found an “out” of that discussion I said “I guess you just get used to it after a while.”  I think she might gone silent after that but I’m not sure. This was all so weird!!! I was a little tweaked but saw my exit and positioned my cart to get out of there. As I was leaving she said loudly:

“I would rather lose one of my arms that use on of those things!”

Those words were horrible when they came flying across the vegetable case. I mean, I thought that’s not something to be saying so lightly but then, to lighten the weight of that burdensome thought, I immediately said to myself:

“Obviously NOT a quilter!”

I eventually got away from her but I had to go back for my berries.



15 thoughts on “Fruit Loops

  1. Marcie

    Oh Karen, there are some truly clueless people out there. Did she think you were out for a joy ride? And you trying to be so polite. Keep on trucking’ baby!

  2. Linda

    I don’t know what gets into people to make them act that way. It can be really painful to hear, but I remind myself that as miserable as it is to listen to her, at least you can get away (and return for your berries). She cannot escape her own misery.

  3. imperamagna

    So sorry you had to experience that… it never ceases to amaze me what people say so thoughtlessly… never realizing how much their words hurt…

    (((((hugs,my friend)))))

  4. Elaine/MuddlingThrough

    The stupidity of cruelty of some people continually amazes me, but then there are the perfectly lovely and kind ones who make up for them. LIke you. Sorry you had to hear that. Poor woman – her issues are her own. And no, obviously not a quilter. :)

  5. Siobhan

    Once gain you prove you are nicer than me…the first thought I had – “wonder how close the tomatoes were…my legs may be weak but I’m still a pretty good shot!”

  6. quiltdivajulie

    Good grief — I cannot imagine what possessed her to be so downright nasty and horrid. I’ve used the carts – and your other commenters are right on all of their points (not fully operational, etc.) — oh, if only others were to spend some time in the shoes of others. Hang in there, m’dear.

  7. pokeydot

    My kids would tell her, “That is not a very nice thing to say”. I would call her a meanie (in my mind.) Sorry for the tough days, she obviously has other issues to deal with. Happy Easter ~

  8. Lynda

    “Obviously NOT a quilter!”

    I eventually got away from her but I had to go back for my berries.

    Oh Karen! Your sense of humour is just brilliant! The woman was just plain rude and insensitive.

  9. Terry

    Holy cow! She needs to talk to someone who had lost an arm (or a leg) and see how they’d feel about it! I’m sure they’d be happy to ride in one of those if it meant they had their limb back. Crazy people! LOL

  10. AnnieO

    Sheesh! Maybe she’d had too MUCH coffee and failed to engage her brain to her trap! Definitely not a quilter, lol! I agree. Glad you comforted yourself with that assessment!

  11. Jackie

    Definitely rude! I’m not quite sure how some people feel they need to share their opinion.

  12. Swooze

    Karen those carts tweak a nerve for me. My husband became so dependent in those carts and I dreaded pulling up to a store to see if there were carts available and then if they were charged and functioning properly. I cannot count the number of managers ears I bent over that issue. Beyond that was other people behavior towards the cart users. You become invisible and people walk and stop in front of you as if you are not there. Something they would not do to an able bodied person! Ugh! HappybEaster dear.

  13. LoriD

    Some people can be so rude! But it sounds like you handled yourself with a lot of grace and poise.

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