I started the morning taking care of household business computer/paper items. I thought it might be a bitter pill beginning but turns out I’m on the right side of sweet. I wasn’t going to share that, thinking lightning might strike but why not enjoy the moment.

As a matter of fact, let me extend the moment and share the current progress on my Cheddar Cheese and Crackers quilt. The details/history are here.
P1016888This is the work of probably 9-10 months.


I like the diagonal view and actually think it would make a cool quilt, strippy style. This view also shows where I’m at with the size. I think 48 x 56 which isn’t quite where I want to be so I’ll just continue on as I can. I’ll finish it whenever. It’s all about the process. Well, and the fabric. It’s about that, right?!

Since I discussed MS in my last post I thought I’d let you know I got through the treatment, I’m feeling well and now I’m just waiting on the new drug company to GET IT TOGETHER. It’s taken a long time to get things moving because “surprise!” I wasn’t in the Specialty Pharmacy database Network that Mayo uses for these sorts of drugs.


Sheesh, I didn’t even know we had an additional Speciality Pharmacy outside of Mayo and within that, there is actually another “Network” for these pharmacies that are contracted to fill and distribute the drug I’ll be taking. Everyone is in bed with everyone and it makes me crazy.

I’m not in bed with anyone…except the cats which makes me a caricature of middle-aged women I’m certain of it.

18 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Linda

    You are so right! It is all about the process and the FABRIC! I love your cheddar quilt, so keep up the good work and continue to treasure the process. I’m glad you are feeling better.

  2. Quilter Kathy

    I spent a lot of last year doing that chasing of the tail through the maze of medications and trials and paperwork with my brother’s health care. It is exhausting for sure. Hang in there and get the medication that gives you the most quilting time ;) Hugs

  3. AnnieO

    Yummy cheddar! Love this pattern and all your precision. Sorry to hear delays are happening with your meds. So unnecessary! But glad to know your cats are being kept great company and lots of stitching time is going on in your world!

  4. quiltdivajulie

    Oh, Karen – you are wonderful! Even in the midst of banging your head on the table, you manage to make us giggle!

    And yes, it IS all about the process . . .

  5. Lisa D.

    Sorry that the drug companies are causing you additional grief. But that quilt? That quilt makes me happy. I love your cheddar!

  6. LizA.

    Cheese & Crackers — just love that for a name for a quilt. Uggh, insurance industry, pharmacies the whole lot of them are the biggest racket around. Hhhm, I suppose there are worse things than being known as the crazy cat lady…..Glad to hear you’re feeling well, that’s what counts.

  7. Jo

    Ohhh cheese and crackers – I’m hungry now – or perhaps a piece of chocolate layer cake with vanilla ice cream – stir it all together and make chocolate soup. Yummm Yummmm. I do love the Crackers and Cheese quilt – and the name. Hope you don’t gnaw on it in bed when you get hungry. :-)

  8. Lynda

    Great to hear from you! Glad things are looking up – maybe it’s because Spring is just around the corner. xx

  9. Jackie

    Cheese and Crackers is as flat as a board! You’re such a beautiful piecer!

    I’d much rather be in the bed with the cats…far more interesting that the insurance/pharm industry.

  10. Jennifer

    Cheese and Crackers is good…..and so is your quilt! Fingers crossed for the medical stuff to be sorted soon, it’s not good to be kept hanging is it?

  11. Julie - Me & My Stitches

    Does that make you the crazy cat lady? Join the club on that one! Love your quilt – and yes…hopefully you can just enjoy the process (all while petting the fabrics!).

  12. Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

    Love your quilt so far! I like the diagonal look too. :-) I’m happy to read you are feeling pretty good and hope the pharmacy comes through soon! (hugs)

  13. Elaine/MuddlingThrough

    Good for you! I have paperwork everywhere, and I am well familiar with the rx business. :/

    The cheese and crackers looks really good. Your work is amazing, and YES, it is all about the fabrics.

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