Ocean Waves Block

I finished one block for my table runner. The block is 12.5″ and let me just say this one is really rewarding to make. I can totally see how an Ocean Waves Quilt suddenly happens, practically makes itself.

Just not here.


I know myself with this. I’ll finish the table runner and that’ll be it for the block. It’ll be closed off in my mind, severed from the list of options. The newness will wear off in the making and because it’s fiddly, I can totally see how my appetite for ocean waves will be no more.

Part of what I enjoy are making those HST’s. I love making big batches, turning tons of them into stacks of HST’s. I just like stacks. Stacks of fabric, stacks of shapes for stacks of blocks. My favorite stack is stacks of quilts with the binding facing the camera. That’s a particular angle I like. The one where the binding of a quilt faces the camera. Anyway, before I make more HST’s and take my HST’s stacks photo, I need to supplement my reds. Last time I made the count it was 140 left to make which means pull more red from my stash.

When I took this photo I realized busy red’s had to be removed so something like the FQ on the top left was pulled out. Ultimately about half the fabrics you see didn’t make the cut. So yeah, back to the stash. When I was there the first time, I checked out the stacks of red bundles and folded reds (that color is organized) but not much worked. I found it difficult to find just those pieces I’m looking for. I’ll give it some time. I have time. Totally slow stitching over here with the wrist/hand pain but I’m enjoying the pace and pleased with the outcomes so far.

In closing, because I think it’s red day, allow me to share what I thought to be a charming, rustic image. I found it at Burlap and Hay .


Thank you so much for visiting! *karendianne. 

19 thoughts on “Ocean Waves Block

  1. belinda

    Oh My Goodness! I LOVE that Barley and Hay link! I didn’t have time to really check it out the other day but was VERY intrigued by the photo you showed. I used one of her photos to pencil sketch one of the cow faces. I’m a l-o-n-g ago painter and have always wanted to do a cow portrait for my hubbies office. Lots of inspiration!

  2. belinda

    Oh look….we’re twins….or maybe we’re just sisters from anuther muther!!! We are both working on red/white projects AND we both love HST’s A-N-D we both like ‘stacks’…yes, good quilty kinda stacks!!

    Ocean Waves has always been one of my favorites……yours is FAB!!!

    Thanks for letting me know you can still see my blog!!

  3. Elaine/MuddlingThrough

    How did I miss this??? What a gorgeous piece of work you’ve done here! You continually impress me.

  4. AnnieO

    Reds can be fiddly to combine, I agree! I like your description of your favorite stack. That’s a dream of mine, having a tall stack of finished quilts! Wave on, Karen!

  5. LoriD

    I’m loving this!! The fabric really makes it sing. I’ve made a blue and white Ocean Waves and yes, it’s very fiddly!!

  6. Lisa

    Very pretty, but no reds…..really….Karen Lee? You have motivated me to try an Oceans Wave. You motivated me again and again. Oh wait, do I have hand piecing to do before the Ocean Waves! Keep it up.

  7. Jackie

    Looking good KD! Looking good! You know I’m a sucker for anything red anyways but this is lovely. I need some of your patience for that perfect fabric, perfect placement, perfect color. You do it so well!

  8. LizA.

    I’ve always loved ocean waves and you know what–I have that same bird background fabric in my stash!

  9. Jo

    Oh my dear – what a project – and I agree – too many ocean waves and I shall be sea sick. I made one, one time – it was for my cousin’s quilt (oh the things we’ll do for cousins) and I drew and embroidered a flying seagull in the center. One time – that was it – and now I’m singing – sailing sailing, over the bounding main. Now that’s an old song – and it will be stuck in my old head all night. Beautiful colors on your ocean waves. Is it the Red Sea? Hee hee.

  10. Mare

    oh wow Lady Lee, I love love love the reds! sooooo pretty. I’ve always been a bit intimidated by the vast amount of triangles in the Oceans Wave block. I do tend to whack off a corner or two here and there and then they just don’t look like triangles…

  11. Terry

    Your block looks great! I made a little red and white nine patch quilt and I love the color combination. Have fun! :0)

  12. imperamagna

    Beautiful… the block the fabric, the red fabrics, everything! I have always wanted to do Ocean Waves and will take a page from your book… one block in a table runner will be just fine!

  13. Lynda

    I know what you mean about fabrics having to be ‘just right’. It is a big part of the enjoyment for me, finding the perfect combination for what I want to achieve. Those hst’s are addictive – I’ve been making some using repro charm squares I’ve had for years, I’ve got to make a lot more yet though to make a quilt. Your ocean waves are looking great. I don’t have the patience to do ‘fiddely’ any more! Xx

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