The Product of Showing Up!


I’ve been waiting for some good picture making time to share progress on my Kaffe crosses quilt but it’s not happening. I lowered my expectations and added the sashing for photographic interest which is fine but the photo is a drag. Sorry.  Anyway, I need 25 blocks. 13 finished – maybe a little less since a couple I’m probably going to exclude. This is from his Quilts in Sweden book.

stuffWhat you see here is the product of “showing up” every day. Not really forcing it but definitely going thru the motions. Fake it ’till you make it? I dunno know. I think I’m just generating my own vibe. The colorful Kaffe fabrics lift the mood (joy) and this is wall, this wall is gifty.

Thanks for the visit.


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21 thoughts on “The Product of Showing Up!

  1. LoriD

    Sometimes just showing up is the best therapy. Seeing what’s on the wall keeps you going. I love it!!

  2. mrsgoodneedle

    I’m digging the vibe, I feel it… it’s contagious. Hey, don’t get down on yourself, showing up is what it’s all about; you deserve an attendance award! Love you, Kiddo!

  3. Elaine/MuddlingThrough

    Isn’t it funny how some fabrics will just lighten your mood? I was pressing bits and pieces of all kinds last night and some of them just made me smile. I like that. Glad to see you. Always!

  4. LizA.

    I totally understand what you mean about the Kaffe, especially in the dreary days of winter in the PNW.

  5. Kathie L

    I have yet to see a quilt I didn’t like that used Kaffe Fassett fabrics. A woman in my quilt guild used just his fabrics for a whole year. She said she has to move on in 2013!! Best wishes to you, and as they used to say in the 1970s, ‘Keep on Truckin’ Kathie L in Allentown

  6. Jennifer

    Showing progress is great! I don’t recall the crosses blocks before….they are very interesting, aren’t they?

  7. Carol

    Your blocks are all looking wonderful…and if you’re having fun, that’s what counts! Whatever makes you happy!

  8. Lynda

    Looking good! I’m a big fan of Kaffe and have seen some of his quilts up close and personal at a show. They render me speechless with wonder!
    I’m very taken with the red flowers with black centres on your wall. I think they are super!
    Keep on keeping on! xx

  9. AnnieO

    Sewing is happening, and if this is faking it, I wanna fake like you! Beauties there, up on both of your walls. Rock on!

  10. Jo

    Wonderful blocks – I love seeing your work. Showing up is good – now if I would just DO something when I show up LOL

  11. Ellen

    Karen — Once again you have created beautiful and fun blocks! And — I LOVE the sashing fabric! Your progress gives me inspiration.

  12. Terry

    First of all, the photo is not a drag! Your blocks look great! I think too may blog friends think they have to post amazing things or nobody will come back. But just seeing your progress makes me want to sew. So give yourself a break (and I’ll give myself one too) and let’s just post things as they are and keep it real! And I’m still lovin those red and cream blocks on the other design wall! Gotta make me some of those (they’re on my list! LOL):0)

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