Winding Ways

Greetings!  Hi there and Happy Holidays! I’m so glad you stopped by. I thought I’d just reach out and say hello. It’s been a while and I miss y’all although I’m blogging as I can.

Today I’m sharing what was a planned Christmas gift but I’m unable to finish it. Still it’s a neat piece. I now have visions of going large and quilting it with big stitch quilting and perle cotton.

I’m unable to finish this one quite yet because my wrist/hand situation continues to be a problem. There will be no stitching for a while longer. I wasn’t going to bother with the doctor again but it’s been 11 weeks. A follow-up isn’t a bad idea. I’ll keep you posted when I have anything newsworthy to share.

For added flavor to my post today I did find this sweet piece of Judie Rothermel fabric in my stash…

Its the kind that gives me inspiration to do something special. I have visions of that… I think it’s a few years old but probably not too many. Someone out there have any idea? I love the little toy soldier but the rocking horse it pretty cute, too!!!

So, that’s really it from here. I don’t know if I do blog what I can come up with that might be of interest. I mean, I’m not sure how interesting it is that I tried Genmaicha Tea (roasted brown rice tea) or that the storage of books is clashing with that of the fabric. Actually, the later could be a post because once I decided to take back a bedroom then stuff had to be cleaned out and organized. And you know it all had to happen dammit now!!! (…and having MS I know this attitude is B.S.) - a bit of cursing this morning. Feeling spicy!

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18 thoughts on “Winding Ways

  1. Chartreuse Moose

    The Winding Ways will be dazzling…when you feel like tackling it again! Meanwhile…pat fabric…enjoy silence…dream new designs…and have a wonderful Christmas! Thank you
    for a year interesting and zesty blogs…may 2013 be a great new year for all!

  2. Quilter Kathy

    The winding ways blocks are beautiful! I made a laser cut winding ways and it was hard!
    Maybe hand piecing is the easier way to make this block?
    Hoping you will have quick healing to enable you to be spicy AND do some hand stitching! LOL

  3. Mare

    you go girl! love me some spicey talk. lol I love that little print, it seems like it could be fun in something Christmasy.

  4. QuiltSue

    I’m sorry your wrist still doesn’t want to play nicely, I hope you can get it sorted out soon. I think your Winding Ways blocks done in red and white look wonderful.

  5. Siobhan

    sorry to hear the wrist isn’t 100% yet…the winding ways is beautiful though! I am trying to figure out a way to reorganize…I love the idea of being organized but the process? Not so much!

  6. LoriD

    Oh my gosh, you can be so silly! Sorry to hear your wrist is still giving you fits! That must be annoying. I’ll read what ever you want to write about:)

  7. Lisa

    Awesome Winding Ways! A swear here or there is okay. Remind to tell you what I say to John when he comments on a swear I have just flung out. He never stoops so low.

  8. Jackie

    Your winding ways is gorgeous! Love your fabric selections.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your wrist. Yes, after 11 weeks a follow up is probably a good idea. :)

  9. Jennifer

    Well, that’s a bummer about your wrist! A follow-up would be a good idea as it’s been so long, 11 weeks is quite a while. That is one pretty Winding Ways, isn’t it?

  10. Teresa

    I love love love the red and white winding ways quilt. The interplay of the red and white circles is so neat. I hope your wrist gets better soon and good idea to go to the doc. Take care!

  11. Karen

    Hi Karen……Your block is beautiful. Red and white really set each other off, don’t they? I’m so sorry that you are still having issues with your hand/wrist and hope the doctor can be of some help. I know how hard it is to wait when MS “visits” again. My daughter is struggling also and as her Mom, it really makes me hurt. If only there was a cure!

    Hang in there and know that you’re in my thoughts.

    Hugs, Karen

  12. Mrs. Goodneedle

    I love the Winding Ways, it’s definitely a favorite block in my book! You’ll be back at it soon, I have no doubts. In the meantime I can’t think of anything better than perusing the stash and appreciating every piece of fabric that you have; and you do have some beauties, Kiddo! Hugs for healing~

  13. quiltobsession

    The red and white Winding Ways is, in a word, stunning!
    I think you’re smart to go to the doctor again about your hand/wrist — might be something else he can suggest but, in the meantime, rest it!

  14. AnnieO

    Oh, blast it all! Hate to hear your stitching is on hold again! Hope it responds again to rest but am glad you have found the way to still blog with the voice method. Blog posts don’t have to be all quilt related to keep your readers interested, of course. There are always your animals and rest of your life’s doings, if you’ll share! Love your little red and white Winding Ways–that block is on my someday list…

  15. Lynda

    I’m so sorry to hear that your wrist is being a problem. I used to have a problem wrist, now it is eyeballs! At one time I could see a nit on a gnat’s nut, but now i’m like a mole! Can’t read anything without glasses. Blind as a bat! I know how frustrating it is when you want to Get On With Things. Hope your wrist responds to the tlc. I take fish oil capsules now; it is supposed to ‘help the joints’ (I guess it ‘oil’s them!)

    The Winding Ways is just stunning! Your points are perfection, and furthermore, that is one pretty lady in that picture to the left of my screen!

    Hope your wrist responds soon. Love, Lynda x

  16. LizA.

    There’s just something so classic about a two color quilt, especially when one of the colors is red :-)

    Sorry to hear the wrist still isn’t cooperating. I truly understand about the cleaning out of the room….we are in the midst of moving 22 years of stuff to a 6 month rental 1 carload at a time. Can you say ughhh? I will send you a pic I posted on FB of my fabric stash all in garbage bags, all puked up in the living room of the rental… ain’t pretty.

  17. Jill

    I have always loved the winding ways quilt block. I love your red and white one, it will get done sometime. I am sure. Sorry to hear that you are still having trouble with that wrist.
    I too have not had as much time for a lot of blogging. I have not been checking blogs or leaving comments like usual. Glad I have your posts coming straight into my email. I do enjoy whatever you have to post, quilt related or not. Thanks.

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