Cats & Quilting

My table was like this one day back when I was sewing. Kricket’s expression said it all…
“If this is how her mind works, I’m running before they put the microchip in.”




*Thank you for the outpouring of support with the passing of Tailor. I passed it on to Brenda. She was touched.

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8 thoughts on “Cats & Quilting

  1. mrsgoodneedle

    I know you must keep a tape roller close by as you work; I do,; Hannes’ fur souvenirs aren’t always appreciated! Your Kricket is gorgeous!!

  2. Elaine/MuddlingThrough

    Another “Don’t mess with me” look on a cat. I get those all the time. Good thing we love them, huh?

  3. libbyQ

    so sorry to hear of the loss of Tailor. i missed the post but after reading this one went back and read it. what a beautiful dog he was and obviously he had many other great traits as well. it is good to have a dog that lives to a ripe old age and doesn’t get hurt or sick when it leaves us but the fact is, it’s still a great loss and i’m wishing you many happy memories of him as you move through that loss.

    Kricket (and Kanga) are both gorgeous cats and clearly full of that special cat personality. isn’t it funny how a cat expects all of life to revolve around it but a dog is thouroghly okay with revolving around all of life . . . ?

  4. Jennifer

    Kricket is gorgeous! We miss our kitties, but they have sitters looking after them while we are away.

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