Quilt Show Carpenters Wheel

Hi! I’ve got a little something here. Our local Quilt Show is happening. There’s lots to say and lots share. I took a few pictures that came out (not all) but for now I had to stop and share this one.

Since I just finished my flimsy, I thought you might enjoy seeing this variation of the Carpenters Wheel. I heart this quilt in a serious way. The border work is perfect. Just perfect.

If you click the picture and really look you can see how the block is built. It’s machine pieced with some HST’s. Totally interesting. For me, this quilt is why I go to the quilt show. To see pretty, interesting quilts. To learn. I just love that.

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12 thoughts on “Quilt Show Carpenters Wheel

  1. The differences by just changing fabric is amazing – what a great design and I’m saving a picture of that border for future use.

  2. I always come away from quilt shows with a new addition to my “some-day” list! I like the border on this quilt…though I am partial to scrappy instead of such a formal look!

  3. Oh my, that is scrumptious – love the border treatment, it sets off the blocks to perfection! I can see why you like it.

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