Carpenters Wheel/Star Flimsy Finish

We have a top! (click pic) You may recall, we tried all sorts of settings and I lived with a couple on my design wall but this is the one I ultimately went with.

It feels great to have these blocks set. I absolutely loved making them. I would take them with me for handwork on sew days and I’d stitch them in the evenings on the couch watching classic movies like I do. I’d spend some days just pulling fabrics, making up new block combos.

Those half blocks were a thing. I considered making a half block but my brain got all twisted up. Ultimately I just went for the slice and dice method. I’ll share that sacrilegious experience in follow-up post. I took photos while I was doing it.

Due to the new financial constraints I’m sorta hung up on the quilting phase. I have an idea though. I am thinking straight lines top-to-bottom in the cheddar, maybe three or four and then something simple in the blocks. We shall see.

I hope you enjoy my quilt even if you aren’t a cheddar lover.

Some Stats:

  1. The blocks are hybrid pieced. Partially machine and mostly hand-pieced using Inklingo.
  2. The cheddar is a Paula Barnes Companions 1038-0128
  3. Blocks are 12″ finished.
  4. The quilt is approx 68 x 75

Have a great day and I appreciate you stopping by to share!  *karendianne.

(ps: if you haven’t tried Inklingo yet, I’m just going to use this opportunity to say – if I can do it, you can, too!)

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42 thoughts on “Carpenters Wheel/Star Flimsy Finish

  1. Congratulations on your finish!! Love that cheddar setting fabric!
    Beautiful work on all those blocks!

  2. Your blocks are beautiful and the cheddar was a great choice for the setting. You have inspired me – the Carpenter’s Wheel is now on my “Must Make” list. Isn’t it a great feeling to finish a top. Can’t wait to see how you decide to quilt it.

  3. I so applaud you on this accomplishment. This is such a hard block. It will be stunning when finished. Are you going to quilt it?

  4. Love, love, love this! How did you end up with the cheddar? I loved it when I first saw it but if I remember correctly, you weren’t in love with in when you showcased options you were considering. The half blocks are a wonderful choice too!

  5. I love all of your choices. What a GREAT quilt! Congratulations. You are a great designer. I feel very lucky to be able to see your work. Thank you for sharing. Linda & Monkey

  6. What a wonderful quilt top! Such a complicated pattern and you made it look so doable!! Love the cheddar!!

  7. I’ve used that zigzag setting a few times, and love how it looks. It’s perfect for your blocks, and the cheddar is always a hit. Thanks for showing it.

  8. Oh, the zig zag that appears in the cheddar, with your blocks offset is a grand idea! I was thinking oh, wow on your half blocks, too, must’ve been hard to cut through the beautiful wheels, but the finish is well worth the cringe factor. Really, this is a beautiful design call ~

  9. a fabulous setting choice and the cheddar is awesome~!!~
    well done and congrats on the flimsy finish. i love that it’s perfectly colored for the new fall season we’re entering into.

  10. What a scrumptious collage of deliciousness! It is stunning. Just makes me all smiley and happy looking at it. Ya done good!

  11. Love, love, love it! The cheddar was the way to go in the end. For my quilting, something simple is the method for me these days.

  12. Absolutely stunning! I’m not a cheddar person, but I really like it in this quilt. It sets the blocks off beautifully. Congratulations!

  13. My grandson would say you really pimped the blocks up with the cheddar. These teens have their own language. In this case he hit the nail on the head. Absolutely the “cats meow!!” You did a marvelous job.

  14. That particular shade of cheddar is an inspired choice, you know – it works so well and sets off your work making the blocks beautifully. I get financial constraints too! If there was no such thing in this household I would be flying at the pointy end of the plane, believe me. I like to say, I was cut out to be rich but I was sewed up wrong……..

  15. Karen, Absolutely stunning, gorgeous, perfect!! LOVE the cheddar and the blocks are just wonderful together! What a great job and accomplishment. Major points!! hehe Congrats!! Hugs, Ruth :)

  16. Perfect… absolutely perfect… the cheddar, the setting, the blocks…. Congratulations! Ya done good!

  17. Squealing here! I thought you had discarded the cheddar idea and am really thrilled it made the grade. This is fabulous! Half blocks don’t really work, you have to make at least 2/3 blocks for enough seam allowance, so I don’t think you were sacreligious :P Oh, I just adore this setting and all the scrappy goodness of the wheels. Congrats!

  18. I’m so delighted you went for the cheddar in the end :) It works perfectly with your beautiful blocks. I love how you have set them too. Congratulations on getting the top together and good luck with the quilting. This is going to be one most beautiful quilt!!

  19. Lovely! I have watched you make these carpenter stars and have ♥ed every one. It’s not cheesy at all!

  20. Ok, ya’ got me. I may not be a cheddar lover but it really does work here, very well I might add. Just beautiful.

  21. Mistress Leehaven – that quilt top TOOK MY BREATH AWAY when I opened your blog this morning. Oh my goodness – those beautiful blocks set in cheddar? Genius! And the setting with the half blocks? Nobel Prize Winning Genius! I love, love, love this quilt.

  22. Your flimsy is FABULOUS … I understand financial constraints, but this one deserves to shine – it is GORGEOUS!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

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