A Bundle and a Stack

This bundle has been safely resting in my hutch ever since it was passed on to me. I love this color combination so much I couldn’t open it. I was loving it to death poor fabric. I shared this murderous behavior of mine with another quilter and she did her job. I don’t know what it was she said but whatever it was, I busted it open with every intention of cutting into it.

Then I couldn’t decide what to make because I didn’t want to waste it without plan and I couldn’t settle on four colors or whether or not to add a background? I’m still not sure.  …and lord knows we certainly can’t cut an itty bitty piece off the corner of each FQ and just lay those out – well we couldn’t. I just thought of that writing. Talking helps. Look how you infused my creativity! I’ve got to put it up for now but I’ll remember this.

Happily found some time to start a little project that’s been in my heart. I won’t get this finished before the end of the week but I did whip out these 72 scrappy 2″ finished HST’s today. I don’t think I’ve ever made 72 HSTs in one day. I was focused!!!

I did want to share the link to the Inklingo Blog with you. Lately the posts have been so dramatic and creative. If you get some time, take a look thru – don’t just stop at one. I thought the idea of using different size arcs in the Double Wedding Ring was awesome not to mention the variety of layouts. I hope you’ll stop in there and take a look. I just like sharing how neat it is. That’s all.

Oh Wait! One last thing. For the first time I came close to doing serious damage to my left index finger with my 65mm Olfa. Yep. I walked away from that with a slit like a paper cut. Whew…


14 thoughts on “A Bundle and a Stack

  1. ooohhhh looks like my perfect bundle! LOL very pretty fabrics you will enjoy working with them

  2. 72 HST – WOW I’m impressed… well done …and you be careful there…very careful. Dont ever want to hear things even remotely like paper cuts :)

  3. i have no doubts that you will do great things with both the bundle and the stack . . . IF you are careful and don’t cut your fingers any more~!

    :- )

  4. oooo those look like fun! I have the same problem. I have a pack of FQ that are still tied together that I received for Christmas in 2010!

  5. Now, I wonder what you are going to make with those HST’s? I’m just glad that you cut into that bundle and had some fun!

  6. What a beautiful bundle of fabric! It’s going to make a lovely quilt….if you ever cut into it! LOL

  7. Yipes! Be careful. Glad the damage was not bad. That is a beautiful stack of colors. Can’t wait to see what your fertile brain cooks up for it.

  8. What a pretty bundle–can’t wait to see what they become. good job one the half square tri’s–do you have a plan for them? Ouch on the rotary cutter–been there, done that and lost a good chunk off the side of my fingertip one time……

  9. Oh be careful we can’t have you cutting yourself, that won’t do. I love the fabric bundle, it does look very luscious. Great going on the hst!

  10. Rotary cutters are dangerous…..I remember a woman at a workshop telling how she cut the top off her ear with one. She forgot that the blade was open when she waved it at a fly that was buzzing around. What a luscious bundle of goodies is that fat quarter bundle!

  11. Whew… I’m glad your left index finger is semi-okay! I use one of those gripper/handle things and it’s saved me many a time…

    I know what you mean about a pretty FQ bundle like that… somethings just seem to need to be admired as is… I’m sure you’ll come up with something special to use them for!

    Congrats on 72(!) HSTs in one day! Amazing….

  12. Oh dear! I’m commenting about your index finger…..You are more than lucky! You know that now, don’t you? It makes me cringe! So glad that you got out of this one easily!

    I am impressed with the Inklingo Blog! Once I get a few things (sewing wise) under control…I’ll seriously look into this. I had no idea how it really worked! Looks amazing!

    Happy quilting!

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