Ahh Geez

Disregard all those posts in Google Reader if you see them.  I was messing around with my stuff and ended up (apparently) re-posting a few old post.  Gee Wiz!

8 comments to Ahh Geez

  1. quiltsalott says:

    Oh dear, never mind. I wish that when I delete a post, it would delete from google reader.

  2. quiltobsession says:

    I wish we could make little changes to old posts without them appearing in Reader like that! It’s happened to me too.

  3. julie[email protected] says:

    I’ve felt for days, deep inside me, that something was afoot with you … when I popped open the reader this am and saw FIVE next to your blog, I hurried on over and learned that my inner self was right, that there has been something afoot (with the rabbits in the stash and the beauty of simplicity and the roll of emotions and the journey with MS) … blessings and hugs and continued connections!

  4. Elaine/MuddlingThrough says:

    So glad to know I’m not the only one who “muddles”!

  5. imperamagnai says:

    No worries…. admire you for keeping up with the times, my dear!

  6. Jennifer says:

    OK……but you had me worried there for a minute! *grin*

  7. Julie Letvin says:

    Ahhhh….technology….ain’t it great?!

  8. paulathequilter says:

    Holy crap! You had me, dear.

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