I’m Dumped!

I’m the second of three Design Walls at LeeHaven and it’s FANTASTIC TO MEET YOU.  See me there below?  That’s me with the hand-pieced blocks and the bits of fabric tot eh left and the machine pieced blocks and the EQ design for a quilt in the workshop that needs frogging.  I’m the balanced, healthy and peaceful Design Wall.   I listen to classical and back room trippy tunes.  If I were my friend I’d dig me because I’m always in a state of play.  You see, all new things start with me and naturally that means I get a lot of attention.  I’m close to my person.  Because my person does lots of different things, new things, I get to see all the cool stuff.  Mostly things go well but recently they didn’t.

My person planned to make this flying geese block you see there but didn’t plan.  A planner that doesn’t plan her fabric.  That’s my person.  She doesn’t ever check to see if she has enough fabric for any ideas she has.  I don’t know why because she sure could save a lot of time if she would just think things thru.  That’s the only thing I’m going to let slip this go-around but I could tell stories!  Well, actually she has a tendency to throw half-made, frustrating blocks in the trash.  Oops.  Hope she doesn’t delete my voice.  Better apply Vegas Rules here.  You know, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Inspired by Bloomin' Workshop - 16.5" block

Still, I can’t help this one.  The flying geese block you see on me was a bit of a problem. If you click on the picture you’ll see she had to “make do” with a different fabric. She didn’t plan. She didn’t check to see if she’d have enough of the blue to make this block. She just started sewing and piecing and realized at the end that she was 6.5″ short.  With a grumpy attitude, she went stash diving and made the block work.  This created some tension but she did it and now she’s happy.  So much so that she made a second block.   I didn’t get to wear the second block.  I do all the hard work then the blocks leave.  I loose my balance then.  It’s hard when I’m Dumped!  They go onto other Design Walls.  I do hear about it.  She thinks I don’t know about this but I do.  She’s not very good at hiding secrets from me.  When you’re kicked to the side of the curb, you find ways to see what’s going on around this place.  I have ways.  Still, I’m often Dumped.  I can’t decide how I feel about being dumped for So Used and that other Design Wall which I’m not talking to now – AT ALL.

My only condolence here is that I get to wear special pieces of fabric and ideas.

Regardless, I get over this penchant for dumping me and I find contentment in being the First Design Wall.  Balanced, Healthy and mostly Peaceful!

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23 thoughts on “I’m Dumped!

  1. AnnieO

    Hey, you’re maybe being dumped on but boy you have a way with words! I can’t say a bad thing about anything you are sporting on your surface :)

  2. julie

    You know, dear design wall…every day can’t be a holiday!! so grin and bear it and enjoy those good times when your talented owner “uses you” in the best of ways !! Tell Karen I love her blocks, by the way!

  3. Gretchen

    Oh please don’t feel so bad dear dumped. I don’t even have a design wall here at Stella Bella Quilts. I use the floor in which case blocks get stepped on and rolled on and tossed about by the cats. Peace (piece) and serenity of a design wall is not to be in this house (we lack sufficient empty wall space and also have a housemate that doesn’t like clutter—entirely wrong house to live in for that). Although fleeting, your design space is the most important–the beginning of a great idea. And tell your person not to throw perfectly acceptable blocks away. I have yet to see a block that can’t be used for something (even filling an orphan block box)

  4. Mare

    shhhhh don’t tell the Lady, but you can come visit my design wall and have a nice time together, bring all the fabric that will stick to you though………….. shhhhhhh

  5. Em

    I like that you used different fabrics. But you know me, the scrappier the better. I love the circle blocks on your lovely wall.

  6. Teresa

    Now lookie here, Ms Design Wall – you look pretty spiffy to me and you should thank your person for so colorfully dressing you each day. Afterall, she saves the creative, spontanity for your enjoyment – you get to say, “I wore it first!”

  7. Candace

    Ahhh, little dumped Grasshopper – when we look into the heart of another, we most often see our own…..ancient Squash proverb.

  8. Kay

    Hey, your person is just following the old quilting tradition of “making do”. And I’d demand that other block back, because those blocks are AWESOME!

  9. Crispy

    Don’t be too hard on your “Person” at least she has given you the best part of the process. I, however, have to do EVERYTHING and when she’s done I sit empty…..sigh…..

    Crispy’s currently empty design wall

  10. Sally

    Dear Dumped: The others are right, you get to try on all the latest and greatest. And what’s your response? You get a little bit snitty about it! You need to relax and let the others do the grunt work and production line modelling while you get to bask in the trendy new stuff. It’s not “making do,” it’s “a design decision” and if she uses you for all of her design decisions you’re in a rare position of privilege!

    p.s. – I bet nearly all of her friends have lots of “design decisions” of their own hanging around, so you may want to tread lightly on that topic!

  11. Jennifer

    Seems (or should that be seams?) to me that you are the ‘ideas’ wall…..a good place to be, I would say! All great projects have their starting point in an idea. When those projects go on to bigger and better things, you can have the satisfaction of thinking “it all started here”……..

  12. Elly D

    Dear Dumped, Oh how you made me smile when I read your post ;) )) Firstly, I would like to say that I’m very pleased we have met :) and I must also say you do look lovely wearing all those beautiful blocks, including two sunflower blocks that are to die for. So I don’t think you should feel you’ve been dumped. As for the big block that has a different fabric in it… well if you hadn’t mentioned it was different I wouldn’t have noticed… it is such a close match that I had to look hard to find it…. spot the odd one out. Oh and I love those yummy pies and tarts. I think I’m going to have to have words with my design wall to smarten itself up or it may well be dumped for sure ;)

  13. quiltobsession

    Dear Dumped in Florida:
    At least you get to stay up all the time and see all the good stuff before it moves on (or off, I suppose) to one of your companion walls and get daily attention from your quilter! You clearly mean more to your quilter than you know if she’s willing to share so many cool things with you! Around here, I get temporarily put up with masking tape, get bits of things put on me and then am torn down almost immediately, folded up and shoved on a heap. No appreciation whatsoever! Got room for another wall there – I may have to run away!
    Abused Wall in Toronto

  14. LizA.

    You may feel like you’re being dumped, but in reality you are the Star baby! You are the one that gets shown off to us, your adoring public way more than those other guys. You are the one always there showing us the latest and greatest. You are “It” baby!

  15. Mrs. Goodneedle

    You are taking it well. I’m impressed!
    … and even though I’ve been accused of talking to walls, I’ll have you know it’s a pleasure to meet you and learn your secrets. However, if this ever comes up, I’m all about reinstating that Vegas rule for myself.

  16. [email protected]

    KD – you really need to box up some of those orphans and send them my way so I can create you a special quilt like I did for Lynne . . . . think about it and let me know!

  17. JoAnn,

    You are certainly a nice chatty wall – that should keep “her” company when she is sewing and planning and enjoying!!!

  18. Vicki W

    It seem to me that you are the best wall because you are the center of creativity. Those other walls are for projects that are underway. The decisions have been made and now it’s just drudgery of wearing block after block of the same thing. Yawn. You get all of the ideas and energy. Celebrate!

  19. Anne Ida

    Oh, you poor thing – getting dumped sucks!!! But I do feel you have the plus side over the other design walls in this polygamous relationship with your person – you get all the creativity, the ideas, the trials, the frustrations when things go wrong (ex the shortage of fabric) and the joy when things works out for your person (ex when she finds the perfect substitute). Yes, the other design walls do get the finished products, but there’s a lot of emotion directed at you that you should treasure! And look at all the pretty blocks you are currently wearing ;-)

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