Alabama Beauty Quilted, Bound & Finished

Welcome to LeeHaven!  Today I’m sharing my most recent finish.  I hope you enjoy viewing as much as I enjoy sharing.  Do let me know you stopped by & feel free to share any thoughts.

Detail block

with Backing fabric

  • Size:  54.5 x 65
  • Fabrics:  Civil War Reproductions
  • Pattern:  Evolved naturally
  • Block:  Alabama Beauty with Inklingo Orange Peel Deluxe collection.
  • Secondary Pattern:  Butterfly, Circles, Tip of Trumpet
  • Piecing:  Hand pieced blocks.  Machined rows together.
  • Quilting:  Custom by Deb Geyer.
  • Binding:  Scrappy
  • Start to finish:  10-12 months

Kay, a friend of mine, has this way of sharing reflective thoughts on the creative process when a piece is complete.  I’d like to attempt to do a little of that (with her in mind) and see what you think.
The learning curve for hand piecing this particular block w/ a new tool – Inklingo – wasn’t really hard (not easy) but it took some determination and it took Cathi.  

What surprised me the most wasn’t that I tried something new although, at the time, that was a big deal.  No, the attempt wasn’t the big deal.  What surprised me the most was that I had a tool that allowed me to create this amazing block.  All of a sudden I could make that?!  Hand piecing/inklingo is a whole new world for me.

Now, color placement was the most difficult thing I came up against.  I’m glad I chose the off-white backgrounds but I think this could have been so much more dramatic had I chosen just a handful of colors.   I think I might have gone with red and apple green!  ;)

Yet, oddly enough, what I found the most difficult is somehow what I like.  The variety.  Creativity isn’t always so clear cut.  It’s “I love it, I like it and yet…”  At least for me.  I guess I like the variety and the effort.  I can see where I truly made the effort to balance out the blocks.  You may not see it but I can tell.  

And Green.  This was the first quilt where I became aware Green needed to be in my quilts.  I have a good stash of green but I don’t use it a lot.   Lynn did that for me.  Brought the green blocks into the quilt.  

Finally I’d have to say one of the most treasured things I experienced from this long term quiltmaking is how much you make a difference.  I’ve had so much fun sharing each new block and you’ve been so wonderful supporting me.  I feel like we did this together.  Gosh, and I realized we made this quilt together in the middle of the AB quilt.  How did we do that?  Well, hand piecing is one of those after 6pm activities.

So there we have it, final thoughts.  With much gratitude for all your on-going support and kindness, *karendianne.

(ps:  if you would like to see what Inklingo looks like w/ HST’s you can click here )

51 thoughts on “Alabama Beauty Quilted, Bound & Finished

  1. Nan

    A stunningly gorgeous quilt AND post, KD. Your words flow beautifully in describing your creative journey – I am in awe. Thank you so much for sharing this special quilt.

  2. Candace

    OMG – I am having a quiet moment of awe here. Miss Karen, you have totally outdone yourself and please, please, do it some more! I totally see the heart and thought that went into this beauty's making – and the hands – oh, my – there are no words. Beautiful, just beautiful, my friend.

  3. Deb Sews Quilts

    It is so beautiful. I read your blog regularly and have enjoyed the journey of this quilt.

  4. Janet

    What a sensational finish!! I love it and you can be very proud of this beauty. I know you went through a big learning curve with this one and I loved reading your thoughts on the process. Congratulations.

  5. libbyquilter

    it's beautiful and i loved reading your thoughts on the finished piece and the process~! what a great idea . . .


  6. Charlsey

    Beautiful quilt and wonderful accomplishment. I love your scrappy binding. Thanks for sharing your reflective thoughts. Very cool

  7. Rose Marie

    We were with you every stitch on the way to this beauty …. lovely, lovely, lovely ….

  8. Greenmare

    oh Lady it's just BEAUTIFUL!!! and I'm so excited that it's for me! ;-) I love those blocks, sometimes they make me think of butterflies, and sometimes flowers and it's just so pretty!!!

  9. Jackie

    Just beautiful! I love that you've shared what you've learned and what surprised you about making this quilt.

  10. Susan

    Flippin' AWESOME!!! Okay, that is one cool looking quilt and the quilting just adds to the wonderful job you did. YES, thank you for all of the facts and figures at the beginning, kinda like buying a car you wanna know what you are getting and pics can be so deceiving…so thank you for that.

    Hey chickie, you were looking pretty darn sporty today, hope that holds up…miss seeing you more….hugs…Susan

  11. W. Latane Barton

    Oh my word, that is gorgeous!! I love the pattern, the colors, the quilting. Does it need a home? Just asking. hehe

  12. Karen

    The quilt is beautiful. The quilting design certainly adds to its beauty and is so appropriate.

    I have been intrigued by Inklingo but have to try it. One design in particular. I am glad you shared your thoughts on the things you learned and the tools you used in making your quilt.

  13. Irene

    Karen that quilt is absolutely gorgeous!!! I've enjoyed watching it's progress and you should be very proud.

  14. Helen (Mimi)

    Your quilt is absolutely beautiful. You've done an incredible job and it truly is an heirloom.

  15. JackieDi

    It is absolutely beautiful. You did a wonderful job and so did Deb. You can both be proud of this one.

  16. Lisa D.

    It's a stunning work of art. Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilt and your journey with us.

  17. Ann Champion

    Oh wow…you must be over the moon happy with this stunning quilt?! Your careful selection of fabrics/color pairs really shows. The piecing is fabulous..and the quilting compliments it perfectly!
    I really enjoyed peeking in as you made this quilt, and hearing the thought process as you decided the various choices you had to make. Thank you for sharing with us. :)

  18. grendelskin

    Good thing it's finished; if it got any more beautiful you'd have people fainting all over their keyboards and you'd be responsible for taking down the Internet! Truly, you've made an heirloom-quality piece that you should be immensely proud of; give yourself a huge hug!

  19. Kathryn

    The quilting is just as stunning as the quilt itself. You have created a real treasure. Kathie L in Allentown

  20. julieQ

    How truly gorgeous…the peace (piece) you found doing it, and the relationships that flourished during the creation…I love your quilt!!

  21. mzeitz

    Congrats on completing a beautiful quilt. The blocks float and the quilting is the icing on the cake. Well done!

  22. YankeeQuilter

    Love it…love it…love it…

    Such a wonderful quilt and what a great reflection on the process. You rock!

  23. Quiltdivajulie

    Congrats on the finish – it is absolutely wonderful. Good to see you sharing your process thinking with us (and your piecing work still amazes me)!


  24. Muddling Through

    Karen, it is stunningly beautiful. Makes my heart happy just to look at it, and what a magnificent job of quilting, too! Wowsers. I just can't say enough good about it. It's a work of art. Ya done good!!!!

  25. Lynda (Granny K)

    Absolutely fabulous! Stunning! Wonderful! and what beautiful quilting too. You must be very proud and rightly so! xx

  26. Jill

    Karendianne, The quilt is absolutely beautiful! I love the variety of colors. You must be so pround of this quilt. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  27. Rebecca P

    What a beautiful quilt!!! You are one talented lady. Loved seeing your progress & now seeing it finished. Deb did such beautiful quilting. You now have a treasure.

  28. stacie

    KAREN!!!!!!!!!!!wow-wow-wow…what a gorgeous alabama beauty! your work never ceases to amaze…
    xoxo stace

  29. Karen

    Stunningly beautiful and perfectly sewn! Great job, Karen! The machine quilting really sets it off. Congratulations to you and enjoy this beauty!

    Hugs, Karen

  30. LizA.

    OH.MY.GOODNESS!!! It is perfect, just the way it is. And the feathers!! Wow! You should be so proud of yourself. I agree, color placement can be very challenging. But I'd say you nailed it here! GREAT JOB!

  31. House of Mouse

    This is on it's way to Oregon right! lol

    Another beautiful finish…I wish I had your talent. You are so brave and will try and succeed at every block you do.

  32. Nancy, Near Philadelphia

    The word for this quilt is exquisite. In every way. And I really like your reflective process. Bravo!

  33. AnnieO

    It is really beautiful! The blocks were gorgeous enough, but the quilting really showcases them. I'm glad you are “going green”, my favorite color. It's hard for me to make a quilt that DOESN'T have green in it, LOL!

  34. Karen

    KD, I am so proud for you!! This quilt is such a beauty and is so full of memories for you. I have loved watching it grow and become and how I wish I could see it in person. Congratulations on every level, it's wonderful!

  35. Cathi

    Such a stunning, beautiful quilt! I agree — it is definitely an heirloom!
    Love the quilting, it is absolutely perfect for the pattern!
    Have you made the label for it yet? This one really deserves a great label!

  36. Lori

    KarenDianne, you did such a beautiful job and the quilting really enhances the beauty of the blocks. Wow! Amazing!

  37. The Calico Cat

    I knwo I am the fist one to comment, but am I the only one who read “Alabama Beauty Queen…”

    Nice quilt, you did a great job with the piecing.

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