Finished – The Autobiography of Cheddar!

In her note she said “Sometimes quilts like to design themselves.”  That was a plum precious piece of information.  Why, it’s right up there with “Don’t worry, they’re printing new fabric as we speak.”  A thought that can just make you chill out!!! 

I have one of those really good ones.  “Don’t blog when you’re tired.”  Actually, there are a lot of “states” one must be in when blogging.  Half-asleep and angry come to mind.  I’m breaking one of my rules.  I’m tired but I’m simultaneously thrilled.  My cheddar quilt is finished.  Blocks are 6″ finished.

My cheddar quilt is now hereby named:  The Autobiography of Cheddar.

A quilt that came out bigger than I thought it was going to.  Boy you sure can see the extra half-inch in the border.  Glad I worked that out.  Boy it sure made a difference. Yeah.  I can see that made a huge difference.  Those larger borders really were just the right thing though.  hee!
Oh, I’m cute.  My mommy loved making these blocks and look… She used a red stop border instead of a block one.  Black would have been better.
Pretty border fabric.
Thank you Linda for your help.
Thank you everyone!!! 

50 thoughts on “Finished – The Autobiography of Cheddar!

  1. Anne Ida

    Were you happy dancing when you did this post??? I sure was when I saw it!!!! Woooohooo!!! It is finished!!! And it is a BEAUTY!!! I think that red works very well, thinking perhaps a black might have been a bit harsh. Aren't you happy you pressed on and did it?? A biiiig congratulations hug from me!!!

    Oh, I'm going to happy dance a bit more *lol*

    PS! I have misplaced your snail mail addy – could you please e-mail it to me?

  2. Ann Champion

    I've been gone for a few days and I'm just getting caught up with my blog visits. I was surprised to see your gorgeous quilt has it's borders now! It's absolutely stunning. It was fun watching the progress and decision making along the way…and by're right..that extra 1/2″ is perfect. ;)

  3. Karen

    Maybe I haven't had enough coffee or something, but I can't figure out if you CAN tell the difference or you CAN'T tell the difference with the whole 1/2″ thing. Maybe it doesn't matter that I can't figure it out. It's a great looking quilt anyway!!!!

  4. Gretchen

    Beautiful! Wonderful! Fabulous! This quilt needs a celebratory parade! Really! (I was listening to a BBC podcast about parades so that's what made me think of parades) I think I am stuck on exclamation points now too! Maybe it's the heat! Big hugs for you and your cheddar quilt!

  5. Rebecca P

    It turned out so beautiful, you have made me fall in love with cheddar. I have always love the cheese, but now want to go get some of the fabric.
    I know one shouldn't blog when one is tired, but I have found for you list, one should not blog while having a glass of wine either.
    Happy weekend.

  6. Sew Create It - Jane

    It looks amazing!! I'm so glad you didn't wait until you were rested to blog about it ;o)

  7. Rose Marie

    That quilt is just screaming gorgeous! Wonderful finish and all you have to do now is get it quilted and bound and it will be wonderful to snuggle under for a nap!

  8. Tazzie

    Just beautiful Karen sweetie darling. And you're right about quilts designing themselves. I'm sure quilts speak to us while we're making them – it's the 'hearing them' that's the tricky bit.

  9. Quiltdivajulie

    I like the red stop border … like it A LOT (so glad you did not use black).


    Congratulations and hugs all around!

  10. Nan

    Loverly setting for a VERY loverly quilt! You've outdone yourself, G Binx! The name is perfection, too.
    You have once again been my inspiration for the day, and for that I humbly thank you.

  11. Sandy

    WOW I drop away from the computer for a “few days” for a visit with my son and you have done a “FEW WEEKS” work in the same time period, LOL! the cheddar is superb-looks great under that arbor- and your banner is eye candy- I have to make sure I check in more frequently, Sandy

  12. The Calico Cat

    You outer borders are too big. :oP
    Oh & you better not use black for the binding either… RED!

  13. Janet

    Awesome finish! You did a fantastic job of the border. I hope you sleep well after that marathon effort. I love, love the quilt.

  14. Karen

    Good for you! Great finish….beautiful.

    Now you can go get some rest, maybe?

    Hugs, Karen

  15. Kay

    You always bring a beautiful new spin to the traditional blocks—makes me appreciate them more. This quilt is a perfect example of that. Great job.

  16. Andrea

    My quilts ALWAYS take on a life of their own and come out bigger than planned – lol ! This is a beauty and I think the red little border works really well – maybe black would have been too ” in your face ” – well done missus xxx

  17. QuiltSue

    It's great. I love the border fabric and how it picks out the reds without shouting too loud.

  18. libbyquilter

    applause ~ applause ~ applause ~!!~
    very nice work and a gorgeous finished piece~!!!~


  19. Mary

    Your Cheddar is beautiful. I really like the lattice. It is perfect and sets off the blocks nicely.

  20. Exuberant Color

    Well that is one huge quilt and it turned out great. Red was perfect for the narrow border.

  21. Miriam

    That is a really beautiful quilt! I keep coming back and admiring it.
    I love your border fabric.

  22. Karen

    I just had to see what The Biography of Cheddar was about. Cheese? Color? You never know with you.

  23. Lori

    That extra 1/2″ all around is amazing! I think it really makes the quilt!!!! It wouldn't have been the same without that extra bit!! LOLROF!!
    It's rather xscrappy too!!! My favorite kind of quilt!!!

  24. em's scrapbag

    This is such a beautiful quilt. It's got me saying cheese and smiling from ear to ear. :)

  25. Jennifer

    Well now, that is one handsome quilt. Isn't it amazing how big a quilt can come from small blocks?

  26. Muddling Through

    Simply beautiful! You've got yourself a masterpiece there, definitely one that will be worth handing down.

  27. julieQ

    Just beautiful! What a very pretty finish…I am so glad for you, that quilt will be just right to snuggle this winter.

  28. Pat

    You'd better not be leaving that quilt hangin' on the fence tonight, chica. I have frequent flyer miles & will be in your back yard at midnight.

    It really turned out well. Quite handsome indeed.

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