Finished Cheddar Cheese & Crackers

Cheddar Cheese and Crackers is finished!  For those of you that haven’t been following Humble Quilts, this is a old Vintage Quilt that Lori resized in EQ for us to work on together as a Doll Quilt – Quilt along.

I’ve included a little bit on the fabrics since, well, Daphanie’s stash is in here and I like to highlight that – she’s ever important.  Whenever this one gets quilted it’ll be proudly on display at LeeHaven but as of this moment I can’t say when that’ll be.

[click photo to enlarge]

Lots of work went into this little quilt – pieces are 1.5″ and it finishes around 24-25″ but to tell you the truth, I haven’t measured yet.  I was just thrilled my weekend focus for a finish was achieved!  I was close to a finish on Friday but still had a bit of work to put in.
Upon reflection I think I could have read the directions (many more times) and put some time towards thinking about my fabrics and how this came together.  If I were to have put the effort in on the front end, that is – to learn the mechanics – it may have saved me a lot of work on the back end.
However, were I to plan I never would have let those double pinks fall directly underneath one another and I certainly wouldn’t have added to the situation my tossing in the little bit of sweet striped pink (sadly no longer find-able).  
I never would have done that.  It bothered my sense of order from the first time I noticed it.  Nothing could be done about it at that point.  Not when it was coming together.  There was no un-doing and entire color scheme.  Note the use of un-doing and not simply unsewing.  Trust me.  Color removal was not happening once committed to for this Quilter.  Perhaps another quilter but not the Mistress of LeeHaven.  
But golly gosh y’all, I sure am glad I didn’t plan because that’s one of the elements about this little reproduction quilt that I adore.  Turns out I like the way the pinks fall in this piece.  I’m pleased.  I’m ever so pleased.

No.  I’m not simply pleased.  I’m Proud.  This was a special finish for me!  I hope y’all enjoy looking at my version and the other ladies that haunt Humble Quilts.  She’s a great lady to get to know and I’ve really enjoyed this Quilt -a-long.  

I’d also like to especially thank you for allowing me to share my weekend Finish with you.  What good is a Show-and-Tell if no one shows up for the tell?  I mean really? 

*karendianne. The Mistress of LeeHaven 
who is pretty sure it’s back to binding time which 
means surely I get some fun time for me to in between the cracks!

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44 thoughts on “Finished Cheddar Cheese & Crackers

  1. Gretchen

    You should be proud!!! It is the most fantabulous little cheddary quilt. Simply wonderful!! I am waiting for the snow to start in the ATL. It is cold here again and the kitties were curled up like little black and stripey kitty danishes this AM. Sending early V-day hugs and wishes to all at Leehaven.

  2. Belinda

    WOW….this turned out fantabulous!
    I nearly started this one too but I had just started one that was a similar design….the one in my last post. I may still have to do this one 'cause yours looks so good and I love Humble Quilts Blog too!!!
    You have been keeping busy over here being all crafty and such!! Love the wild colors you are working with…I too pulled some wild colors out today….maybe it's the cloudy days…I NEEDED
    some brightness therapy!!

  3. Jan

    Your cheddar turned out beautifully – I didn't notice the pinks were lined up until you pointed it out. Besides, I think that is a modern aesthetic. We try to balance our quilts so much more than our quilting foremothers. So, don't fret – it's charming!

  4. em's scrapbag

    It is a darling little quilt. I love when I have those kind of furtunate accidents, like yours with the pink. Hey do you mind telling me a little of how a quilt along works. I've been wanting to do something like that, but don't know how. Thanks :)

  5. Teresa

    Congratulations on a beautiful finish. Now you can kick back, have a glass of wine and enjoy yrou cheese and crackers.

  6. julieQ

    Karen, it is perfect. Love it!! Your piecing is so precise and wonderful…I am glad we shared this journey together, for it is from your blog that I found out that Lori was doing this. Bravo!!

  7. Darcie

    This is simply adorable! I love how the colors fell together. I think all too much, some quilters fret about color placement. This thing called quilting…it's still supposed to be enjoyable, right!?!

    Daphanie is smiling down, I'm sure of it.

  8. Marie (once The Tile Lady)

    Wonderful finish! It's definitely a lot of hard work–that's evident. Looks great! Thanks for coming by my tile blog and commenting on my tile process! Glad to have you on the quilt blog too. Thanks!


  9. Millie

    Karen Dee, what a beautiful Cheddar and Cheese Quilt. The orange fabric reminds me of the very, very old quilts. I love the pink fabric in the quilt. Congratulations on another great finished quilt. It was so much fun to follow you working on this beauty. What is coming next?

  10. Mary

    I think your Cheddar Cheese and Crackers is wonderful. I am glad you finally came around to see what we all knew from the beginning. It is beautiful just the way it is. When I make a scrap quilt, I never worry where the colors fall. Sometimes the same color touches and sometimes it doesn't. It can be difficult to get out of that structured box!

  11. YankeeQuilter

    I too am getting better about using those last bits of fabrics that I love (like that pink stripe!)

    Your quilt looks wonderful!

  12. Taryn

    I love the fabric notes you included in your photo. All the fabrics are great, but it pleased me to see that we used the same Jo Morton cheddar in our quilts. I know it is a wrench using up the last bits of a favorite pink stripe, but I am thinking you'll be even happier admiring it in your quilt than you were when it was just part of the stash. Of course, I am still hoarding the last bits of my favorite pink stripe.

  13. Nan

    This looks like an antique quilt to me. I love the way the colors are set into it! You should be proud – it's beautiful!

  14. Lori

    It's absolutely wonderful! At first glance I wasnt happy where my colors fell either but I love your perspective! The fabrics are happy together. Thanks so much for joining in on the fun!!

  15. Quiltdivajulie

    So, what do you s'pose our foremothers did when they ran short of their preferred color?!?!?

    I love working through the issues, I love how things just “happen,” I love the way you made this work SO well despite your misgivings, and I LOVE vintage looking quilts that are NOT all “just so” …

    You should absolutely be PROUD of this beauty!

  16. Carol

    I love it! I just love it! It's perfect the way it is…that's the way they would have done it in the 1800's! Just wonderful!

  17. QuiltSue

    Don't worry about the colours. It wouldn't matter where you put the blocks on your wall, they all wait till you aren't looking then shuffle round so they can sit next to their best friends.

  18. teresa

    Love, love, love it!!!! A quilt needs those quirky little interesting bits… my string quilt has the same fabric showing up in 3 joining blocks… I was concerned at first, but now after reading your post, I believe that's a part of my quilt I now love to bits! Thanks as always and I am so glad you got it all together this weekend. xx

  19. Cathi

    Congratulations — a wonderful finish!! I love how the pinks just show up where they want to. Sometimes it's happy accidents like that that really make a little quilt — and I think that happened in this case.

  20. Sandie ~call me crazy

    Oh I just love it! You should be proud~ it is gorgeous! And very true to its heritage. :-)

  21. Kay

    I like the way the other colors show up in here; it's not obvious until you look closely. Very nice job. You're wonderful at those tiny pieces.

  22. Lurline

    Gorgeous, KarenDianne! You have captured the essence of an antique quilt – and nothing could be better than that!
    Hugs – Lurline♥

  23. Karen

    Wonderful! You've been quite busy quilting but I have not. So, after seeing this, I'm inspired to get back to the quilting room.

    Great job on this one!

  24. Julie in the Barn

    So here I am first for the comments. It's beeooteeful. I played along, too, and learned a whole bunch about piecing teeny tiny squares. I actually made a second version!! My repro stash was pretty limited and has been enhanced since doing this little ditty. I'm now in love with cheddar.

  25. Paula

    I like it when similar fabrics show up near each other. It's like they seek each other out. It's serendipity! You CC&C's is lovely.

    I cut out the cheddar and a few pieces but didn't finish it. It involved too much thinking. I'm hoping to go back at some point and finish it. Sometimes the old brain rejects new info. I must forget something first, before I can learn something new I suppose…

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