Finishing Cabin Tracks

Thought you might like to see Cabin Tracks finished – just w/o the border.

  1. Top (w/o borders) approx 2 months start to finish. I’ve never clocked my time. No idea if this is a record but it sure feels amazing.
  2. Block size 7.5″ – finished
  3. 48 total blocks – 4 sets (set A, B, C, D)
  4. Center square – 2.5′ – un-finished
  5. Sashing strips – 11 strip sets (consisting of 15 assorted 1×22″ strips)
  6. Current size (w/o border) approx 60 x 79
  7. Pattern listed in the BHG Quilt Sampler for American Patchwork & Quilting, – Summer 2003. You can find the pattern listed on the web by clicking here or going back thru your 2003 Quilt Sampler magazines. It’s on the front.

I haven’t settled on a border treatment but idea’s are forming as well as with name (no decision yet). I think I’ve mentioned this one is heavy with all those seams so I’m mulling over my batting choices. As for the quiltmaking, I’ll give it to you in four words: This was a blast!

Not my favor quilt though. A little too modern looking to suit my taste. Not saying I don’t like it. I do. Just not exactly my style. It’s somewhat masculine looking and I believe that, in hand with the modern look doesn’t do it for me. I like it though. It’s a cool quilt. It is. I have happy feelings with it since I enjoyed the process. …and that – enjoying the process – is what it’s all about, isn’t it?

40 thoughts on “Finishing Cabin Tracks

  1. Anne Ida

    Oh, yes! Enjoying the process is very much what quilting is about! And sometimes it comes out as something you really don't like, but most of the time you end up with a beauty, like you have here! Now you just have to figure out those borders :o) Have fun!!!

  2. Jan

    I love your quilt, and agree with Millie – you may have been looking at it too long to truly appreciate it. After quilting, you just might love it, too. Your square in square from the previous post is also wonderful. Perhaps you are being a bit too hard on yourself? So many of us do that! I think your work is lovely.

  3. em's scrapbag

    I so, so love this quilt. The scappy feel. You have done a wonderful job. Makes me so want to make one. Oh that there where more hours in a day!

  4. Gretchen

    Great quilt!!! Hooray for you–such a multi-piece quilt in a short period of time!!!!! I think it's looks dandy without borders but that's just me. I also think it would make an ideal napping quilt because of its weight and the potential to camouflage pet hair with all the colors (a vital component in my house–that's why I have no neutral quilts…). Happy dancing for you today!

  5. Nanette Merrill and daughters

    The thing I like best about this quilt is the 3 d effect. The blocks look like they pop out. Love that.

  6. Rose Marie

    Amazing ….. I love this quilt. Once the borders are on and this top gets quilted, I think you might be changing your mind. Quilting does make all the difference to liking and loving.

  7. The Calico Cat

    Get busy with those borders – you want the quilt to be done before Mr. man-baby “needs” something masculine. I'm just saying…

  8. AnnieO

    Woot! woot! woot! That's one great looking quilt. I am almost sure I have the Quilt Sampler 2003 as I always buy them. Because of your color choices I would not think of this as modern or particularly masculine, but more neutral, neither feminine nor masculine (which is actually pretty hard to do!) Congrats on enjoying this very fast journey!

  9. Kay

    Beautiful! I think two months is very short time for the all the piecing in this quilt. Good for you.

    Interesting, I never thought about it looking modern, but it does; but the fabrics make a nice blend of modern and traditional look. It's a wonderful quilt.

  10. Quilter In Paradise

    this is wonderful! yep, it is modern but your use of fabrics makes it look – not old fashioned – but warmer!
    think I'm gonna have to do this one myself!
    thanks for sharing
    Beth in Dallas

  11. julieQ

    I so love yout quilt!! I am glad it was a joy to you, to make…so quickly! Finishes are good for the soul. It may become more favored after it is quilted.

  12. Nan

    Hooray! I LOVE IT! You did a wonderful job, and yes it is all about the process of creating. I don't think it looks modern – I think it's warm and welcoming made from the fabrics you chose.

  13. paula, the quilter

    O WOW! This is just so kewl. I like it without borders. It makes the mind add onto it. Maybe not your 'style' but it is a great quilt.

  14. Greenmare

    enjoying the process and snuggling up under it, thats what it all about.
    I love the masculine look, sometimes it's hard to find one to make for a guy that isn't too feminine looking. I'm going to remember this one!!

  15. Pat

    Don't youi feel as though you've had a whole stadium full of fans cheering the whole way? “Come on KD! You can do it! Gooooooo Cabin Tracks!” That is one handsome quilt, sistah!

  16. Jackie

    It's a gorgeous quilt! I think the fabric takes much of the modern look away from this. It truly is a wonderful quilt and I can't wait to see what border you put on it!

  17. Julia

    Wow Karen, I LOVE it…it's amazing! That did not really take you too much time to do…well done!
    Julia ‚ô•

  18. Jennifer

    Now that is fantastic. You have done a great job. Looks as though it will be a cosy warm quilt to snuggle under on a cold evening.

  19. Millie

    Karen, I love your quilt!!!!!!! I think you have worked on your top for so long and now your are tired of all the blocks, but for us your work is so beautiful. The good news is that you own all that hard work and we can only admire your “Braveheart” quilt.

  20. Piecefulafternoon

    It is such a proud moment to finish a top – and then borders and you are set. For quilts that are heavy I like Mountain Mist Poly – extra thin. Actually that is all I ever use – I like the way it quilts up – I like that it is warm and very light – no sleeping under 2 ton quilts for me. Congrats on a finish.

  21. Cathi

    I love it! It seems like this was done in no time!! The colours are all so rich and warm. Great quilt for naps.

  22. Kathie

    I LOVE this quilt , you did a wonderful job with it, I bet once you put the borders on you will fall in love with it too. If not well I am sure you could find it a home in nj :)
    its wonderful…
    and I totally agree , enjoy the process, having a finished quilt will come as a result of that.
    its not a chore it fun!

  23. Quilt Hollow

    I'm head over heels in love with this quilt! Your work amazing! The colors delightful! If you ever tire of it…I'm just sayin.

  24. Catsngrams

    I agree with Nancy it is the journey and where it takes you. I love the quilt. Have a great weekend ok? Carla

  25. Quiltdivajulie

    My hunch is that once the borders are on and “Braveheart” is quilted, you're going to LOVE using it when you nap . . . sending you an e-mail on this, too.

  26. Suzy

    I'm L-O-V-I-N-G this quilt! All those beautiful fabrics! What fun! I think it looks great even without the borders. In fact, if it were mine, I think I would leave it as is. Fantastic! :o)

  27. MARCIE

    I LOVE it! Well done! We all seem to love the process, which may be why there are so many tops around that still need quilting. Great quilt Karen!

  28. Nancy, Near Philadelphia

    Journey vs. destination, the age old question. I'm a journey person myself.

    I like this quilt very much. It isn't your usual thing but it is terrific; trust me.

  29. Darcie

    Indeed…the process!

    I LOVE THIS!!! Holy Shaking Out Quilt Blocks, Batman! This process seemed much less than two months, didn't it?!

    Really…I dig your quilts, always. But this one is uber cool for me! Funny, too…because you're not in as madly in love with it. I'm digging it without the borders too…but then, that's very *me* anyway. No borders.

    So…me thinks you got to take a trip to the Quilt Shop?! And have some photog opps? Nice. Hope you enjoyed the day. Did a particular yarn store just happen to jump out in front of you, too?

    Keeping track hugs….

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