First Annual Bloggers Quilt Festival ~ Spring 2009

Favorite Quilt. Hard to choose so I went with the one that I enjoyed creating, the one that was fun and the one quilt I can see making again simply because it was fun. Indian Paintbrush, a pattern by Patchalot.


A click on the photo and you can see how I worked to mix and blend the center of almost every star.

Arrowhead border work challenged me.

Hanging around waiting to have the final black border so she can be quilted.

45 thoughts on “First Annual Bloggers Quilt Festival ~ Spring 2009

  1. Floss

    This is a great choice for favorite quilt. It’s so nice when something gives as much pleasure to make as it does when you are just enjoying the results.

  2. Mary L.

    Love the pattern, love the fabrics..I just love everything about it. It will be a great quilt!

  3. YankeeQuilter

    This one looks like you! How fun. Hope all is going well and the fog has lifted. (I saw a coffee named “Fog Cutter” a the cafe this weekend and thought of you!)

  4. Nan

    Oh, oh, oh Karen!! Be still my beating heart!! GORGEOUSNESS abounds! Thank you for creating it and especially for sharing it with us. You have put a HUGE smile on my face!!

  5. Darcie

    That one is a stunner! But I love the reasons that it is your favorite. “Just because.” Really. How many *things* in this life can we say that we’d do over in the exact same manner? That’s pretty cool if you ask me.

    Hugs of friendship…over and over….

  6. Kieny The Dutchlady

    I agree, it is a lovely quilt and a great pattern but you have made many more great quilts Karen!

  7. Helen (Mimi)

    *karendianne, I love this quilt, it’s really a beauty. Someday I’d like to try one of those.

    I clicked on the pictures to get a “bird’s eye view” and your fabric and color choices are incredible.

    You do such nice work.


  8. AnnieO

    A perfect choice for the blogger festival! Wonderful, wonderful execution of color and design. It looks like it wants to jump off the design wall and hug someone!

  9. sewcalgal

    Really nice quilt. Great use of color. Thanks for sharing!


  10. Tazzie

    I love this quilt too, it’s just delightful, and you’ve made it up so beautifully.

  11. Rebecca P

    Oh Karen,
    I just love your star quilt with all the different shirting fabrics. The fabric line you used is so yummy.
    I guess I am going to have to buy that pattern.
    Rebecca P

  12. Karen

    I can see why you like this quilt. Those kind of stars are a bit harder to piece and have them come out correctly. You did a great job both on piecing and color selection.

  13. Candace

    This is my fav of yours, too, Karen! So glad you entered the festival – this is truly a masterpiece!

  14. Quiltdivajulie

    You know how much I admire this one – and your skill in making it… glad you have it out where you can enjoy it!!


  15. Serena

    I love this has a wonderful feel to it…even across cyber space…Love the border..This pattern has so much movement….Great work!

  16. LizA.

    I love that quilt even if it isn’t my “style”. But I think my favorite quilt of yours is the red, cream and black one! I’ts definitely more my “style”. And then there is the WIP, those beauteous nosegays…

  17. Cathi

    I love that quilt!! You would get so many different looks using different fabrics with that pattern that one could go on and on!!

  18. hetty

    Oh, Karen. I am glad you made it into the Quilt Festival. I love that quilt too! The colours are so crisp and wonderful!

  19. Happy Cottage Quilter

    I love your quilt. And I have the same problem, too many ideas and lots of ufo’s. Are you FL?? Love Olde Green Cupboard :-)

  20. W. Latane Barton

    Here you are, girl, with another beautiful quilt. Isn’t Amy a gem to think of this blogging quilt festival? Can’t wait now for the next one. I enjoy your blog so much and try to keep up with it (got it on my bloglist)

  21. Mrs. Goodneedle

    It’s your favorite if it makes your heart sing… I hear the melody loud and clear!

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