Mayberry Get’s Quilted!

You’ve seen the Quilt, now lets peek at the Quilting. Here are the stats if you’re interested.


Took a while for the quilting but happy, happy, happy. I just never could settle on a treatment for the Sawtooth Border. It’s a bothersome element (for me). Quilted inside the teeth (if that’s the way to properly describe it?) is so common it could make me shy away from a quilt. I discussed my dislike of the common approach to this with my Quilter but I had no idea how she’d work with my issue over that Sawtooth Border! Today I received back something that is quilted just perfect, absolutely perfect. …and I love the thread color. And it doesn’t feel common anymore.

The day is spent on the Inauguration Quilt. Lord let’s pray it doesn’t turn into “The First Hundred Days” Quilt. Although I probably should mention I changed the setting and I’m adding a couple blocks.

30 thoughts on “Mayberry Get’s Quilted!

  1. Improvedliving

    Karen, a beautiful red quilt. The quilting is beautful too. You must be very happy with your quilt.< HREF="" REL="nofollow">online quilting community<>

  2. julieQ

    How gorgeous! I absolutely love this one, and the backing is just perfect. Your reds just simmer and the blocks twirl! Yummy good.

  3. Cathi

    Wow!! That is stunning. No way could that quilt be called common in any way ever!! The quilting is wonderful. Your fabric choices are fantastic!! I love what you used for the backing!!Congratulations on an absolutely gorgeous fabulous quilt!!

  4. Lisa D.

    I love that quilt and the quilting design perfectly compliments it. I miss my “Red Monster” – the same quilt, only with an additional border. I do get to visit it on occasion when I see the friend I gifted it to. It was a fun one to make.

  5. Nan

    WOW!!! It makes me think of summer and a luscious bowl full of berries. Beautiful quilt, and beautiful quilting – the thread color is perfection! What a lovely way for me to start the day – thank you!!

  6. Anonymous

    Absolutely wonderful – that goes for the quilt and the quilting. Nothing you do could be considered common. Love the backing as well.Hugs,Ru


    Dy-no-mite! I bet you are thrilled to have that quilt back! Abd it is so RED! That has to make you smile. Now how big are you making that Inaguration quilt? I was thinking table topper. Finish it already. LOL!

  8. Lynda (Granny K)

    Nothing you do could ever be described as common, my deah!It’s just wonderful! Hugs, Lynda ‚ô•

  9. Debra Spincic

    Gosh, that just means you are one step closer to the binding. . . just reminding you. . . *wink*

  10. Darcie

    Oh my…I can even hear Andy Griffith whistlin’!!! Very cool. Well done…both to you and your quilter. Pretty terrific partnership if ya ask me! It’s red, white, and perfect!

  11. Paddys Daughter

    I do love your colour choices in the quilts you show on your blog – they really appeal to me. Keep it up!

  12. Nancy, Near Philadelphia

    Honey, there is NOTHING common about that quilt. In fact, it is uncommonly gorgeous. And that’s the troof.Word Verification: crefulos which I believe has to do with extreme carefulness and precision on the part of very short people, i.e., “The pygmies were crefulos in their body piercing.”

  13. Millie

    Karen, a beautiful red quilt. The quilting is beautful too. You must be very happy with your quilt.

  14. LizA.

    Love it! Love it! Love it! I think the quilting perfectly compliments it. Good choice. That quilt is moving closer and closer to the top of my “must do” list — like I need yet another unfinished project.

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