A Baptist Fan Finish

Quiltmaker: Karen D. Lee
Quiltmaker named quilt:
Quilted by: Val @ Olde Green Cupboard
Pattern: Carrie Nelson ~ Scarlet Begonia
Fabrics: Judie Rothermel ~ Civil War Classics

History of the Quiltmaking as I blogged it. Stack of luscious fabric, a test block, variations on the Design Wall until joyfully we finished [click here].

I was going for a reproduction look, chose a thin batting and went with the baptist fan. This quilt is lovely but imagine it with a more swirly, flowery, pretty quilting. Are you seeing it? Changes the look and feel of the quilt, doesn’t it?


I’m pleased the baptist fan was selected. It gives this piece an overall utility quilt look. I imagine a wife and her daughters making this quilt for their father or brother’s to use during the Civil War. 620,000 casualties and the fabric reflects its utility, the practical use at the time.


This quilt was made with help. Someone purchased the fabric for me, someone else shopped with me and a couple of others supported me physically with the arranging of blocks prior to sewing. When I look at this quilt it will remind me always of all the really neat, beautiful people that contribute to keeping me quilting. I dig that!

33 thoughts on “A Baptist Fan Finish

  1. Linda Kay Smith

    I really like this quilt. You did a wonderful job on it – the colors and fabric patterns go so well on this. I have loved the Scarlet Begonia pattern for a while now so I guess I will have to find one (probably order online), pick out some appropriate fabric (the right red will be important) and get going. Thank you for the inspiration of your quilt.
    Linda Kay

  2. Teresa

    Its a wonderful quilt. Its so hard to imagine anything that beautiful being a part of such an ugly event in our history. But on the other hand, I can see women wanting to add some love and touch of home to thier soldier husbands, brothers, sons. You did a fantastic job – with a little help from your friends.

  3. ozjane

    Lovely to see it finished you clever quilter you……I need help. I say I get by with a lot of help from my friends. Sometimes there just being there is a help.Not sure pulling me out of bed to go to Patchwork and quilting is the work of a friend……but it was worth it.I have a bit of a love for Baptist fans to……Could have done with some of the real sort at Patchwork yesterday. It is held at my Church which happens to be a Baptist Church and I was so so over heated……….being dragged from bed with 35 mins to wash hair and dry and style it and dress and cut my lunch does tend to leave me overheated. I kept looking longingly at the overhead fans…hence my Baptist fan little funny, but it was the air conditioners that I was really wishing for. But it was raining. The most rain we have had in a day in three years. It was wonderful.It must be late..I am waffling.Love the quilt.

  4. Mrs. Goodneedle

    I think a quilt can summon up more feeling and emotion than anything else… as you so aptly describe here. Well done, KD!

  5. Lynda (Granny K)

    You know what i am going to say – I LOVE THIS QUILT! Baptist Fan is my favourite quilting pattern, and repros are my favourite fabrics -they light my fire! Well done Karen!

  6. Guy Magallanes

    I Love your quilt, it’s beautiful. I love the stories, I love how this quilt was created with the help of many “someone’s”, I love seeing the progress. I love reading all the comments from your fans. This “someone’ is all choked up! and so very proud of you and so happy to have you in his gene pool.

  7. Nan

    Beautiful, simply beautiful! One of the joys of quilting to me are the memories associated with each quilt I create. So many treasured memories come with this one.I can picture a woman creating this quilt during the Civil War. I am reading a book right now called “When the Smoke Cleared at Gettysburg” – it is how the people of Gettysburg were treated by both armies and how they survived and reacted during the battles fought there and the aftermath of those battles. It is a heartbreaking and amazing read. Thank you for sharing this wonderful quilt and your thoughts about it.

  8. Anonymous

    The great classic quilts where all accomplished by more than one person – that’s what makes them classics. You did a wonderful job and only received what you give to others!Ru

  9. Quiltdivajulie

    Like Candace above, I have been to that house in Franklin TN and stood where those huddled in the basement stood ~ on a beautiful spring day ~ the anniversary of her dead son’s birthday (they took care to embellish the stories a bit more that day in his honor). . . your beautiful, exquisite, quilt captures that time period perfectly. “Many hands make light the work” was one of my mother’s favorite sayings ~ and your quilt exemplifies that, too. Blessings to you ~ and thank you for sharing your wonderful quilt with us!

  10. YankeeQuilter

    Sooo beautiful! And what great memories this will bring to you every time you look at it.Thanks for sharing the photos of your quilt and your story.Sio

  11. Nicole

    That quilt will be an heirloom. You must be so proud of the achievement it represents! The quilting design is perfect.

  12. Karen

    I often do the Baptist fan pattern when hand quilting. I like the overall look. You did a great job on making this quilt.By the way, where do you purchase one of those trees that grows fabric? I want one.

  13. julieQ

    Very pretty, isn’t it exciting to get a quilt back from the quilter’s? I really love the baptist fan quilting. Perhaps a quilt like this one was buried to keep it safe from invading soldiers, as many quilts were. Perhaps a quilt like yours, was made by many hands, a communal effort like yours! I am so proud of it, I bet you are too!!

  14. Carol

    It is absolutely gorgeous…I couldn’t love the quilting any morethan I do…it is just an amazing quilt.

  15. Kay

    It’s beautiful. Personally, I like Baptist Fan quilting design a lot. I like the way it produces texture without screaming for attention like fancier quilting patterns do. Great choice for this quilt.

  16. Nancy, Near Philadelphia

    This quilt is so gorgeous; it takes one’s breath away. I hope you are feeling proud and good about it.Breathless love,

  17. Anonymous

    Karen,I have that pattern and a lot of similar fabrics. Thanks for inspiring me to get them out and make that quilt. It is lovely!Kathy Ba lurker in No California :-)

  18. Candace

    Miss Karen…(can you imagine being called that during the Civil War – I’ll bet you can), you just amaze me! I was once at the grounds of the battle of Franklin in TN. We were given a talk in the basement of a home next to the battlefield that still has bullets embedded in it. Since the battle began with a terrible ambush, everyone, including slaves scurried down there for safety and were there for the entire battle. I can imagine someone grabbing that quilt on their way down to wrap the children in. And something so sad – when the battle was over, the mistress of the house went outside with the rest only to find her son dead on the grounds behind the house. Not only does that bring a tear to my eye, but the beauty of your quilt….my, oh, my.

  19. MARCIE

    Great quilt! You and your helpers done good! Love the Baptist Fan! Re: Talk of the Town–I wonder how many bolts it takes to make a quilter?

  20. Darcie

    How fun quilting is for oneself. But to share it with another or better yet, others? That, my friend, is quilting! What stories that quilt could tell, I would bet! Absolutely beautiful. Congrats on the fine finish, Karen Dianne!

  21. Andi (RrlScrapGal)

    Gorgeous!!!!!! I also love that classic quilted pattern…Awesome work! Also love your new blog header!!!Santa lives!

  22. Paula

    That’s what quilting is all about: great women helping, inspiring and encouraging. Congrats on the finish.

  23. Cathi

    Wow! It’s fabulous!! I love the quilting on it. It may say utility in some ways, but it is SO classic!! Perfect for that pattern.

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