Shop Quilt: Finished!

Well my friends, this photo doesn’t do the border justice. I’m in love with this scrappy border and cornerstones and naturally I couldn’t pull those in the photo. It was windy and the sun wasn’t quite in the right position. I couldn’t wait either. My plan to get the quilt to the Shop was today!

We picked out a fun backing and its at the Shop to be quilted. I’m thrilled this quilt will have a little life all its own for a while. It adds to the character and it feels really neat.

I feel like one of the luckiest girls ever to be able to do this quilt for my Quilt Shop. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again – they are so wonderful to me! Its such a good, healthy, comfy place for me to be – even when I’m not feeling quite right.

So I’ll spare you my own critique of this quilt because I do have a few things to say about my work! The piecing was fine enough but…well…finished is better than Perfect!

30 thoughts on “Shop Quilt: Finished!

  1. Anonymous

    Looks perfect to me!Hey, I just realized, taking a good look, that those are not ceramic tiles on your home page, those are little quilt “thingies”.(squares?)How imaginative of you. And how blind of me! Love you — You are mama to all your pet children, enjoy your mother’s day. Love, Auntie Alice.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s totally brilliant! I knew you could put that fabric and pattern together in the most beautiful way. But hey, I’m not interested in your critique, because you are always way too hard on yourself. I just want to enjoy the completion of it with you…and oh what a fabulous completion is has turned out to be!

  3. mereth

    I agree with everyone else, it’s just gorgeous. I love the setting, the fabrics, the scrappy border- the lot!Quilting is such a great thing isn’t it? I’m sure it’s kept me sane over the years….

  4. Lynda (Granny K)

    Oh, how I love this quilt! Well done Karen! It’s gorgeous! and you get to keep it, eventually. Woo Hoo!

  5. Kim

    looks good to me :) actually it looks great. I now what you mean done is better than perfect.We are our own worst critics so don’t beat yourself up….if you could see some of my points on the GS quilts you’d know what I mean. But hubby reminded me that they’re going to be loved and used and that’s the important thing.

  6. Andrea

    Hey – well done you ! It is GREAT and you need a big pat on the back. Bet you can’t wait until it comes to live with you !! xx

  7. Nicole

    I just keep staring at that quilt top. Your workmanship is wonderful, but there is another aspect to this that folks don’t always think about. Your block color placement is perfect. Believe me, I spend hours arranging blocks before I get it right, so I know you must have played with this for awhile. I love the result. Tell us again what the fabrics and pattern are.

  8. House of Mouse

    Another splendid job from Karen’s Quilt Shop. You are truly one amazing quilter. This quilt is stunning and I love it. Take a bow Karen….you deserve it.Hugs,Anett

  9. The Calico Cat

    The over all effect is better than any critique. I love the effect of those large HST’s.

  10. Cathi

    What a wonderful, fabulous quilt top!! Congratulations on a gorgeous top!!So now what’s next? :-)

  11. Nanette Merrill and daughters

    Its really pretty. Isn’t it satisfying to just gaze at a finished project.

  12. Mrs. Goodneedle

    That’s my motto! Finished is better than a perfect UFO, <>any day<>~ Bravo!

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