The Unnamed Rainbow Quilt

I completed this quilt top in or around April of 2006. If memory serves, there are 28 or 29 different colors in this quilt. All Hand Dyed fabrics. At the time I made this I thought it was going to be difficult. It wasn’t. Just tedious.

I forgot to take a snapshot of the backing but its a green batik and you’ll have to use your imagination because its damn hot outside & I ain’t goin’ back in that heat.

Aside from doing the binding – I need to come up with a name!!! This will probably be the last time you see this quilt. Aren’t you sick of seeing it?

{click on photos for close up}

{closer photo of quilting}

6 thoughts on “The Unnamed Rainbow Quilt

  1. Diane

    Wow, what a stunner! The first name that came to mind was “Over the Rainbow” as in “I am so over the rainbow quilt.” Or maybe “Rainbow’s End” as in “When will the work on this rainbow quilt end?” Seriously though, what’s in a name? The quilt is spectacular!

  2. Debra Day

    Its beautiful DD! I’d go for Patchwork Prism. Or something there abouts. Its radiant and looks soft. What georgous work you do (I know, I keep saying that huh) MD

  3. Pat

    I love the quilting. The circle really soften the square piecing dont they?????Names, Over the Rainbow, A Rainbow Palette, Pot of Gold, Fruit Salad, Rainbow Salad, Coloring Outside the Lines, Bumbleberry, Tutti Fruiti, shut up Pat!!!

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