Seven Sisters!

I finished up the Seven Sisters quilt made with Marti Michell Templates. This was a great class to take not only because I learned a new technique but also because I learned a lot of new tips! The fabrics in this quilt are quite special. They are from a quilt I made for my friend along with some additions I picked up last year when shopping with my Mentor, Daphanie. Of course it has to be quilted and bound but I feel really good about getting this far!

3 thoughts on “Seven Sisters!

  1. Nicole

    Karen, your talents are incredible! You made that with Marti Michell templates? I have always been scared to death of those!

  2. Anonymous

    Yes, she should enter a show. I wish she would. She really has talent and should show it off. If she’s too shy, then just show it off to inspire others.

  3. Minisandquilts

    OK, Karen, now I’ve viewed your quilt, Seven Sisters, and I see no reason whatsoever for you not to enter this quilt in a show. Of course you need to quilt it and bind it first. The red really sets it off. No quilt in any show is perfect; and usually only the maker knows where the imperfections lie. So don’t be afraid and don’t be shy; enter and share your work with other quilters. Thats why we all go to shows, to view others quilts and get inspired, find new ideas and just enjoy the eye candy. You did a very nice job! What is your next project?

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