An Alabama Beauty Block (or two)

Hi there. Little bit of progress over here. Lots of happenings. I’ll skip the happenings and share the fabric.

I’ve got one of the Alabama Beauty blocks (a favorite) in cheddar and navy blue whipped up. This was NOT hand pieced. I tell ya, I make an effort with hand piecing but it’s just not happening. I can do a little bit but it’s not enjoyable. Either it’s uncomfortable or I just don’t enjoy it. Go figure? I was so passionate about it but maybe I’ve just accepted the current state.

Good thing I’m able to machine piece because then I wouldn’t even be here – at all and while I can’t decide what to do about my blog or blogging or even with my life – at least I can machine piece an Alabama Beauty block. I can share that.

What really struck me here was how incredibly cool that navy and cheddar print looks. I hope it views nicely for you. It’s really pretty neat.


Sadly, I can’t find where I put that cheddar toile. I did some fussy printing with it if you look close but actually it’s hard to see so I don’t know why I mention it except I’d like to do more. Thing is, I can’t find the fabric.  It’s in one of those places that’s very special and you know you won’t forget…but you do!

Thanks for taking the time to drop in. I really appreciate the visit.




I started the morning taking care of household business computer/paper items. I thought it might be a bitter pill beginning but turns out I’m on the right side of sweet. I wasn’t going to share that, thinking lightning might strike but why not enjoy the moment.

As a matter of fact, let me extend the moment and share the current progress on my Cheddar Cheese and Crackers quilt. The details/history are here.
P1016888This is the work of probably 9-10 months.


I like the diagonal view and actually think it would make a cool quilt, strippy style. This view also shows where I’m at with the size. I think 48 x 56 which isn’t quite where I want to be so I’ll just continue on as I can. I’ll finish it whenever. It’s all about the process. Well, and the fabric. It’s about that, right?!

Since I discussed MS in my last post I thought I’d let you know I got through the treatment, I’m feeling well and now I’m just waiting on the new drug company to GET IT TOGETHER. It’s taken a long time to get things moving because “surprise!” I wasn’t in the Specialty Pharmacy database Network that Mayo uses for these sorts of drugs.


Sheesh, I didn’t even know we had an additional Speciality Pharmacy outside of Mayo and within that, there is actually another “Network” for these pharmacies that are contracted to fill and distribute the drug I’ll be taking. Everyone is in bed with everyone and it makes me crazy.

I’m not in bed with anyone…except the cats which makes me a caricature of middle-aged women I’m certain of it.

Ocean Waves and Other News

My 2nd Ocean Waves block is finished. They both took 90 days. This time I fussy cut the center with a bird. I’m not sure where I’m going with the birds. I haven’t looked over the print to see how many variations there are. Not worried about it. Based on my process, I have time. I need 3 more blocks so this whole thing is going to take a while. I have an update on my hand/wrist but it’s not huge news and really, not much has changed. We’ll just see how things go is the best way to explain it I think.


In other news…

I’m having a round of IV steroids for a minor MS flare-up. I haven’t had a flare that required treatment since August of 2008. The medication I was on, Tysabri, was incredible. I’m off that as of the 9/5/13. I’ve done well off the drug, no sudden Rebound Effect or anything, just this minor episode. They wanted to give my body 90 days for the drug to wash out of my system but we actually got 5 months so that’s a win in my book.

I don’t feel like doing anything. No food tastes good and all I want to do is lay around. I’ve tried reading and I can go for a couple pages then that’s it. The treatment of IV Solu Medrol is a gift because it’s something that can slow down what’s happening in the moment BUT it’s a rough go. However, it can’t be that bad if I’m sitting up and writing you now can it? True!

Talk to you soon I hope!  …and thanks for still being here y’all. *kd.




Little Holiday Makings

Merry Christmas!

It’s been very jolly around here. The shopping is complete, gifts wrapped and mailed out with plenty of time to spare. While I was getting all that done, I found time to be creative.

I made my own cards. This is a sampling. It was super fun! It’s a great way to play with the Christmas stash and use various threads for effect. Oh friends, I had a blast and it really got me in the holiday spirit. Thanks to friend Julie for the blog post that started it all.


Also in the holiday joyful department – see the a little mini ornament at the bottom-center of the picture ? Well, I made a bunch of those as well.  I took those little treats (filled with holiday candy) to my quilting friends, some of my neighbors and other acquaintances.  Definitely felt the Christmas Spirit.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


Ocean Waves Block

I finished one block for my table runner. The block is 12.5″ and let me just say this one is really rewarding to make. I can totally see how an Ocean Waves Quilt suddenly happens, practically makes itself.

Just not here.


I know myself with this. I’ll finish the table runner and that’ll be it for the block. It’ll be closed off in my mind, severed from the list of options. The newness will wear off in the making and because it’s fiddly, I can totally see how my appetite for ocean waves will be no more.

Part of what I enjoy are making those HST’s. I love making big batches, turning tons of them into stacks of HST’s. I just like stacks. Stacks of fabric, stacks of shapes for stacks of blocks. My favorite stack is stacks of quilts with the binding facing the camera. That’s a particular angle I like. The one where the binding of a quilt faces the camera. Anyway, before I make more HST’s and take my HST’s stacks photo, I need to supplement my reds. Last time I made the count it was 140 left to make which means pull more red from my stash.

When I took this photo I realized busy red’s had to be removed so something like the FQ on the top left was pulled out. Ultimately about half the fabrics you see didn’t make the cut. So yeah, back to the stash. When I was there the first time, I checked out the stacks of red bundles and folded reds (that color is organized) but not much worked. I found it difficult to find just those pieces I’m looking for. I’ll give it some time. I have time. Totally slow stitching over here with the wrist/hand pain but I’m enjoying the pace and pleased with the outcomes so far.

In closing, because I think it’s red day, allow me to share what I thought to be a charming, rustic image. I found it at Burlap and Hay .


Thank you so much for visiting! *karendianne.