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Dog Care


Sagan as a youthful pup.

Today was all about Sagan as he ages at just over 14.  He was just at the vet and doing fine except for arthritis in the knees and something with his breathing but it’s not a huge disease or syndrome thing. He really is doing well.  Although today, I don’t know what was going on today.

He’s paced and paced. Never napped or took a rest. I started paying attention to how long he would rest and I timed it about 3-5 minutes then he was up again. I began watching the clock around 1pm.

At 3:30 I gave him some breathing medication and elder support.You know, rubbed him down quietly. Massaged him as best I could and trimmed around his belly so I could palpate in that area. Nothing for the amateur to notice so that’s good.

It’s just 9pm now.  He’s completely out! He crashed like this around 7:30 and hasn’t stirred. Rest well buddy and I’ll see you in the morning.


A Dog Loss in the Family

Early this morning my friend Brenda and I had to let go of our dog Tailor.

Jan 1999 – Nov 2012

He was a sweetheart of a dog and liked nothing better than to lay around under the table or be loved on.  He was a real wiggle-butt in true Aussie fashion. He came here around, oh… I guess 2000. Everyone loved Tailor and he was what we call an “easy keeper.”

He is one of only two dogs I’ve had out of probably, I don’t know… say 10-12, that stood his ground in protection of me and I felt it go up my spine, that is to say PRIMAL. I was having siding put on the house and there was some sort of situation that put Tailor between me and the worker. It was nothing really but Tailor thought it was. He stopped probably 10-15 ft away from me in a powerful stance with a very low growl. I called him back with a  bit of effort, which wasn’t like him. I never forgot that. As I said, this happened with only one other dog, my Belgian Malinois. Looking back I recall how shocked I was my fluffy lounge lizard would do that.

Around 2006 he was bred to a working Aussie (as you can see Tailor was all Show Dog) and out came Duke.

So Duke came to live with me as a puppy and Tailor went back to live with Brenda.

Tailor is related to lots of dogs in my family. My Dad’s dog and our friend Tom’s dog as well. Of course they’re all from the same good stock and everyone’s related somehow! Tailor was almost 14 and we lost him to nothing other than old age. He’d been sick for about 3 weeks on and off I guess.


I have to say, Tailor was a special gift to me because he came at a time when I was giving up a lot of my dogs and dog activities due to Multiple Sclerosis. He was a Show Dog (think Westminster only not like that level) and while I didn’t particularly like to show in Breed (being an Obedience/Tracking person myself) he was a great opportunity to stay engaged in the sport. Tailor and my friend Brenda of 20 years, allowed me to keep participating in some small way when I wasn’t ready to let go.

Bye buddy. Thank you for giving me the time to learn to let go and for bringing Duke in my life.

Lotta Cheddar

3.5" Cheddar Bowties

Those little bowties are inspired by the quilt that Bonnie shared with us from the Sisters Quilt Show. They’re cute and fun to make and I am looking forward to getting some fabric variety into this one.  I started these with the scraps on my cutting table so now I can dive into my messy scrap bags.

#6, Row 1

I am pleased with this block and not just because the center is cheddar.  I need to point out the dark diamonds are dark brown and not black. The red is a from a french line but it totally works! Next up? Pink center with some really neat fabrics I found in Daphanie stash. She had the bestest taste.


Isn’t this just the cutest picture?  I love it.  Cuteamous Duke!


I would have posted sooner but lordy I’ve been sick since last Thursday and not with the MS thing. I’m going to spare you the details because, well, trust me – it’s best. I do want to thank you for the visit and hope you had a great weekend. Here’s to a good Monday, a good Start!

Quilts on the Porch

Welcome!  Yesterday was afternoon to air out quilts and share your dogs.  One of ’em anyway.  Pictures of dog #2 are censored.  I haven’t trimmed the hair around his ears.  It’s long. He looks like a 70’s pop icon.  I’m shamed.

Sagan has his lips puffy.  That means he’s spying something important.  Its kinda cool.  He’s 12.  He’s mostly solid with his down stays.  He doesn’t require any grooming.

Quilt on the left is a general quilter pattern.  The classic double four patch.  Someday I might want one this stunning.  In the meantime, I’m happy with mine.

Quilt on the right is a Carrie Nelson pattern. Scarlet Begonia.  It’s made with the Civil War Classics Judie Rothermel divine-fabric-oh-yummy-I-had-to-have-it-all.  I enjoyed making that quilt.  I’m way too lazy to make it these days.

Finished my third Carpenters Wheel.  I’m sharing two photos so you can see the fabrics.  I totally dig this one!  Bright chrome yellow.  Yummy.

This is under the Ottlite.  The reflection of the background is a killer on your eyes but at least you can see the red in the darker fabric.


I hope you have a lovely weekend and thank you for visiting & sharing your precious time with me.  In case you’re interested in scheduling sewing time for tomorrow & you’re at all interested in Elizabeth Tailor here’s the line up on TCM:

The following is a complete schedule of TCM’s April 10 memorial tribute to Elizabeth Taylor (all times Eastern):
6 a.m. – Lassie Come Home (1943), with Roddy McDowall and Edmund Gwenn; directed by Fred M. Wilcox.
7:30 a.m. – National Velvet (1944), with Mickey Rooney, Anne Revere and Angela Lansbury; directed by Clarence Brown.
10 a.m. – Conspirator (1952), with Robert Taylor and Robert Flemyng; directed by Victor Saville.
11:30 a.m. – Father of the Bride (1950), with Spencer Tracy, Billie Burke, Joan Bennett and Don Taylor; directed by Vincente Minnelli.
1:15 a.m. – Father’s Little Dividend (1951), with Spencer Tracy, Billie Burke, Joan Bennett and Don Taylor; directed by Vincente Minnelli.
2:45 p.m. – Raintree County (1957), with Montgomery Clift, Eva Marie Saint, Lee Marvin, Rod Taylor and Agnes Moorehead; directed by Edward Dmytryk.
6 p.m. – Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958), with Paul Newman and Burl Ives; directed by Richard Brooks.
8 p.m. – Butterfield 8 (1960), with Laurence Harvey and Eddie Fisher; directed by Daniel Mann.
10 p.m. – Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966), with Richard Burton, George Segal and Sandy Dennis; directed by Mike Nichols.
12:30 a.m. – Giant (1956), with James Dean and Rock Hudson; directed by George Stevens.
4 a.m. – Ivanhoe (1952), with Robert Taylor and Joan Fontaine; directed by Richard Thorpe.

Be Well, *karendianne.

Sometimes I…

Sometimes I crochet.  I use what’s on hand because I’ve already made the trip to the yarn store on a day when I didn’t need to.  I crochet to rest, like hand piecing.  It’s a good practice in present-moment living. 

This photo is neat because Duke’s being excellent.  The xcrappy neighbors have xcrappy dogs that aren’t managed and allowed to bark, bark, bark across the lake at my dogs.  I obviously don’t allow that.  Duke is on his “down stay” but kinda ready to run along the lakes edge like a fence run, which I also do not allow.  He knows it.  The folks across the lake know it as well.  I imagine if they knew how to train their dogs they’d probably like to have the control.  I’m sure they’re not all that xcrappy.  It’s not easy to train a dog.  And lets get real, you’ll notice SAGAN is NOT in the photo. 

When the weather is nice I take to the outdoors with the dogs every morning and afternoon to get some sun.  Lately I’ve noticed this fella eat bugs on my Red Rocket.  This takes me away into the present-moment as well.  I can sit here and just trip out watching him for lord only knows how long.  It’s cool.

Sometimes I sew.  I know, ha?  hee.  Those dishes you’ve already seen and you know they’re there to hide what you know is underneath.  The strip of HST’s though… doesn’t that feel good?  So nice and clean and pretty in their stacks.  I love INKLINGO HST’S

So much so that I thought I might make this one with my stash of killer shirtings.  Wouldn’t that be fun?  Oh it would just be an assembly line.

And sometimes I get way the hell ahead of myself because I can’t really start this.  It’s just that I have always despised triangle paper and having Inklingo for the HST’s has lifted a burden off my back.  I have so many new ideas/options. 
Reckon I could start a list, ha?
Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your stitching time.  :)  Be Well, *karendianne.

cock-a-doodle-doo (Sagan Style)

Sagan, buddy, what the heck was that?

Sagan  2004

4:40 this morning he wakes me up howling.  Not barking – howling.  Howling in a mid-range tone.  Of course I went out with him in the dark.  Of course.  I mean howling isn’t normal so maybe he’s got something going on with this 11 year old elder self. 


Just a casual tinkle. 

What a cute elder story.  What a funny life thing to have happen.  A million possibilities to imagine.  He’s a buddy! 

Be Well, *karendianne.

Exuberant Collar

Exuberant Collar
Duke  taken 10/2009
Some moments are so distinctive they are difficult to put into words and if there’s no photo/video of the actual moment it’s even more of a challenge.  I had a two such moments in the past week.

Cool morning air is such a rarity these days so when it was still nice at 7am and Sagan the Elder dog wanted to be left alone in the garage Duke and I went for it.  I tucked Sagan in, fresh water and some snuggly love then took that Duke dog and went out back.   


Ohhh that Duke and I started working together and it was – oh my gosh – just amazing.  Shaping his behavior, building on what he was providing.  It was thrilling, just thrilling.  He’s a blast.  The way he works the yard and does his “run out” to scan/work the yard is really coming along but then the way he immediately responded to his “call back” was nothing short of spectacular.  It wasn’t the response to his call back but the self control and ability to stop the intensity and focus of his work.  It was a trip to see that.  That was a choice he wouldn’t have been able to make 1 year ago. 
Another day this past week we were out after a cooling rainshower.  This time I went for a string of “exercises” I’ve been working on with Duke.  Most of these exercises need refining to one degree or another.  Going out there and asking him to pull these together wasn’t exactly wise but sometimes things just happen.  The string of exercises kinda goes like this (if you’re interested):

Duke Sits. (by my side)
I toss ball/object  – it goes flying but dog waits by my side. can’t move.
Mark. (spot object with eyes where it hit the ground)
Get it. (ball of fire to retrieve object)
Duke Come. (spin on dime and return with object)
Down. (drop into down while in the middle of the recall.  stop and drop where I tell you)
Duke Come. (sitting in front)
Give.  (give the object back.  don’t drop it on the ground.  No exceptions.  It’s hard for him right now.)

While he’s not refined with his skills he sure did make me proud.  He did everything I asked to one degree or antoher and didn’t even drop the ball when he returned to my feet. 
I thought to myself:  “Look how much he’s been learning.”  And I remember thinking how special this all was.  It was really just a moment between me and my dog alone, but you know, it’s was also me out there training my dog and even now, as I jot this down, I continue to feel, well exuberant! 
As for Sagan, he continues to get his out time, his ball time, his play time alone with me.  He’s elder but when it’s just the two of us he loves to show off his exhilaration.  Mostly though, mostly he likes to hang out in the garage in the morning.  He doesn’t want to deal with Duke at all. 
The Young and the Resting, *karendianne. who hopes you’ve enjoyed a glimpse into another aspect of Life at LeeHaven.
(ps:  Thanks to Wanda of Exuberant Color for inspiring the name of my post!)