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Kaffe Quilt in Progress

I like to check my seams when I’m done with the center of a quilt. Especially one that was done with a pained wrist over the course of 8 mos.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe picture above I’ll probably just reinforce but the one below I’ll do something a little more than that. What shoddy sewing. Can I blame that on my injury?


Then it’s time to put the setting triangles on and look…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand the other side is short as well so when you lay the setting triangle down you get this below and I’m going to have to do some unsewing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA little difficult in this condition but I as long as I was mindful and didn’t grip too tight it was uneventful. And look… now we have a setting triangle.


There’s one more setting triangle then the borders but I’m stopping here. This is enough and I’m happy. I really am learning to be content with so much less although I am having a hard time in one area. Fabric.

I’m not done spending money on my water damage and I’m not really quilting but oh my goodness look what is out…


I can’t believe it. Now. When I can’t justify spending the money. You see, oh, you see this is one of my favored collections. Back when the Olde Green Cupboard was open, we used to talk about being back in the 1800’s. Back then on the prairie they might only be able to wear one dress. It’s so hard to choose. If you had to pick, which fabric would be your “one” dress?


The Sound of Silence

Each day I start off with pretty much the same routine. News because why? Coffee because why not? and most days I exercise. But check this out. I noticed something. When stress is high I drink tea, not coffee. I guess my stomach prefers tea and no television or music. Just the sound of silence. The silence thing is new. I started sewing in silence, too. I think I pretty much like it. I think we have us a new, healthy habit!

So with that good thought, lets go do some silent sneak peaking’ in the sun.

Crosses block Kaffe

These finish at I think 9″ – maybe 12″ and they rock! The fabric and colors are fun to play with.

Winding Ways

These blocks are 6″ finished hand-pieced so you know I’m doing a little bit of that. I enjoy machine piecing and wouldn’t want to do without it. Its just that for me, there is just something about getting back to hand-piecing that settles my spirit.

I wish I could share these Winding Ways blocks on the wall but they’re not ready. Not enough to show the design. …and it’s just a quiet little sneak peak anyway, right?

Since I was able to sew a little bit yesterday, today I’m not sewing. That’s a new habit. I’m fine with it. I have lots of other things to attend to. Like this…

Cat Love

It’s just flat out embarrassing but I’m showing you anyway. This is my bedroom window/sliding door that had a curtain but it was brought down by furry residents of LeeHaven. Names hidden to protect the innocent. That’s a temporary blind and I’ll be like this for about 2-3 weeks.

I guess we’re wrapping it up here. I accidentally hit the Publish button!